Last updated: May 23, 2019
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Marketing: More Ways to Influence You and Helpful Tips as Well

The power of cutting-edge marketing and customer-service strategies is the theme of the three articles.

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“Gift Returns: New Rules Require New Tactics” is, on the face of it, an informative piece for shoppers and those receiving gifts.  As we are in the middle of the year-end holiday season, this is absolutely timely.  Store policies about returns keep evolving and the article informs us about ways to make exchanges hassle-free.  This is a demonstration of pro-active customer service in action.

The two other articles are of a piece, demonstrating how savvy marketers can reach us “where we live”.  Before the advent of the Internet and cellular phone service, children and young people averaged three to four hours a night in front of their TV sets.  TV could claim to have the medium with the widest reach and to deliver high frequency for mass-marketed brands.  Today, that is no longer case.  Teenagers and young adults practice multi-tasking, surfing the Net and chatting with friends around the world while the TV is consigned to background noise.

As well, we learn how effective advertising on the Web and through mobile phone networks have progressed beyond the merely intrusive text ads to cannily fit in with “media environments” that we have emotional attachments to.  Rather than spend a great deal in traditional media (where we spend less and less time) to inform us about great new promotions and brand-building micro-sites if only we would visit their web pages, advertisers like Blockbuster, Chase, Verizon, Crest, Dove, Herbal Essences and Saturn build a presence on YouTube, MySpace and FaceBook.  What other medium indeed do we look forward to and reward with such lengthy page views?

In turn, ‘Marketers Enlist Mobile Phones as Utility Vehicles” discusses engaging and useful advertising methods for a channel we are “exposed” to round the clock.