Last updated: February 23, 2019
Topic: BusinessMarketing
Sample donated:

Dear Friends and fellows,

First of all I would like to introduce myself and my background experience in marketing. I have five years experience of the food and retail industry in US. My strength and interest lies in marketing, sales and promotions, channel management, new product launch and many others. I am here because I have got an opportunity to work with an excellent team like yours who have experience and knowledge of the similar field.

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First of all I would like to summarize our goals for the marketing plan of this project. We need to determine IPT`s current state of affairs through a proper research and study. We need to identify a target market and marketing opportunities for our products. We need to look at factors of marketing mix like product, price, place and promotion.

This is a group activity which requires equal coordination and cooperation from all team members. This will ensure success of this project.

The project will start with management objectives and goals to explore new market opportunities with existing products i.e. Flavored popcorn, Snack sized pretzels and cookies and new products i.e. shoofly pie, horehound candy, and various jams and jellies which company will sell once the contract with Amish food manufacturer.

As a new marketing manager and team leader for this project I would like to get valuable inputs from all of you.

My expectations with all of you are that each individual in the team will coordinate with each other and fulfill their responsibilities. In the case where any individual is not able to meet individual goals and finding difficulty should immediately take help of other team members or the team leader. Each team member will ensure he meets his deadline with quality work. We will meet on the last working day of a week that is Friday at sharp 2 pm. If any member is not able to turn up on the time, he should sent his work progress report and logical explanation of his absence.

I hope I clarified my points. Any queries or inputs are welcome from all of you.

Thank you.