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Marketing communication techniques used in nokia corporation



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Marketing is the aspect of venturing out in pursuit of introducing a new product into the market. This entails many things. One is carrying out market research in order to find out what the clients really need. This is followed with assessment of the out come to check there viability. Upon confirmation of viability, the company then proceeds to produce the product, and then sells the idea to the market through various ways of advertisements and awareness.


Marketing has many activities that support it. One of them is marketing channels which can be online or offline. Online marketing channels include pay check per clicks, emails,

internet TV, podcast, search engine optimizations and blog sites among others. The offline include print media, radios, public relations, televisions, industry relations billboards and mail orders among others. All these styles are viable but at under various scenarios. Integrated marketing communications is therefore required to help in the planning process to help select the best move towards this desired end.


The sample company in this report is called Nokia corporations, which is a telecommunication company. The company has many products in the market, but the product to be investigated in this report is a mobile phone variety called N96 model (Nokia, 2007). This targets mainly the Europe market and it is bound to spread with time to the rest of the world.


The report begins with the analysis of Nokia Corporation, the market of target and the trends in the market. Various competitors are then analyzed in the report, followed by the analysis of marketing trends that occur in the environment. Of all the marketing styles, Nokia’s best format is then selected. The advantages and disadvantages of each marketing strategy are considered in pursuit for the best method to be used. Many marketing styles are I use. A thorough check should be done on each of them. This is the essence of this report. Its main aim is to help in selecting the most effective way of marketing communication.




Background information on Nokia Corporation


Nokia is a multinational company is the company taken as a sample in this report. It’s headquarter is in Finland in Europe. The company was formed many years back in 1865 as a wood pulp mill. From such a humble background, the company has grown to the multinational that it is today (Nokia 2008). The first site of establishment was on the banks of the Tammerkoski rapids in the town of Tampere, in south-western Finland. The company was later relocated to the town of Nokia next to the Nokianvirta River, which had better resources for hydropower production. That is where the company got the name that it still uses today.


Any business venture begins with provision of one item in the market and this is bound to change with more exploits in the market. This is the same tend that Nokia followed. With time, more opportunities were exploited. At present, Nokia is one of the leading companies in the world. The company has major investment in the mobile telecommunication field and accessories.


Nokia Corporation is focused on wired and wireless telecommunications. The company has an employee base of 112,262 experts in 120 countries, sales in more than 150 countries and global annual revenue of 51.1 billion euros and operating profit of 8.0 billion as of 2007. This is such an amazing profile especially for a company that started from such a humble background. The driving force to such a wonderful destiny is mainly marketing. This enables a company to create a superior product in the market that will satisfy the clients and at the same time make sales for the company.


At present, Nokia is the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile telephones with a global device market share of about 39% in of 2008, up from 36% in 2007 and down from 40% in Q4 2007. Nokia produces mobile phones for every major market segment and protocol, including GSM, CDMA, and W-CDMA (UMTS).

Nokia has sites for research and development, manufacturing and sales in many continents throughout the world. These provide a wonderful base towards any future developments.


The company has a very fertile ground for development. This is because of the environment of its existence. The company has with time formed other associations with major players in the market. This includes the Nokia- Siemens Merger in 2007 and other such ventures in the past. This is called Business acquisition.

Other pursuits towards growth include purchase of competitor companies. One of such company is Salora Oy which was bought in 1984 and now owns 100% of the company. It even changed the company’s telecommunication branch name to Nokia-Mobira Oy.


The growth trend was coupled with introduction of more products in the market to enhance diversity. This is a powerful tool to progress just as the royal Queen confirms that diversity brings opportunity. Nokia has a research team in many countries. Through this workforce, many inventions have been realized in the market. These include mobile phone categories like Nokia 1100, 6300, 2310, and now the current Nokia N96 model. This model is the main product of interest in this report. Its invention came as a result of major market research carried out in the entire United Kingdom. The product targets the young adults and the mature youth- more of this is covered in the market analysis.


Market analysis


Nokia is a multinational corporation. The company enjoys market from all over the world. The mother land of Nokia is however in Finland. The first market that the corporation target is Europe. Market study of this continent reveals information that is attractive to any potential investor like Nokia. Europe as a market has a wide population. The aspects of interest in ay market study include the following: Demographic distribution, Education levels, Economic levels, population size, and political status in the region, level of civilization and the competition received in the environment. All these factors have to analyze properly in order to come up with a concrete product (Fill, 2006).


Market population

Europe is a continent that comprises many races. However majority are the original inhabitants of the region. These are the English speaking Britons, the Germans, the Spanish, the Portuguese, the French and the rest in the region. This market is very large. All across Europe, waves of immigration have diversified the ethnic make-up of local populations. This is especially true in the United Kingdom, where immigrants from India, Pakistan, Asia and the Caribbean have helped shape the national culture and identity and whose influences have affected the styles, tastes and product preferences of the entire country. This backdrop creates a fertile breeding ground for New Luxury brands to emerge


Majority of these people stay in the town set up since the area is very high in economy. The population also comprises the middle aged and the youth. This age bracket is the best to target with technology products. This is because they have the ability to use the electronic gadgets because of their understanding.


Market has great potential particularly in the major cities. One such place is London with a population capacity of 8 million people (Demographia, 2007). The population in London is a mixture of men and women in almost equal proportion. Women have one trait that greatly dictates the market direction. This is the aspect of fashion and style. Products with selling brands are a catch in such a market. Such brands include Nike, Football stars, hest hits in the music industry and movies.


The market targeted by Nokia is actually big and exists far beyond Europe. Some products can always be introduced with a target of a specific group of people. These include Nokia 1100 series for the economically average customers, and the N96 for the information hungry CEOs and other very busy staff.  This market flexibility is advantageous because of the diversity that comes with it.


Market trends


The market is driven by fashion and styles of the generation. Every generation has its set of values. The market in Europe is mainly controlled by current vibes or style. These include music in form of polyphonic ring tones, video and camera facilities among others. The appearance of items is also drawing great attention of late. This includes the shape, colour and the aura. These are basic facts that clients consider.  Europe is further situated in a scarce weather environment. The area experiences drastic change in weather. This brings about summer and winter seasons. The winter periods are usually very cold, and this makes many people to migrate to the worm African countries for warmth.  Summer on the other hand is characterized with a fairly accommodative environment. This has a serious attack on the Europe market. The Mobile Corporation benefits in the warm winter because many people live in the area compared to the small number during winter. It is interesting that some extreme weather patterns bring more advantages to the corporation. The Snow periods in Switzerland attract many people to come as tourists. This means more market for phones and other technology gadgets. All this reveal how weather affects the market trends in Europe.


Competition in the market place


Entrepreneurs are very sensitive about any business opportunity that presents itself in the market place. For this reason Nokia Corporation also experiences great competition from players in the same field. Communication field is very large. This brings with it very many investors. The corporation experiences competition from regional and international firms. The main competitors are: Siemens, Alcatel, Sanyo, Intellisync and French Sagem telecommunications. All these try to display the best in the market.


Nokia uses many strategies to cub the strong competition. One major style is the introduction of superior products in the market place. One such product is the N96 model of Nokia. Acquisition is another way of gaining market dominion. This means that the threat company is bought and thus silenced forever. Nokia bought Intellisync data company in the year 2006 and hence silenced the competition. Nokia also formed a merger with Siemens Mobiles in a business venture called a Merger. Expansion to other fresh and unexploited markets results into introduction of more markets. This further helps to fight competition (Smith P. R. & Taylor J, 2004).


Current state of the Nokia Corporation


Despite these occasional crises, Nokia has been phenomenally successful in its chosen field. The firm has had various changes in the management. The CEOs have always changed from generation to another, with each change bringing with it some results. The current CEO is Mr. Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo. Nokia has an ever working research crew that performs various investigations in the market. This is the back bone of any technology oriented firm. These research departments are wide spread all over the world, and exist in over 120 countries. Nokia Corporation has also majored in reducing the competition. This has been successful through business ventures like mergers, acquisitions and expansion to new environments.


Why marketing communication?


Marketing communications have various objectives depending in the goal of the company at any time. The most important objective of the promotion is to make customers make decisions that are to the benefit of the business (KnowThis LLC, 2008).


This is very important to the profit oriented businesses. This means getting customers to buy an organization’s product and, in most cases, to remain a loyal long-term customer. Most businesses aim at developing very strong business relationships with their client. This is very important. Once one client is won over, this can be a building stone into acquiring new clients (KnowThis LLC, 2008).


A successful integrated marketing communication plan is to customize what is needed for the client. This takes into account various factors as time, budget and resources to reach target or goals. Small business can start an integrated marketing communication plan on a small budget using a website, email and SEO. Large Corporation can start an integrated marketing communication plan on a large budget using print, mail order, radio, TV plus many other online advertisement campaigns.


The marketing communications also aid in conveying company information which are required to help sell a product or a service. Such information also helps to share Ideas, carry out education campaigns and to aid in announcing news (Fill, 2006). Marketing communications can also aid in collecting information about the environment. These include competitor information, client feedback on the services offered by a company and also the client desires concerning the future.


Elements of marketing communication

Marketing communication has many ways of application. These range from advertisements, personal selling, sales promotion, direct marketing and public relations (Dolak, 2008). This is as shown below:


Summary diagram (Dolak, 2008)


Direct marketing is one of the most effective ways of carrying out marketing. A team of sales men are sent out to visit people of various calibers to spread the information. Such a team can be cent out with various objectives. One can be to create product awareness or to perform the sales. Direct communications is important and works well with carefully targeted individual consumers to obtain an immediate response and cultivate lasting customer relationships.


This method has advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is the possibility of obtaining first hand response or feedback from the clients. The salesmen always have direct communication with the clients. Through this they always observe the behaviors of clients and also see the facial expressions.   This greatly helps to arrive at conclusion and hence plan well as concerning the product.

This promotion technique is also more affordable compared to the rest. Another good part of this method is the ability to reach marginalized community. The salesmen can be sent to very far and remote locations like rural areas and places that lack communication networks like good roads. This method was used by Nokia corporations to reach the office workers and the rural people in London suburbs.




Advertising is the process of commercial promotion of goods and services in order to increase its sales in the entire market. Advertising stiles are very many. The mediums that can be used in advertisements include: television, newspapers, wall paintings, billboards, magazines, Internet, by the word-of-mouth and in many other ways (Pleshette, 2008). Advertising informs the buyers about the availability of a certain product or service in the market and encourages them to buy it. Nokia Corporation has used advertisement over the years and very nice results have been realized.


The main objectives of advertising are:


1. Increasing the usage of a certain product and hence acquiring more orders from the rest of the market.


2. Creating new customers and increasing brand recognition.


3. To obtain feedback from customers regarding a certain product.


4. To indicate introduction of new products or replacement of old ones.


. Apart from promoting commercial goods, Advertising also has a number of uses. Advertisement can also be used to educate and motivate the public about non-commercial issues such as AIDS, deforestation, family planning, etc. It is a powerful media which is capable of reaching to the far out masses. Advertisements of today can also be found in the internet. This is because many people use this recourse today. These advertisements in most cases have been successful in connecting the user with the information he requires.


The best part of advertisements is the ability to give them strategic locations. Billboards can be placed in the right places in the town and this will facilitate access by the target group. Advertisements are however expensive. But the merits realized suppress this drawback (Marketing Teacher Ltd, 2000 – 2008).


Marketing strategies used




An advertising strategy is a campaign developed to communicate ideas about products and services to potential consumers in the hopes of convincing them to buy those products and services. Most advertising strategies in use today focus on achieving three general goals. These include:


1. Promotion of awareness of a business and its product or services.


2. Stimulation of sales directly and in effect attracts some of the competitor clients.


3. Establish or modify a business’ image.


In other words, advertising seeks to inform, persuade, and remind the consumer. The first battlefield is the mind as the wise saying goes. Passing of information through advertisement therefore aids in the successful marketing of a product. With these aims in mind, most businesses follow a general process which ties advertising into the other promotional efforts and overall marketing objectives of the business.

Factors to consider when formulating an advertisement include the target group (E-notes, 2008). This dictates the type of information to include in the advertisement copy. Nokia uses football stars when erecting billboards in football stadiums. The N96 series of Nokia was powerfully advertised in a church yard by use of a pastor who was accessing the bible via the phone’s internet! This is amazing creativity isn’t it?


Another point to consider is the product of concern. The product concept grows out of the guidelines established in the “positioning statement.” This is how the product is positioned within the market. The key features of the product are outlined in this criterion. N96 series has many features which are outlined in the advertisement. These include the data capacity which is very superior since it uses gprs. The phone is also small in size and this can attract especially the civilized youth in the wide European market. Other features include coloured screen, polyphonic ring tones, mp3 and clear camera characteristics.


How the product is positioned within the market will dictate the kind of values the product represents, and thus how the target consumer will receive that product. Therefore, it is important to remember that no product is just itself. This implies that the clients should be able to identify with the features in the product.




Marketing budgets

These are normally written upon development of advertisement strategies (E-notes, 2008). Factors to consider include the importance of the advertisement and also the resources available for the business t o carry out this important activity. Nokia is a well established firm. The advertisements therefore don’t experience financial difficulty but rather has focus on the target market. Nokia used £ 2 million in Advertising the N96 through billboards and other online means (Nokia, 2008).


Effectiveness of the method


The small business owner who does not bother to adequately analyze his or her advertising efforts runs the danger of throwing away a perfectly good advertising strategy (E-notes, 2008). Feedbacks can only be obtained from the clients through correspondence. The direct response survey is one of the most accurate means of measuring the effectiveness of a company’s advertising. This gives first hand information to the business.


Other inexpensive options, such as use of redeemable coupons, can also prove helpful in determining the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. N96 model was received well and more sales were realized from the major cities. This implies that more users live in the Town. Another conclusion is that many clients are internet users and met the message through the internet. More marketing techniques should be posted in the internet in future.





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