1. Introduction.This essay is devoted to a mix of marketing communications.

In the paper special attention is paid to personal selling and direct marketing. Two examples of marketing communications will demonstrate the effectiveness of these methods.  2.

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Marketing Communications.The elements of marketing communications are advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, as well as public relations and direct marketing. Direct marketing is used by an organization for carrying out its own marketing purposes.To my mind one of effective elements of marketing communication is personal selling. This element is very often used while selling some everyday things: mineral water, fruits, make-up, stationery etc.

Everyone has such an experience as people usually buy products and things of everyday use in a store or at the market (Smith, 2004, p. 92)Recently I have had the experience of buying fruits at the store. The seller has helped me to choose what peaches and apples are fresh.

This method is used for building customer relationships and to make the customer come back again and to buy fruits. This is the best promotional tool for store, I think. Attentive attitude to a customer attracts more constant clients that make this business stable (Smith, 2004, p. 56)Another rather effective element of marketing communication is advertising.

This method is effective for products of everyday use and for bigger things like computers, cars etc.Two months ago I decided to buy a new washing machine and started looking through magazine advertisements. There were several ads but I chose only one of them because this ad was really well-done. It had a picture on which I saw a new type of a washing machine and the text which explained the major advantages of the product directly to me in a very laconic way.

The Appeal to the client is the main aspect of an advertisement (Smith, 2004, p. 70). I think this company uses the best promotional tool as advertised goods seem to people as more legitimate.  3. Conclusion.

The paper briefly analyzes the major elements of marketing communication. The examples display the effectiveness of these elements in this or that business. References.Smith P.R., Taylor J. (2004).

Marketing Communications: An Integrated Approach, Kogan Page, 696pp.