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Marketing-management process:

An Overview on How the Process Affect Business Progression in the International Market of Industries

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Marketing is one particular branch of business that deals with all the promotional aspects of a certain business organization. At some point, this particular sector of the organization is perceived to have a certain group of experts attending to the said needs of the organization with regards promotion and advertising. Every kind of organization have their own marketing branch. This is specifically because of the fact that the incoming profit that the company expects from its clients is particularly empowered by the marketing strategies created by the marketing group.

Whatever it is that the Marketing group plans shall determine the organization’s success in the industry. The ability of the said in-charged group in making amends for the organization’s ability to make it within the industrial competition in the business world shall make it possible for the business to make a considerable reputation that could attract the clients who are being targeted by the said organization. This is particularly the reason why business organizations both large-scale and small-scale make it a point that the marketing procedures that they carry on for the sake of business progression is given careful attention and as well as an ample amount of investment.

Particularly, marketing is a business branch that sets the path for the organization as to how they are supposed to trod the journey of success in the industry that they are dealing with. The intensity of the procedures taken by marketing experts particularly pertains to the quality of the advertising procedures that the organization ought to take into consideration for actual operational purposes. It is in this particular sector of the organization that the fast release or distribution of the services or the products offered by the organization towards the clients could be determined.

Today, the level of competition that each business organization deals with in the human society is clearly identified by the progressive procedures taken by the marketing team of each business company. According to Website Marketing:

“Marketing is a broad topic that covers a range of aspects, including advertising, public relations, sales, and promotions. People often confuse sales with marketing, when in fact the two are very different. The former involves getting a product or service into the market, promoting it, influencing behavior, and encouraging sales. Sales are the actual transaction of getting a product or service into the hands of your customers.” (

The strategies of marketing that each organization adapts into is primarily defined by the financial capabilities of the said business entity t o provide the services need by the clients that pertain to promotional operations. The strong impact of the marketing strategies also usually brings about the thought that the main target of the promotional presentations is the group of people in the society who are assumed by the organization to be the primary clients of the organization. It is their interest that should be the focus of the promotional interpretations and presentations. The strategies are indeed strongly differed through the identification of the target consumers or clients of the organization. The Website Marketing also adds:

“Strategies in marketing have changed enormously since Jay Conrad Levinson introduced the guerrilla concept over 20 years ago. Tactics that were considered radical then are almost main stream now. With so many messages bombarding the consumer in the marketplace today, it is now more difficult than ever to get your product noticed, so marketers have learned to be creative.” (

Overall, marketing could then be noted as a source of established foundation for every business organization. The impact that it has on every established business group is a primary concern that brings about possible profitable sources to the different business organizations. Indeed, marketing and the operations that are made under this particular sector of the organization assure the whole business entity of the competitive standing of the entire organization within the business industries.  This is particularly the reason why it has been commented that: “Companies without a marketing mindset are at a disadvantage in today’s business world. Those who are still centered around their products, rather than their customers, are doomed to fail.”  The clients are the main target of marketing procedures, companies who are still starting and those who are already established who give lesser care in this aspect of business operations are indeed assured to have a hard time coping up with the existing competition within the industry. Certainly, to implement anything that is planned for marketing measures of any business is rather applied though the effective manner of incorporating management procedures within the situation dealt with by any organization.

How Marketing-Management Works in the International Trade

True, if a certain company is a producer of one kind of product, the marketing branch is treated as the core of this business as it is the branch that determines the sales, profit or loss of that certain company. Thus, it is just so important to be able to know about the surviving strategies of one company concerning that it operates both globally and domestically. How does one company manage to handle the different factors and difficulties of setting up a trend in a target community considering that that company doesn’t have it’s main branch within the area specified? How are they able to keep up with their selling activities amidst all the problems that arise and the changes that occur within a certain community every now and then?

In this paper, the author has chosen the Coca Cola Company to be a sample company to be examined with regards to its global and domestic operations. Close observations on its marketing activities shall be researched upon and be given evaluation. This paper shall be divided in three parts mainly the environmental, the technological and the social factors that affects marketing strategies of a certain business organization, namely, the Coca Cola Company. But first and foremost, we must know how this company started.

Successful Beginning
Coca Cola as the company claims, “exists to benefit and refresh everyone it touches”… It has been founded in 1886 and is now known as one of the world’s leading manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of non alcoholic beverages, concentrates and syrups. This company produces also around 400 different brands of such kinds of products. Their corporate head quarters are located in Atlanta and has local operations in over 200 countries. As it could be observed, it all began in a small scale business and grew to a world renowned company mostly popular to all ranges of ages all over the globe. How did they do it? They gave importance to the three major factors that could help boost the marketing strategies of a certain company.

Cola Marketing and the Environment
What is referred to as the environment by marketing? It could consist of the climate, the location and the people who are in one community, which a certain business industry targets to be its prospect market. How did the Coca Cola Company face this factor? First, the said company is known both over the places that are not so much developed, and especially the most developed lands. This means, each community has different demands when it comes to drinking different beverages. It also concerns how the prospect customers could buy the product in a frequent basis if the climate from every place varies every now and then. It only shows that it is very important for the Coca Cola Company to be able to convince the people to buy their products time and again. In this case, the cross selling or up selling is considered by the company. In some ways, some people from different countries could have a variety of choices of beverages they would rather drink depending on the climate their community experiences from time to time.

Marketing and Technology
It is very important that a company such as Coca Cola, be able to get along with the advancement of technology. As for example, the usage of Internet access, the television, media advertising, radios commercials and even on national and local broad sheets in a certain country. All these, and more are often used by the company of Coca Cola to be able to invite more and more customers world wide.  As for example, In the late 1950’s, James Vicary claimed to have conducted a study in a New Jersey, U.S.A., Movie Theater in which the words “Drink Coca-Cola” and “Eat Popcorn” were flashed on the screen during the movie. The messages appeared for only a fraction of a second, too briefly to make an impression on the conscious mind. Yet, according to Vicary, they resulted in an increase in the sale of Coca-Cola and popcorn. (Awake, 1998) Yes, recent studies show how effective TV and Internet sources are when it comes to influencing specially the kids in buying several products such as soft drinks. These strategies are considered to be much effective to be used by producers.


Marketing and the Social Responsibility and Ethics
Mainly, the ideal aim of marketing is to give the people what they need and to provide them the things that they want.  Obviously, the Coca Cola Company has proved to be able to meet this factor in marketing. In Japan for example, it has been reported that the Coca Cola company gained 60 percent of the soft-drink market in the said country by making its drink sweeter—just what the Japanese wanted.  Thus, it is true that foreign companies that employ such marketing strategies have been immensely successful.

Marketing-Management in Action:  A Case-Based Analysis

Organizational Overview

A small tailoring industry have been started in the name of a couple who aimed to primarily support their family which came in a little bit early for their age. Because of their age and their lack of higher educational attainment, they had a lesser chance of being able to obtain a job that is actually suitable for their situation. Trying to apply for a regular employment in companies and food establishments was not that easy for them to accomplish. This is primarily because of the fact that their time availability does not meet the requirements of the establishment or in some ways, their qualification as workers do not meet the needed standards for employees within the organization that they are applying for. This situation have primarily motivated them to find other possibilities by which they could be able to support the financial needs of their family as well as provide ample time for their child. Hence, they decided to apply what they know, tailoring. At first, they simply accepted clothe-fixing duties. Later on, when they already got the hang of the job, they began accepting made to order apparels. When they saw that their business was becoming much stable they began to aim to help some of their friends and some of their friends’ friend in becoming successful within the said field of work.

Now, they are already operating with at least 50 personnels who are of the same situation as theirs and are catering to several arrays of tailoring jobs. The said duties include fixing and re-fashioning old clothing, making made to order apparels, accepting orders for made to order gowns in bulk numbers and accepting home decorative orders such as curtains, pillow cases and bed sheets. Mostly, to be able to generate orders, they tell those people that they know that they are able to complete orders for them and if they are interested in ordering several made clothes, the tailors of the organization are more than excited to finish the job.


The Organization’s Present Marketing Strategy

As said earlier, most of the promotional strategy of he organization depends on the “word-of-mouth” of both the workers themselves and the legacy that they have established upon those who have already become acquainted with the services that they provide. In this regard, it could be noted that the company sorely depends on the loyalty that they primarily establish with their people and their former clients. Their aim of satisfying their customers usually makes it possible for their clients to keep on coming back for their service thus making their business a more stable network of job acceptance within the tailoring industry. True, they may be considered as a small-scale organization, but with the quality of the job that they are sharing within the circle of clients that they already are catering to, they are able to instill within their customers that they are capable of giving fine and high-quality service that they are expected to provide. Through this, they are able to ensure their organization of regular clients that would keep their operation coming though. However, it could not be denied that as clients that they already have eventually may not be able to support the growing needs of their employment rate’s growing population. Hence, they really need to expand the market that they are serving. To be able to do so, enhancing the promotional capabilities of the organization is a primary focus of progress.

Organizational SWOT Analysis

In order to see what part of the organization needs primary improvement, a SWOT analysis would indeed be helpful in the process. To be able to begin the examination the following presentation shall be used:




From this analytical presentation, it could be observed that the business skills of the major owners of the organization are not that sturdy enough and well disposed to set the journey towards business assurance for the organization in the future. Hence, it is then necessary to understand that there is a need for this particular organization to implement the procedures of business operations in a more effective way for them to be able not only to retain their original customer but also to expand their market within the community that they are working with. (Garvin, 1993, 15)

What Needs to be Improved

As it could be observed, there is not much problem when it comes to their performance capabilities. However, in terms of professional marketing procedures, the organization really faces a large-inevitable challenge. They are then indeed in need of a solution procedure to be able to meet the challenges of marketing that they particularly need to deal with. To be able to help out, the suggestions could be subdivided into three categories:

(a)     Market Expansion Procedures

This is to help the organization find ways by which they could extend their business operations towards other market sectors. This would also allow them of the opportunity of expanding their services in a manner with which the organization could reach out further towards other groups of people. (Edmunds, 1996, 24)


(b)     Clientele Retention

In a society where ready to wear items are leading in attracting the consumers, tailored and made to order items are not that easy to create an interest within the clients unless custom made costumes are necessary. This is the reason why the past clients of the organization need to be retained helping them realize that tailored clothes are much more beneficial than those that are pre-made in terms of fashion statement and style. (McQuarrie, 1996, 44)

(c)     Promotional Practice Enhancement

To be able to expand the areas of influence of the organization, creating promotional procedures is necessary. For an organization to attract customers [especially those that have not put up a strong reputation yet], there is a certain need of being known first. As for the organization being dealt with herein, it could be observed that the need of being noticed by the market is a crucial stage in recreating a new market that would accept the products that they are making. (Doman, et al., 1993, 21)

In order for the said categories of operational adjustments to come into existence, it is necessary to consider certain points of planned procedures to be able to meet the needs of the prospected market. To understand the said plans better, the paragraphs that follow shall propose several market researching procedures that could well assist the organization in reaching the top position of peak performance for their company in terms of effectively distributing their products.


Methodologies of Market Research

To have a closer look on the situation and to be able to create an effective procedure of attracting the clients, the company should be able to identify the major target customer of the organization. Basing from the operations that the member of the organizations deal with and the end products that they are able to finish, there are at least three categories of customers that they are able to serve:

(a)     Students using uniforms

(b)     Housewives and interior decorators

(c)     Corporate Personnels

…Their clients may also include users of custom costumes

Knowing who their target customers are, the organization should know when their supposed peak times are and which are supposed to be their low season. To be able to determine such periods of business, a survey on the activities of the clients could be held (Soares, 1998, 24). The survey need not be complicated or professional. Most likely, since they are a small business organization, three or four of the members of the tailoring organizations could be sent out to scout several companies, schools or institutions that are using the services of organizations such as theirs and establish deals with them to be able to get their orders at a certain scheduled time. By being able to do so, the organization is already set to finish several orders during the low season and be able to dispatch them during the high season of the business.  Through this procedure, the organization could pre-set their activities and adjust their operations accordingly to the planned schedule of business engagements.(Breen, 1998, 34)

It could also be included in the market research procedure the hosting of several interviews with the head officers of the institutions or corporate companies that are targeted by the organization to become primary clients. To become aware of what they want of the their uniforms and what type of service they require, it is necessary that the tailors get an idea of their opinions and then later on apply them on the creation of the orders that they would place in their name.

It could be observed that the procedures suggested herein hosts most likely 650% of being personally involved in what is called “customer-care concern” (Pope, 1993, 47). This is suggested for implementation to be able to set an edge for the organization against those that are producing clothes that are ready to ward by anybody. Through this procedure, the customers gain the feeling that the people who are inviting them to have their clothes made actually care about their opinion on how their apparels are to be made (Blankenship, 1993, 18). By this, the customers learn of the fact that the organization, although small as it is, is more than willing of extending its procedures of business to be able to meet their personal needs. This is one part of service that the makers of ready made apparels could not provide their clients. The surveys and the interviews are indeed expected to give a high impact on the procedures of business completion of the workers of the entire tailoring organization being examined herein. The feedback that they could get form the said procedures of market research could indeed assist them in improving not only their service but also the products that they offer their clients.


Results Analysis

Through the effective use of the SPSS [Statistical Package for Social Sciences] program, the suggested procedures of market research as mentioned above could be expected to bring large benefits to the organization in the future. Aside from the fact that the major goals as written and discussed within the earlier paragraphs could be well met, cost reduction and income balancing could also be expected from the said research procedures. The fact that the organization would already have an idea of what the customers primarily require of their custom-made clothes, the more there is a chance for the workers to be able to adjust their production skills accordingly to the standard accepted by the clients. Through this, the company is then assured that there would be lesser expenses that would actually be spent on redoing orders especially that of the bulk orders that they are expected to complete every now and then.

Being able to follow the procedures of adjustment carefully, the workers of the organization could find better ways with which they could use their extra time during the low season time in becoming more productive through launching new products which they could offer their clients. Knowing what their clients prefer to have, the organization could adjust in being a company or business entity known for making custom clothes to a tailoring organization that is able to create fashionable clothes that are in season. Hence, by doing so they are able to extend their business’ shelf-life even during the low-order-seasons.

Conclusion and Summary

The preempted results of the market research as suggested above certainly makes sense on the part that the tailoring organization being observed and examined in this paper simply needs a boosting procedure as to how they are able to promote the products that they make. True, as a new emerging business company, it is expected the organization would naturally faced different challenges especially with that concerning business competition (Chakrapani, 1992, 36). If the situation is clearly noticed, it could be concluded that entering a larger scope of market offers a larger challenge of competition concerning the performance of the workers of the organization. This then shall encourage the workers not to simply retain the skills that they already have but to even increase their capabilities in completing considerably fine outcome from their efforts. (Stewart, 1993, 15)

Certainly, from this study, it could be learned that the impact of the market on the business operations of a certain company reaches to at least 75% of the servicing practice that the organization’s workers adapt into (Davis, 1993, 45). The capability of the organization to provide the customers with the service that they deserve certainly shall give them a reputation that would give large benefits to the entire business entity. The challenges that are offered to newly established business organizations are also treated in this paper as primary opportunities for progress. It is in the capability of the administration to recognize the opportunity offered by each situation that they face in business in an aim of assisting them to become much stronger in terms of business competition that the success of the entire business group could be met in the future (Cornish, 1997, 14). True, every business organization faces the sacrifice of taking a risk in certain fields of operating within the system. However, if the stakeholders of the organization such as the administration, the employers and the employees as well, would see the impact of being able to know where to start in solving the problem, the said challenges could be met with a victorious end (Burns, 2001, 35). The outcome of a strong plan in analyzing what the target market of a certain business organization wants or needs shall certainly help in assisting the entire personnel involved in making the progressive moves for the business organization attain the victory amidst the challenges that they face within the business industry (Ilar, et al., 1998, 43). Yes, the ability of each administration to create ways by which the organization could face the situations that they usually deal with in a positive approach shall help motivate the entire body of workers making up the business to be geared up towards success.



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