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 IntroductionThe conference will be attended by the clients or the customers in the same sector as Marks and Spencer, all over the world. The target audience will comprise of all the representatives of the clothing and linen retailers present globally. Their ventures could be operating in any country and may only be local and not global as yet.The paper will be presented by the market research organizations such as Milton. These market researchers will present their findings on what they think and what their perceptions are.The conference will only accommodate only hundred people who will be seated in a theatre style, with comfortable and padded chairs and no tables. The number of people who will be confirmed for the conference will be based on of first come and first serve basis.AmbienceThe conference room should have a traditional, yet modern look and feel to it.

The hall should look professional as well as a place where the guests and participants feel at ease and at home. Especially the foreigners should feel good and be able to concentrate on the conference proceedings.SizeThe conference room which should be capacious enough for all the participants to be seated comfortably. It should be able to accommodate about hundred attendees with theatre style seating arrangement with no tables. There should be another hall which should be adjacent to the conference room and should be used for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Also, there should be room for 5 stalls at the end of the room.FacilitiesThe conference room should have proper air conditioning and also provide complimentary services such as free pens and writing pads for the attendants. Also, the conference room should be set in Marks and Spencer theme and should have enough space to set up banners, fliers and other promotional material.

There should be variety in the menu provided and should include be all kinds of oriental, western and Asian food for the participants. The quality of food prepared should be good and hygienic There should be Halal food for the Muslims, Kosher for the Jews so that the participants feel at ease.In addition to this, there should be room for about 5 stalls that can be set up by the attendees and Marks and Spencer to promote their products in the adjoining hall or at the back of the conference room.

It would be an excellent chance for all the attendees to increase their sales and also Marks and Spencer to find a suitable business to sell their franchise to. Hence, it will provide growth opportunities for all.AccessThe venue should preferably be located in Central London so that it is accessible to the important locations of London for sightseeing on the bus tour.BudgetThe conference hall and the facilities like music, stalls, equipment and the city tour ride should cost within £6000 to £7000. Also, the cost of the three meals for 100 attendants should be around £20,000.

EquipmentThe venue should have all the equipment necessary for a successful conference that are required by the speakers such as Over Head Projector, multimedia, screen, flip charts, VCD, markers, and complete computer system with USB sockets and CD Rom.Possible Venues:The Chesterfield Mayfair HotelThe Chesterfield Mayfair is an international 4 star luxury hotel located in Central London. It provides superb facilities with relaxing surroundings and a modern ambience.The Chesterfield Mayfair offers a flexible approach to customizing each event accordingly. It provides its own professional event organizing team to organize all elements from the style of the room, audio/visual equipment to special dining requests, which means that it fulfills the facilities and the equipment requirements stated above.It also provides accommodation for the delegates who opt to stay more than the conference days according to the customers’ requirements. It also has a variety of cuisines for the foreigners.

However, the food is expensive here and may exceed the budget.Moreover, its Royal Suite accommodates exactly 100 attendees if set in a theatre style.The DorchesterThe Dorchester’s history dates back to 1930s.

This renowned hotel has always been favored by celebrities, literary critiques and all the bigwigs. It is a combination of elegant luxury, and an outstanding decor along with personalized service which has made it a regular ‘home from home’ for many. It is also located in Central London and is at a short distance from most of the famous places in London for sightseeing purpose.The Dorchester hotel also provides myriad of services to its customers who opt to stay before or after the conferences. Also, the hotel provides continental cuisine for the guests and is usually favored by the conference attendees for stay.

The menu has variety for the lunch as well as the dinner buffet and caters to all the nationalities.The Terrace hall of the Dorchester accommodates exactly 100 attendees if set in a theatre style. The Terrace hall has a kitchen attached; therefore, setting tables for meals would be convenient.Also, it will provide all the facilities of organizing for the conference room in the M;S theme and help set up the stalls in a manner that is convenient for both the attendees and the organizing team members.The Cumberland HotelThe Cumberland is London’s newest world-class hotel which is stylish and has an exceptional design. It’s comfortable and also provides personalized service.

The Cumberland is situated in Central London at the top of Park Lane.The Cumberland has 26 meeting and function rooms and fulfills all the technology requirements of the speakers; it has all the latest equipment and terrific acoustics for the attendees to enjoy and benefit from the conference. Moreover, it’s modern and helps with catering and organizing the event.Also, it’s Blue 2 Suite provides spacing for 110 people if the seating arrangement is in theatre style, a little more than required, so Marks and Spencer can bring in additional employees. The conference room is simple, yet modern and stylish.Recommended VenueI would recommend The Dorchester because it fulfills all the requirements. The Terrace suite can accommodate exactly 100 people and has an attached kitchen which will be convenient.

It is comfortable and also prestigious. Being a renowned retail store, Marks and Spencer should be hosting a conference in a prestigious hotel. Also, the menu has a variety and will cater to the needs of the attendees of all the cultures. It already has a variety of preset menus for buffet for lunch as well as dinner. The prices for Lunch Fork Buffet vary from £65 to £85 per person and the prices for Dinner Fork Buffet vary from £70 to £90 per person, which seems affordable. Even tough the conference room is over budget by £250, the hotel still provides value for the extra money paid. It is traditional and historical, therefore, it will convey the guests the heritage of Briton.

Also it is modern and stylish, which I am sure will make the experience of attending a conference in this prestigious and traditional place a valuable and a memorable one.Budget for the ConferenceThe budget for the conference has been put in the appendix for review.Entertaining foreign attendees of diverse culturesThe conference will provide the attendees with an excellent opportunity to exchange their views and to get to know people from different cultures. The foreign delegates will be opting for the accommodation provided by The Dorchester Hotel for two nights before and after the conference. However, if they wish to locate elsewhere, they will inform Marks and Spencer prior to the confirmation of the registration.

Also, if they want to bring any family members, they will have to inform M&S at the time of registration. However, the family members will not be allowed at the conference.M&S will not help the foreign delegates with obtaining the Visa and the passport, however, they will be provided with an invitation letter after their request for registration which will aid them in obtaining the visa promptly.To entertain the foreign delegates as well as the local delegates, a bus tour of the London city will be conducted at the end of the conference after the dinner. Important landmarks and locations will be shown to the foreign guests.

Evaluation of the ConferenceThe conference will be evaluated on the basis of the diversity of the delegates. The more the diversity in the crowd, the better exchange of ideas there will be. Also, there should be no interruptions such as breaking down of the computer systems; everything should go smoothly. There should not be any lack of food, or any cases of food poisoning from the attendees.The Dorchester has been chosen as the likely venue, with proper ambiance, food and preparations. Separate plans for both the local and foreign delegates should be made in terms of arrangement and other aspects. Moreover, the conference should be on time and then proper evaluation for it should also be conducted.

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uk/SoF2007conference.pdfAppendixBudget:Expenses:£Revenues:£Conference HallBanners, Fliers, Promotional MaterialBreakfast, Lunch and Dinner (£ 30 x 100 + £ 85 x 100 + £ 90 x 100)Charges for the Services by the hotel (including the bus tour of city)Music and StallsOther ExpensesTotal3,500*2,00020,500 1,000 1,000*1,000*29,00050 local guests (50 x £250)50 local guests (50 x £300)Revenue from stalls (£250 per stall booked x estimated 10 stalls)TotalProfit from Conference12,50015,0002,500 30,0001,000* Estimated FiguresLetter to prospective attendeesDear Sir/ Madame,We are delighted to inform you that Marks and Spencer, the biggest clothing retailer in UK, is hosting a conference titled “Customers-Who are they and what are they thinking?”. The conference will be held on May 21, 2007 at The Dorchester Hotel, which is also a renowned hotel in London. The speakers will be from the known market research firms such as Milton, who will add to your concepts on the consumer behavior based on the findings from their research.

You are cordially invited to the conference. Please fill the attached Booking Form and send to Marks and Spencer’s at the address given on the envelope.Regards,The Event Manager,Marks & Spencer’sBooking Form for the attendeesPlease provide the following information:Title: ___________    First name:  ___________________ Surname: ____________________Name to appear on your delegate badge (if different from above) ________________________ Job title: ________________________        Organisation: ______________________________Address:         _________________________________________           Postcode: _______________Mobile No.: _______________ Fax: _______________  Email: __________________Country: _________________Special requirements:(eg: dietary, disabled facilities, hearing loop, seating requests for the Conference dinner) ______________________________________________________________Hotel ReservationWould you like us to arrange accommodations for you at The Dorchester Hotel: ______            If Yes, then:Check in date: __________  Check out date: ______________  # of Room(s):  _____Total Nights: ______ Arrival time (at airport): ____________   Date: _________Flight Number/airline:____________           No. of people accompanying you: _______Special Needs: r  Smoking room    r  Non-Smoking room          r  Extra bedr  Handicap-equipped roomAny additional information/notes you want us to know? Please write them here:______________________________________________________________________________Mode of PaymentTick one: r Local Attendent £ 250  r Foeirgnor £ 300Please select your prefered payment method.

r Pay by Credit/Charge CardCard Number: ________________   Expiry Date:_____/_____ (mm/yy)Name on card (print or type):Signature of Card holder (print or insert electronic signature): _____________________r Pay by Cheque/Direct Bank DepositI have remitted the amount from my bank                                  __   (bank name) on _________ (mm/dd/yy). Payable in Pounds to the following account:Account No: 00100016908091014The payee is Marks and Spencer. Bank Address: City Bank, Head OfficePlease make one photocopy of this form and keep for your own reference.Thank You for filling out the form.