1. Determine without completing the survey and getting your results. Which of the eight psychographic categories do you fall into? I think I fall under the category of strivers because some of my traits are similar with the description of being a striver. Most of the  time, I tend to consider the judgments of other people in everything that I do. I think about what would other people say or think about me  or my actions.

  As a result, I have become more reserved. I try not to do spontaneous actions to eliminate the possibility of scrutiny from others. But in general, I love to have fun and I have a passion for fashion just like any other strivers.In terms of my purchasing behavior, I tend to buy things that I like even though I do not need it as long as I have the money to buy those things. Also, I buy products that are well-know and well-liked by many consumers. I believe that the number of people who like a particular product determine the credibility of that  product because it has been tried and tested by a significant number of people.2.

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Complete the survey and compare your choice (from question #1) with the evaluated category indicating whether you agree or not and explain why? According to the survey, I fall under the category of  Experiencer as my dominant approach to life and Innovator is the particular emphasis to my dominant approach. I think in some way I am an experiencer and an innovator but the general description of the two categories does not reflect my total personality.One  characteristic that I have that is similar with experiencers is being an enthusiastic consumer who has the tendency to spend their income for socialization, fashion and entertainment.

Meanwhile, as an innovator, I think I got the trait of being conscious with image but more of as an expression of my personality, preference and independence.