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The most recent purchase I made was a white 30-gig iPod Video worth  $ 234.99 from Circuit City.   I came to perceive the need for this product in my life since I have discovered that I study better with music playing from my headphones.  It is especially helpful since I like to study in public places such as coffee shops where music allows me to tune out the background noise of the other customers and the general din in whatever coffee shop I happen to be in.  I used to just borrow my friend’s mp3 and discovered that I like how using an mp3 isolates me from the world without totally disconnecting me from my surroundings.

The marketing stimuli that prompted me to consider this product were primarily the available data online in the Apple iPod website.  Their website is not only very informative and content-heavy, but the design and lay-out is very sleek and colorful.   Secondarily, the hype about the iPod as being the trendy and reliable mp3 player to own.  It always receives positive reviews in IT magazines, and the iPod is always the standard used when other mp3 players from other brands are being measured or critiqued.

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The sources of information about the iPod Video that I consulted were from the Apple website, IT magazines and IT websites reviewing the product.   For instance, this website called CNET Reviews stated that the iPod Video provides for “great overall value” ( 2006).  Although the Apple website is very informative, I still checked the reviews about the iPod Video in other IT websites since the Apple website, of course, did not state the weaknesses or flaws in their product as compared to other mp3 players.  I also asked around among my friends and classmates about the mp3 players they themselves were using and whether they felt they got good value for their money on whatever mp3 player they purchased.  I used these same sources to check up on competitive and alternative products that are available.  It took me four days to look up information about both the iPod Video and the alternative products.  I really wanted to make sure that I got the best possible gadget to suit my needs and my budget.

The alternative products that I considered getting were the Creative Zen Vision: M which was reviewed as a “well built, well designed, easy to use player with lots of useful features” (Ten, 2006, para. 2) .

The factor that made me choose this product was that I felt it would give me the best value for my money.  In spite of the positive qualities and strengths of the alternative products I looked up, I still opted for the iPod Video since I found the Creative Zen Vision: M to be bulkier than the Apple product.  The iPod Video is also cheaper than the Creative Zen Vision: M.  I also felt more confident investing in an iPod since the brand is considered the pioneer and leader in the mp3 technology.  It is also supported by Apple which is a timeless brand known for its innovative and reliable product development.

I think Apple, as the seller, could not have done anything else to make my buying experience easier.  For one thing, all the data and information I need about the product is readily available online and in magazines.  There are also numerous Apple Centers everywhere where I can go to if I have other questions or problems about the iPod I purchased.

I did not experience any post-purchase dissonance after I got my iPod Video.  I actually downloaded songs from my PC to my iPod as soon as I got home after I purchased the mp3 player.  I was sure I wanted the product, and to ascertain how much I wanted it, I researched thoroughly on its qualities and features.  I was very satisfied with what I learned about it, especially after comparing it with other products.  Thus, when I finally got the iPod Video, I was very pleased with my purchase.  I use it every day and really feel that I got good value for my money.


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