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Marketing Research Report Executive SummaryThe Black Angus Steakhouse franchise is one of the premier restaurants in the area that fosters excellent food to their patrons (, 2008). The establishment has been in business for over 30years that offers unique ideas to specialize in steaks and other food items. The franchise is a highly profitable business that can reap an exceptional reward when marketing correctly to the known customer based. Joan Bull, a franchise owner of a Black Angus Steakhouse, has a foundation to continue the tradition of providing a great steakhouse experience is reinforcing the reputation of the parent company. The initiative for the report is to address the concerns of improving on the foundation of producing quality food to identify new ways for understanding customer base (Collis, 2003).

In doing so, the report will showcase an analysis of findings from questionnaire surveys and recommendations to improving the marketing aspect for the restaurant (Fills, 2007). The marketing research report will demonstrate the vantage point of where the company is currently position in the restaurant industry (Cameron, 2004). The options for adaptability to not only sustain the customer base already familiar with the main characteristics but to attractive more customers to the franchise – that provides an opportunity for potential growth. The report analysis will demonstrate the specific marketing mix that should be applied to marketing initiatives. The recommendation will showcase the effective alternatives to implement that will ensure a positive approach, in order, to resolve any unforeseen issues.  IntroductionThe assumption of the Joan Bull’s franchise of The Black Angus Steakhouse provides high quality steak for consumers that enjoy the product due to a long good reputation of the franchise. The goal for Joan Bull management team is to begin an analysis that demonstrates the collaboration of all aspects of criteria that makes up the solid customer base.

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The Black Angus Steakhouse formidable approach is to serve exceptional steaks and other variety menu selections that are by far the best in the industry, so the main focus to add to the product is customer service levels (Cameron, 2004). Studies have shown that good customer service provides an opportunity to seal the deal for retaining of customers.However, the majority of consumers are known to identify their services as great or poor on a range of experiences at a restaurant. The goal of the report will outline the recommended concepts and theories that can be used for The Black Angus Steakhouse. The concepts and theories will be based on the survey findings from the sample size 380 from the area population of 110,000 – that will reveal areas of needed focus. The findings will provide the alternatives necessary to dissect aspects of flaws or improvements in customer service or the perceived environment while dining at The Black Angus Steakhouse restaurant.Situation AnalysisThe Black Angus Steakhouse management team is a focused entity that provides a coalition to enforce the franchise core vision of excellence. The financial makeup is solid to investing in the progressions of incorporating the findings of questionnaire survey to improve conditions and brand identity (Lynch, 2005).

The importances of the findings outline the overall objectives that are warranted to have the marketing agenda in the right direct for The Black Angus Steakhouse. The following questions that were queried for Joan Bull is as follow:.  What are the main factors customers use when selecting a restaurant and what is there relative importance of each of these factors? Based on the survey questionnaire posed to customers, the findings reflected that main factors used to selecting a restaurant is the service. The area of service did range from customer service that entails the waiters and waitress that served the meal to the customers. The manner and style of the waiters and waitress provided the emphasis of perception to base how well is the customer service being demonstrated. The delivery of effective communication to customers by the servers encouraged a welcoming dining experience noted by the survey.The customers seemed to feel more comfortable and willing to spend more money during their dining out at the restaurant.

In addition, the customers want quality food that’s served with a smile and a willingness to assist in making the experience worthwhile. The customer service regarding the fundamental things by calling the restaurant to do a takeout order, the service from the restaurant personal provides a perception of the restaurant. Therefore, the least aspects of the restaurant daily interactions with the customer make a lot of differences for delivering great customer service. (See figure A).Customer Satisfaction SurveyGender1Male2FemaleAge121 and under222-49350 and overCustomer Service1Excellent2Needs some improvement3PoorPrice1Too high compared to Competition2Price is fine due to quality of foodYears dining at The Black Angus Steakhouse1Less than 2 years22 to 5 years3Over 5 YearsOVERALLScale from 1-71 = Least Satisfied7 = Most SatisfiedINTRINSICScale from 1-71= Least Satisfied7= Most SatisfiedEXTRINSICScale from 1-71 = Least Satisfied7 = Most SatisfiedBENEFITSScale from 1-71= Least Satisfied7= Most Satisfied. What image do customers have of the Black Angus Steakhouse and its two major competitors, Hogs Breath Café’ and Lone Star Steakhouse and Saloon?The customers preferred Lone Star Steakhouse and Saloon when they felt that customer service experience was not at par compared to The Black Angus Steakhouse.

The notion is that if the willingness to perceive a welcoming experience that the customer will go to another restaurant for better service and that has the same type of food quality. The other area of determining when customers might choose a competitor of Black Angus Steakhouse is relating to price. The price measure showed to be an important factor to choose at any of the other competitors when prices on certain items are out of the customer budget range. (See figure B). GENDERAGECust.


53.5.  Is the Black Angus Steakhouse providing quality and customer satisfaction?The survey provided a sense that females felt that they were satisfied with the customer satisfaction of The Black Angus Steakhouse. The service from the waiters and waitress demonstrated sufficient customer service to female consumers that left a lasting impression. The female patrons felt more comfortable the Black Angus Steakhouse slightly more than their male counterpart.

The slight difference of finding Black Angus Steakhouse on quality and customer satisfaction between female and male components was the perception of how the quality of the food compared a competitor.  (Figure C). 0.6206897This is the Female % distribution out of total 181 individuals in survey0.3793103This is the Male % distribution out of total 202 individuals in survey1/3The years dining at BAS (1) by (F) gender % distribution out of total 181 individuals in survey2/5The years dining at BAS (2) by (F) gender % distribution out of total 181 individuals in survey2/7The years dining at BAS (3) by (F) gender % distribution out of total 181 individuals in survey4/9This is the tenure(1) by (M) gender % distribution out of total 202 individuals in survey1/4This is the tenure(2) by (M) gender % distribution out of total 202 individuals in survey1/4This is the tenure (3) by (M) gender % distribution out of total 202 individuals in survey0.2068966This is the % of survey participants  based on Age (1) of the distribution out of total 383 individuals0.

4827586This is the % of survey participants  based on Age (2) of the distribution out of total 383 individuals0.3103448This is the % of survey participants  based on Age (3) of the distribution out of total 383 individuals4.6444444This is the Mean Overall satisfaction by Gender (F)_(1) in the survey questionnaire4.1818182This is the Mean Overall satisfaction by Gender (M)_(2) in the survey questionnaireIf we choose a person at random from this database:4/9The probability that at random a person selected from dataset will be between Age 22_49 years old (2)5/9The probability that their level of Customer Service and Food Quality Satisfaction is 4.7 or lower?1/4The probability that this person will be a Male that prefers BAS more than a year?5/8The probability this person is satisfied with the restaurant brand is 6 or more?. Do any of the current marketing strategies need to be changed and if so, what modifications need to be made? Yes, the current marketing strategies need to express more customer service attributes to consumers dining experience.

The marketing strategy should focus on the written communication method that reinforces how great the customer service is at Black Angus Steakhouse (Pelsmacher, 2006). The current written correspondence and marketing materials for external means needs to be modified to encourage a sense of bringing a newer experience to The Black Angus Steakhouse (Hamel, 1996). AlternativesThe survey questionnaire was formulated to demonstrate the ranges of identifying the insight of what consumers feels towards Black Angus Steakhouse. The following is the questionnaire for a 383 sample based from 110,000 population:1.       What is the most important factor to you regarding a steak restaurant?2.       What is the least important factor to you regarding the service of the restaurant?3.       What aspect is least pleasing during your experience at a restaurant?4.

       How many times do you dine out to local restaurants?5.       What is the favorite menu item at a steakhouse restaurant?6.       Do you prefer to take out orders or dining in at a steakhouse restaurant?7.       Do you tend to react to marketing materials you are expose to by a restaurant?8.       Do you go out to dine at a steakhouse by yourself or with someone else?9.       Are you a male or a female?10.   Do you like to purchase meals at Black Angus Steakhouse?11.

   Do you enjoy eating a dessert at a steakhouse?12.   Do you eat out with a large group?13.   Were you satisfied with your latest experience at your last visit at Black Angus Steakhouse?14.   Will you be willing to purchase meal at an experience price compared to a competitor?15.   Does the prices of a steak meal at Black Angus Steakhouse too high to a competitor?16.   Does the price make you take a second look at a steakhouse?17.

   Do you like your dining experience at Black Angus Steakhouse?18.   Is the food quality at Black Angus Steakhouse to a satisfaction level?19.   Are the customer service levels at Black Angus Steakhouse better than competitors?20.   Will you return to Black Angus Steakhouse due to the last service received? Some tested questions were not able to be tested due to the time of year that the previous dining experience occurred that left a limited response. The pilot testing provided means fro females and males to provide a perspective to all three restaurants to answer some questions when the reality is the maybe only two out of three were visited. The alternatives for the management team at Black Angus Steakhouse need to revamp the marketing materials that will infuse a new aspect of a wonderful dining experience (Gill, 2002). The mailings that go out to residents in the area should be colorful and informative of dietary needs of the food being served.

This will touch on providing customer service by showing care to the need for eating healthy (Bryman, 2007). The consumer will have the needed perception of Black Angus Steakhouse due to focus of the dietary data presented in the mailings and menus that encourages returned visits.The management team at Black Angus Steakhouse needs to identify newer ways to demonstrate how to improve customer service in the restaurant (Burns, 2004). The service levels should be at the highest level for implementation at every area that employees interact with the customer. These interactions should include from answering the phone to take-out orders. The end results will provide a winning opportunity to bring in new and sustain customers to The Black Angus Steakhouse restaurant (Dibb, 2007).RecommendationsThe recommendations that are needed for Black Angus Steakhouse is to provide a newer look for sending out marketing materials to their consumers that encourages great customer service.

The servers need to be in ongoing training to focus on simple ways that have a big meaning of perception for delivering customer service (Kotler, 2006). The prices of menu items need to stay competitive that will stay in line to the current market and incorporate ways four coupon savings (Johnson, 2006). These immediate and long lasting strategies can identify the consumer base to retain their business. References Black Angus Steakhouse (2008). Official Website. Retrieved May 1, 2008 from http://www.

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