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The attach gives him seven basic advices/rule how to behave in order to not screw up cultural behavior in Latin America compared to North American ways of dealing with business partners. 1 . ) One need to spent more time with your potential partner in order to be trustworthy. Business is often discussed even after the third meeting. 2. ) You must wait before you start talking about business. 3. ) Price is only one of many things you take into account.

Many Us- American principles wont work in Latin America 4. ) Graduated people in Latin America want to hear their title. In north America a title is nothing special. 5. ) Political and religious aspects should be avoided because they might be a attention conflict point. People are very proud of their origins. 6. ) Saying what you think or what makes you doubt is not well seen, impression of being impatient and rude. 7. ) Don’t rush things and wait till the come to you to talk about business.

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In the following of the Case the American salesman had to wait some hours to meet the purchasing manager, so he got impatient and started to ask if he was even expected or not. After that some other aspects occurred which confused the American salesman. He had to wait while the purchasing manager was on the phone several times. A conflict between cultural ways of making business occurred. “It is respecter’s to let an important potential partner wait’ VS. “It is respecter’s of not waiting for a person you want to make business with”.

After that the purchasing Latin American manager rescheduled the meeting again. At this time the American sales manager was already more then a week “wasting’ his time without any progress, which made him unsatisfied. In US business is made way faster when both sides are interested. After some meetings which were conflicting based on cultural aspects of handling business the American salamander made one simple mistake based on history of the country, he didn’t know an important person who had a statue.

So the Latin purchasing partner decided not to do business with a such respecter’s person who does know so less about his country. Questions about Case 1 . What impression do you think the sales manager made on the purchasing manager? In the beginning the purchasing manager was very open to close a relationship. Sometimes the sales manager must have made a very impatience impression because the sales manager was often wondering bout the Way he was treated.

The interest in a close relationship Was lost when the purchasing manager was talking about the Latin American hero, who was not known by the American salesman. 2. How would you critique the quality of the communication between all parties in this case? The attach was very important for the communication because the sales manager was not used to the way negotiations are handled in Latin America. But both, the attach and the purchasing manager, failed to recognize the differences between cultures.