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Marketing Specificities  & Corporate Social Responsibilities of a Company Like Voxiva In Economy, Social And Environmental Domain.


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Voxiva is one of the top providers of practical information solution to strengthen health care systems, superior safety and government service delivery Voxiva provides services, which enable users to submit real time data reports to the system via web, phone, text messaging or PDA. Voxiva interface helps for data mapping and analyzing in real time. Supervisors can take the help of communication tools, which are used for send-automated alerts. Many municipalities use Voxiva Citizen Net for crime reporting and response and citizen support.


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Voxiva is one of the top providers of practical information solution to strengthen health care systems, superior safety and government service delivery. This company also provides several services which are used to monitor and manage infectious diseases, support major health delivery programs, enhanced patience monitoring and care, empowering management monitoring and evaluating of health and development programs and promote citizen safety and services. Voxiva provides services, which enable users to submit real time data reports to the system via web, phone, text messaging or PDA. Voxiva interface helps for data mapping and analyzing in real time. Supervisors can take the help of communication tools, which are used for send-automated alerts. Voxiva is also used for sharing key documents and information.


Voxiva provides many services for 24 hours a day 7 days in a week. So it’s customers don’t have to worry about it. Voxiva client are in huge amounts including health agencies in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the United States. This organization works with health and agriculture ministries and departments of health and local government in many cities in Latin America, the world bank, the US centers for disease control, the food and drug administration, the agency for international development the International Rescue Committee, the Military Vaccine Agency, the National Institutes of Health and the Program for Appropriate Technology for Health. Voxiva has operations in many regions such as Asia, Africa, South America and US.

Marketing Specificities And Tools Of A Company Like Voxiva:

Voxiva sells its various products in different ways. Voxiva health is dedicated to help strengthen the capacity of health agencies, Agriculture Departments and State & Local Governments to monitor and take action if the disease outbreaks. Like other Voxiva solutions Voxiva health watch provides it staff to send real time data through Internet or text message or mobile phone or PDA. Voxiva health watch have been using in developing countries such as Peru, India and Indonesia. US customers like as Washington, DC and San Diego Departments of Health also use it. Another service of Voxiva is health net which is an information management system which enables organizations to quickly make strong their capacity to manage major health programs such as AIDS, Malaria or Maternal health. Governments and international organizations and NGOs use it. Voxiva helps to collect real time data from field workers and health care staff and support two-way communications. Voxiva health net supports drug and critical supply tracking, program monitoring, supervision and training and lab reporting. It also provides an electronic record of patient data. The initial Voxiva health net known locally as TRAC net was introduced to help Rwandan government rapid scale up of its ARV treatment program. Under the control of Ministry of health the treatment research and AIDS center and the center for disease control, TRAC net is increasing the efficiency of Rwandan government HIV program and enhancing the quality of patient care. Voxiva CitizenNet is another service provided by Voxiva, which is providing local government with powerful tool to negotiate directly with citizens to locate and respond effectively to incidents such as crime or disasters. It has been made to fulfil the needs of the user to solve their problem. Municipal is also being more strong by using this service. Voxiva CitizenNet can be used for reporting crime instantly using the web and mobile phone and fixed line phone. Government to monitor reports in real time, make more accurate decisions and manage the response and track the results can also use Voxiva CitizenNet. The result can be described as more responsive government, safer communities and more engaged and satisfied citizens. Many municipalities use Voxiva CitizenNet for crime reporting and response and citizen support. It can be also used for feedback and municipal services and citizen polling and services and corruption reporting and access to government information services. In case of emergency incident such as pandemic it is very helpful because it can be used as a part of municipality’s response infrastructure.

Voxiva carenet is a service for helps the monitoring of clinical trials and adverse events and ongoing care of critical patients such as HIV/ AIDS, TB, patient can report on symptoms and other problems via Internet, email, PDA and in other ways. Voxiva carenet can be used for monitoring multiple patients and receive automatic notification via SMS and email when patients report some specific predefined symptoms. This system can also be used for sending automatic reminders, which are very important. Patient adherence, treatment and drug regimes are also very important feature of this system. There are many benefits, which are very important for this system. Closer supervision of the patients and reduced burden of the clinicians and reduction in costly office visits. It is being used in Asia, America and Latin America. This system is also used for vaccination and to support treatment for sexually transmitted diseases and it is also vital for high-risk pregnant women’s. There are also services for management of the organizations. This service is for strengthening the management, monitoring and evaluation of health and development programs in the field. Because of this organization serves many organizations around the world, it also gives scope to capture key program indicators from local, national or regional.


Voxiva Program Manager Service web based dashboard helps decision makers to check the status of the project and to make adjustment to existing program or initiating new programs if necessary. Voxiva Program Manager also supports structural communication back out to the field and it can also be used to monitor the security of the field staff. The GSM association and Voxiva have merged for mobile phone software that will help authorities and government to track and manage the HIV/ AIDS virus, avian flu and other diseases. Health workers in the area can use the mobile phone software to reduce the level of risk and send the data to central health authorities in real time. By using their handsets they can send data very quickly and stop diseases. Drug inventory level, patient treatment status and other key health information directly to Voxiva Health Management Information Systems (HMIS). This allows the officials to view, analyze and respond to the data immediately. The communication is two ways because health workers in the field can receive quicker feedback to laboratory results and treatment guidelines and possible quarantine requirements. The GSMA and Voxiva are running pilot projects in Rwanda and because of AIDS and in Indonesia because of bird flu. Up to date information is vital in case of the fast spreading disease. Mobile phone is the best way to get that vital data at once. With MTN, Voxiva and GSM development fund have completed the testing of the software. Because of the software is written in java programming language, it can be used in many mobile phones and people can send data via GPRS. If GPRS is not available then the health workers will be able to send the data via SMS and they can also order medicines through the phone. In the developing country mobile phone is more prevalent than from fixed line phone. Because it takes much more money to take a fixed line phone than from mobile phone. All over the world we can also see that there are huge numbers of mobile phone. Many people in some countries are no longer interested in fixed line phone because the installation charge is very high and it has not the mobility power. In the developing countries there are numbers are people are taking the mobile phone everyday. Voxiva is a telecommunication company based in Peru.

The US food and drug administration developed a web-based system, which is using Voxiva platform to monitor the blood shortage in the United States. Because of many drug centers in US was not connected to the Internet they used a mobile phone based system which will be able to track blood shortages. Voxiva pyramid platform is designed to take new technologies at the bottom of the pyramid. Voxiva pyramid platform is a very useful tool for those who need real time data collection and sending the data to different places via phone, SMS, web or phone. It delivers real time analytics and because of huge experience Voxiva offers comprehensive information management areas, which are vital and critical.

Integrated disease surveillance, citizen service, public safety, monitoring HIV and immunization and maternal health program, drug logistics is the areas where Voxiva are providing service. Voxiva also worked in the south of Lima in the Amazon to develop Nacer, a maternal and child health solution. It enables remote health posts and medical experts and regional hospitals. Throughout the developing world more than a half million women die each year from pregnancy and childbirth related diseases. In addition to this event millions of infants die within the first week of their life often the result for poor maternal care and other diseases. Many of these deaths are not inevitable. Voxiva gives services, which are special for any organization, and Voxiva provides a variety of services, which will boost any organizations power to serve. Voxiva takes the goal to provide better service and those services which business can rely. Voxiva offers gold and platinum customer service option.


Voxiva like companies can sell their products by market segmentation, target marketing and market positioning.

Market segmentation refers to evaluate each market segments attractiveness and selecting one or more segments to enter. Segmentation can be based on geographical for example dividing the market based on nations, state, regions, countries, cities or neighborhoods. Voxiva may segment the market based on countries. It may decide which countries should be served and which one is not. Another way to segment the market is demographic segmentation. It means dividing the market based on age, sex, family size, family life cycle and other variables such as income, occupation, education, religion, race, generation and nationality. Different aged people like different ideas and other values. Age is a major variable in demographic segmentation. Consumers demand change with their age. It can target different aged people.

Many companies generate different schemes for attracting different aged people. Age is one of the most important demographic variables. It is often very much-talked topic for a business. Different aged people need different services. And one who can serve the best is the leader. Gender is one of the demographic variables. Gents and ladies are often different in using different tools and their needs are also different. Income segmentation is another variable. Different income level person demand different things. Voxiva may use different plans to serve different income level persons. As someone’s income is higher he or she will demand more and if someone’s income is low then he or she will demand less. Psychographics segmentation is another kind of segmentation, which means dividing market into different groups based on social class, lifestyle or personality characteristics. Social class is an important factor. Lifestyle is the way people live so it should be under consideration. Keeping all this information’s in the head Voxiva has to sell its product. Behavioral segmentation is another variable concerning the segmentation of the market. It is one kind of segmentation where buyers are divided into groups based on their knowledge and attitude, use or response to a product.

Buyer’s knowledge is important in this sense that if buyer’s knowledge is low then buyer is not capable of taking the right decision. And if the buyer decision is accurate then buyer must contain knowledge of the product. Countries can also be segmented by economic factors. For example countries can also be segmented by population income level or by their overall level of economic development. Some countries have comparative stronger economy and some countries have not. US, UK, Canada, Italy, France, Germany and Japan and some other countries have stronger economy and selling strategy for these countries should not be same as for the selling strategy for the poorer economy countries.  Countries can also be segmented by political and legal factors such as type and stability of the government. A country suffering from political turmoil is not considered as good for investment because political instability hampers a business. So if the political condition is satisfactory then selling strategy should be implemented. Other factors are receptivity to foreign firms and monetary regulations and amount of bureaucracy. Such factors play a crucial role to select whether a company should enter into the market of the company or not.

Cultural factors are also used to grouping market according to common language, religion and values and attitude and customs and behavioral patterns. There are some requirements, which are used for effective segmentation. At first market segmentation must be measurable means the market size, purchasing power and profiles of the segment can be measured. The target market must be accessible. That means the target market must be servable. Substantial means the market segments are large and profitable enough to serve. Differentiable is another requirement for market segmentation. The segments should be conceptually distinguishable. Actionable is another requirement. Voxiva must be able to take decisions in the target market. After the market segmentation the company must take decision how many and which ones to target. This is called evaluating market segment. In evaluating market segments a company should look at three factors. One is segment size number two is segment structure and no. 3 is company objective and resources. The largest, fastest going segments are not always interesting for the concerning company.

The company must collect data and analyze on current segment scale and growth rate and expected profitability. The segment that has right size and growth rate is the best for the Voxiva Company. But the right size and growth is a relative matter. Major structural forces that affect long run segment attractiveness should be under plan. A segment is not attractive if there exists many strong and aggressive competitors. The presence of many actual or potential substitute products may curb prices and profits of the segment. The relative power of the buyer is also affective for the segment. If buyers are more powerful than Voxiva than they can bargain with Voxiva and snatch profits. If suppliers are powerful then the segment might be also uninteresting. Because suppliers can control prices and if the company objective and resources does not comply with the segment then the segment should not be targeted.


The company should research or test whether it can afford the services or not. If the company lacks the skills for the segment then the company should not enter into the market. Even if the company has the resources but the objective of the company is conflicting with the segment then the company should not participate in the segment. Only if the company is able to deliver superior value and gain advantage over competitors then the company should enter into the market. After evaluation then comes selecting target market segments. Target market is a set of buyer that is common in the characteristics to be served by the company. After evaluation the company must take decision of which and how many segments it will serve. Because each and every buyer has a separate needs and wants the company may choose to view each buyer as a separate target market.

However although some companies want to serve their buyer individually, most of them face larger number of smaller buyers and do not find individual targeting worthwhile. Then they look for broader segment of buyer. Target marketing can be carried out at several different levels. Undifferentiated or mass marketing is one of the ways. Using this strategy company decides to ignore market segment differences and target the whole market with a single offer. This strategies main theme is finding the common interest in the buyers and not looking at the difference. It involves mass marketing and mass advertising. But most of the firms like this type often face steep competition for this strategy because other companies may compete very well for the same product by serving the customers accurately. Next comes differentiated marketing, which involves targeting segments and serving them. This kind of marketing can be said as targeting at the bulls eye. By developing a stronger position in the segmented market often brings more profit and goodwill. And it also creates total sales increasing. But this strategy also involves more cost. It also involves extra marketing effort, research, forecasting, sales analysis, promotion planning, and channel management.


Concentrating marketing means using company’s limited resources. Instead of going after a small share of a large market the company goes after a large share of one or a few segments or niches. Through this strategy the company achieves a strong market position. Because of its greater knowledge of consumer needs in the niches and it serves and the special reputation it acquires. It can market more effectively by fine-tuning its products, prices and programs to needs of carefully defined segments. Serving the consumer accurately makes more loyal customers than from other large competitors. This kind of marketing can be highly profitable. But it also involves higher risk. This type of companies has to rely on specific segments. And if large companies want to enter into the market then problem occurs. Micro-marketing is another kind of marketing where the needs and wants of specific individuals are met and local customer groups include local marketing and individual marketing involves this marketing. Niche marketing does not concentrate on individual but micro marketing does it.

Local marketing means giving the service to the local customer group. Local marketing has some drawbacks because it can boost manufacturing and marketing cost by reducing economies of scale. It can also create logistics problems as companies try to meet the varied requirements of different regional and local markets. Voxiva has to keep in mind this information. Next comes individual marketing, which is the extreme opposite of mass marketing. It involves creating product unique according to the choice of the customers. When the company’s resources are limited concentrated marketing is the best.

The strategy also depends on the degree of product variability. The products life cycle stage is also considerable. When competitors choose the niche marketing then mass marketing can be suicidal. Not all brand differences are meaningful. Each difference has the potential to create company cost as well as customer benefits. Therefore the company must carefully select the ways in which it will distinguish itself from competitors. A difference is worth establishing to the extent that is satisfies the following criteria. Importance is the difference delivers a highly valued benefit to target buyers the product of Voxiva should be distinctive from the competitors. Distinction often becomes the key of success. Voxiva has to give superior services to sell the products. The product of Voxiva should be communicable and preemptive and affordable and profitable. If Voxiva wants to sell its product carefully then it has to concentrate in the market. A product is anything that can be offered to a market for attention, acquisition, use or consumption that might satisfy a want or need. Voxiva can divide its product level in three steps.


The most basic level of a product is its core benefit, which addresses the question what is the buyer, is actually buying. In case of Voxiva the core product is the phone service. Voxiva must first define the core problem solving benefits or services that consumers seek. At the second level product planners must turn the core benefit into an actual product. Voxiva need to develop product and service features, design, quality level, brand name, and packaging. For example Voxiva need to upgrade its service quickly. Augmented product means product planners must build a product around the core benefit and actual product by offering additional consumer services and benefits.

Voxiva has to classify its product and services. It can classify its product in consumer, convenience, and shopping and specialty product. Consumer products are those, which are bought by final consumers for personal consumption. Marketers usually classify these products and services further based on how consumers go about buying them. Consumer products are for personal consumption. Convenience products are those, which are bought frequently, immediately, and with a minimum of comparison and buying effort. This kind of product usually low priced and marketers place them in many locations. Shopping products are less frequently purchased consumer products and that product which are compared carefully on sustainability, quality and price and style. Specialty product is consumer products and services with unique characteristics or brand identification for which a significant group of buyers is willing to make a special purchase effort. Buyers normally do not compare specialty product.

Unsought product is consumer product which is either not known by the consumers or they does not normally think of buying. For example insurance policy. Industrial products are those products, which are purchased for further processing or for use in conducting a business. Thus the distinction between a consumer product and an industrial product is based on the purpose. If a consumer buys a lawn mower for use around home, the lawn mower is a consumer product. And if the same consumer buys the same lawn mower for use on a landscaping business, then the product becomes an industrial product. The 3 groups of industrial products are services include materials and parts, capital items and supplies and services. Materials and parts include raw materials and manufactured materials and parts. Raw materials consist of farm products and natural product. Capital items are industrial products that aid in the buyer’s production or operations, including installation and accessory equipment. Installations consist of major purchases.


The Marketer make product and services decisions are at three levels. Individual product and service decisions include product and service attributes and branding, packaging, labeling, product support services. Quality has a direct impact on the consumer. Quality should be described as customer satisfaction. Total quality management is an approach where all the companies’ people are engaged in the constant improving of the product. A product can be offered with varying features. The company should periodically survey consumers. Another way to satisfy customers is distinctive product style and design. Branding is a very important factor for the company. Brand is a name, term, sign, symbol, or design or combination of these intended to identify the goods or services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate those of competitors.


Certainly branding can add value to a product. Branding has become so common that there is hardly any thing goes unpacked. Branding helps producers in many ways. Buyer who buys the same brand knows that he or she will get the same benefit from the same product. Packaging involves designing and producing the container or wrapper for a product. The package include products primary container. Product line decisions are very important for a company like Voxiva. Product line decision is a group of product that are closely related because they function in a similar manner, are sold to the same customer group are marked through the same type of outlets and or fall within given price range. The major product line decisions involve product line length. The number of items in the product line. The line is too short if the manager can increase profits by adding items. The line is too long if the manager can increase profits by dropping items.


The company should manage its product line decision carefully. Product line tends to lengthen over time and most companies eventually need to prune unprofitable items from their lines to increase overall profitability. Company objective and resources influence product line strength. Another objective may be for cross selling. A company can lengthen its product line by two ways for example line stretching or line filling. Product line stretching occurs when company lengthens its product line beyond the current range. The company can stretch its line downward, upward or both ways. Companies located at the upper end of the market can stretch their line downward. A company may stretch downward. A company may stretch downward to plug a market hole that otherwise would attract a new competitor or to respond to a competitors attack on the upper end. Or it may add low end products because it finds faster growth taking place in the low-end segments.


Companies at the lower end of a market can stretch their product line upward. Sometimes companies stretch upward in order to add prestige to their current products. Companies in the middle range of the market may decide to stretch their lines in both directions. An alternative to product line stretching is product line filling. Adding more items within the present range of the line. There are several reasons for product line filling. Reaching the extra profit, satisfying dealers, using excess capacity and being the leading full line company and plugging holes to keep out competitors.  However line filling is overdone if it results in cannibalization and customer confusion. The company should ensure that new items are noticeable different from existing ones.


Product mix decisions are also important. An organization with several product lines has a product mix. A product mix or product assortment consists of all the product lines and items that a particular seller offers for sale. A company’s product mix has 4 important dimensions. Width, length, depth and consistency. Product mix width refers to the number of different product lines the company carries. Product mix length refers to the total number of items the company carries within the product line. Product line depth refers to the number of versions offered of each product in the line. The consistency of the product mix refers to how closely relate the various product lines are in end use. Building strong brands is a challenge for the marketer. Brand positioning can be any of three levels. At the lowest level, they can position the brand on product attributes. Thus marketers of the brand may easily copy by the competitors.


A brand can be better positioned by associating its name with a desirable benefit. Thus marketer can gain advantage over the competitors. The strongest brands go beyond attribute or benefit positioning. They are positioned on strong beliefs and values. Brand name selection is very important. A good name can greatly add to a products success. Brand name begins with a careful review of the product and its benefits, the target market and proposed marketing strategies. Desirable qualities for a brand name include the following it should suggest something about the products benefits and qualities. It should be easy to pronounce, recognize and remember. The brand name should be distinctive. It should be extendable. The name should translate easily into foreign languages. It should be capable of registration and legal protection. Once chosen the brand name must be protected. Brand sponsorship is four kinds. Manufacturers brand have long dominated in retail scene. In recent times however an increasing number of retailers and wholesalers have created their own private brands.


Private brands can be hard to establish and costly to stock and promote. Licensing is one of the works of manufacturers. Most manufacturers take years and spend millions to create their own brand names. However some companies license names or symbols previously created by other manufacturers, names of well-known celebrities or characters from popular movies and books. Co branding is the practice of using the established brand names of two different companies on the same product. Although companies have been co branding products for many years, there has been a resurrection on co branded products. Co branding offers many advantages. Because each brand dominates in a different category, the combined brands create broader consumer appeal and greater brand equity. Co branding also allows a company to expand its existing brand into a category it might otherwise have difficulties entering alone. Co branding has also limitations for example such relationships usually involve complex legal contracts and licenses. Co branding partners must carefully coordinate their advertising, sales promotion, and other marketing efforts. Voxiva can take partners to increase the service.




Corporate social responsibilities of a company like Voxiva:

The economic impact of a company like Voxiva in the developing countries

Voxiva is a company, which is affecting many countries and taking towards a sound economy. The economic impact of a company like Voxiva is very great. Voxiva has been able to increase consumer buying power and spending pattern. Markets require buying power as well as people. The economic environment has been changed in the countries where Voxiva has provided services. Nations vary greatly in their levels and distribution of income. Some countries have stable economies and others are not. Many countries consume their own agricultural and industrial output. These countries offer few market opportunities. Voxiva is helping these countries to raise their heads. At the other extreme are industrial economies. Which constitute rich markets for many different kinds of goods? A company like Voxiva must pay close attention to major trends and consumer spending patterns both across and within their world markets. Voxiva has been able to increase people income.


Now a days consumers spend carefully hence the trend towards value marketing is continuing. Rather than offering high quality at a high price or lesser quality at very low price marketers are looking for ways to offer today’s more financially cautious buyer’s greater value. Voxiva is giving the right combination of product quality and good service at a fair price. Voxiva should pay attention to income distribution as well as average income. Voxiva has some upper class consumers whose spending patterns are not affected by current economic events and who are a major market for luxury goods. There is a also comfortable middle class that is somewhat careful about its spending but can still afford the good life some of the time. And that’s not all. There is working class who must stick close to the basics of food, clothing and shelter and must try hard to save. Finally the underclass must count their pennies when making even the most preemptive needs.


Over some years the rich have become richer and middle class shrunk and the poor have remained poor. Consumers at different income level have different spending patterns. Some of these differences were noted over a century ago by Ernst Engel as family income rises the percentage spent on food declines. The percentage spent on housing remains about constant. Major economic variables such as income, cost of living, interest rates and savings and borrowing patterns have a large impact on the developing countries. Companies watch these variables by using economic forecasting. Businesses do not have to be wiped out by an economic downturn or caught short in a boom. If companies want they can take advantages over other competitors by using their resources effectively.  There are many factors that limit the spread of e health application in developing countries. Technology distribution and access deficiencies are two factors. Till now people are suffering from computer based information technology. Teleaccessibility, personal computer ownership, and Internet connectivity has not been common for many places.


There are other factors, which are also limiting the use of the economic resources. Insufficient telecommunications infrastructure, limited markets for information technologies (IT), high telecommunication tariffs, inappropriate or weak policies, organizational inefficiency and lack of locally created content are some barriers to the economy of the developing countries and Voxiva is trying to removing it. There also has been inequality of the utilization of the information technology. Poor telecommunications infrastructure, limited number of Internet service providers, lack of access to international bandwidth, limited wireless networks and affordable Internet access costs are affecting the status of the developing countries. Communication is must in case of the development and developing countries have not been able to make simple communication among them.


Most of the developing countries have not access to high-speed Internet connection. And their connection is very slow. So it has been a problem for them since their existence. Now days without Internet connection everything is very difficult and developing countries are suffering. For their volatile Internet connection, some nations cannot do their work soundly. Now more than even before we are all connected to each other and to things near and far in the world around us. Moreover we are connecting in new and different ways. Voxiva is trying its best to bring out the best of the developing countries. Where it once took weeks to correspond with others in distant places, they are now only moments away by phone or the Internet. Now we can examine the major trends and forces that are changing the marketing landscape and challenging marketing strategy in the new connected millennium.


Now markets are redefining how they are going to connect with the marketplace. The major force behind the new connectedness is an explosive advance in computer, telecommunication, and information and transportation and other connecting technologies. The economic boom has created exciting new ways to learn about and track customers and create products and services tailored to individual customer needs. Voxiva has been able to increase strategic planning of the developing countries. Each country must find the game plan that makes the most sense given its specific situation, opportunities, objectives, and resources. This is the focus of strategic planning. Strategic planning sets the stage for the rest of the planning in the firm. Companies usually prepare annual plans long range plans and strategic plans. Voxiva has been able to serve for the developing countries.


The Social Impact of a Company Like Voxiva In The Developing Countries:



Voxiva has changed society’s basic values, perceptions, preferences and behaviors. People in a given society hold many beliefs and values. Their core beliefs and values have a high degree of persistence, for example core beliefs and values are passed on from parents to children and are reinforced by schools, churches, business, government. Secondary beliefs are those, which are more open to change. Believing in marriage is a core belief but believing that people should get married early in life is a secondary belief. Marketers have little chance to changing core belief but they may try to change the secondary belief. Voxiva has never tried to change the core value. It has always tried to change the secondary values, which are impediment for the developing countries. Voxiva has been able to make a social network, which is very easy to use, and it has been working very hard to giving superior service. Voxiva has been able to satisfy the next generation by providing many services such as popular music group, movie personalities and other celebrities on young people hairstyling, clothing, and other social norms. People vary in their emphasis on serving themselves versus serving others. Some people seek personal pleasure wanting fun change and escape. Others seek self-realization through religion, recreation or the avid pursuit of careers or other life goals. Voxiva has changed some behaviors of the developing countries such perceptions, wants and other behaviours. Every group or society has a social culture and this culture influences on the buying behavior of the consumers. There are social classes, which mean relatively permanent and ordered divisions in a society whose members share similar values, interests, and behaviors. Buying behavior differs greatly for a tube of toothpaste, a tennis racket, a digital camera and a new car. Complex buying behavior is one kind of buying behavior shown by the consumers. Consumer buying behavior in situations characterized by high consumer involvement in a purchase and significant perceived differences among brands. Dissonance reducing buying behavior is a kind of buying behavior in situations characterized by high involvement but few perceived differences among brands. Another buying behavior is habitual buying behavior, which is characterized by low consumer involvement and few significant perceived brand differences. The last one is variety seeking buying behavior, which means characterized by low consumer involvement but significant perceived brand differences. Voxiva has tried and made necessary steps to change the buying behaviors.


The Environmental Impact of a Company Like Voxiva In The Developing Countries
There has been significant change since Voxiva has come. Voxiva has done some job by building relationships with customers by creating customer value and satisfaction. However marketing managers cannot do this alone. Environment includes lots of things like the company, suppliers, marketing intermediaries, customers, competitors, and publics and many more. The company Voxiva is an element in the environment. It has also suppliers and Voxiva depends on the supplier there are marketing intermediaries also. Resellers, physical distribution firms, marketing services agencies and financial intermediaries are the marketing intermediaries. Physical distribution firms help the company to stock and move goods from their points of origin to their destinations.


Customers of Voxiva are also important elements of the environment. Competitors of Voxiva are also important elements of the environment. There are many publics in the environments. Financial publics are those who finance the company and media publics include newspapers, magazines, and radio, television that carries news, features, and editorial opinion. Government publics are those who take government developments into account. Citizen action public is those who may question the rights of the public. Local public include neighborhood residents and community organizations. Large companies like Voxiva usually appoint a community relations officer to deal with the community, attend meetings, answer questions, and contribute to worthwhile causes.


A company like Voxiva needs to concern with the general publics attitude towards its products and activities. The public’s image of the company affects it’s buying. Internal publics are workers, managers, volunteers, and the board of the directors. Large companies like Voxiva use newsletters and other means to inform and motivate their internal publics. Demographic environment consist of human population’s size, density, location, age, gender, race, occupation, and other statistics. The demographic environment is major importance to the marketer and because it involves people and people make up the market. Natural environment is also very important for the company.


The natural environment includes the natural resources that are needed as inputs by marketers or that are affected by marketing activities. Marketers should be aware of several trends in the natural environment. The first involves growing shortages of raw materials. Air and water may seem to be infinite sources. But some groups see long run dangers. Air pollution chokes many of the world large cities. And Voxiva is trying its best to curb the pollution. The second environmental trend is increased pollution. Industry will almost always damage the quality of the natural environment.  A third trend is increased government intervention in natural resource management. The government in different countries varies in their concern and effort to promote a clean environment. Many developing countries do little about the pollution largely because of lack of the needed funds or political will. Even the richer nations lack the vase funds and political accord needed to mount a worldwide environmental effort.


The general hope is that companies around the world will accept more social responsibility and that less expensive device can be found to control and reduce pollution. Technological environment is perhaps the most dramatic force now shaping our future. Technology has released such wonders as antibiotics, organ transplants, notebook computers and the Internet. It also has released such horrors as nuclear missiles, chemical weapon and assault rifle. Thus like this wonders Voxiva is also giving extreme technology. Today in the developing countries mare fruit seller or the fish seller has a mobile phone. It has released such mixed blessings as the automobile, television, and credit cards. Our attitude toward technology depends on whether we are more impressed with its wonders or its blunders.


The technological environment changes rapidly. New technologies create new markets and opportunities. New technologies create new markets and chances. Companies that do not keep up with technological changes soon will find their products outdated. As they will miss new product and market opportunities. Political environment is very important for the developing countries. The political environment consists of laws, government agencies, and pressure groups that influence or limit various organizations and individuals a given society. Legislation affecting business around the world has increased steadily over the years.


Fair trade practice, environmental protection, produces safety and truth in advertising consumer privacy, packaging and labeling and pricing and other important areas included in the political environment. Several countries have gone further that the US in passing strong consumerism legislation. For example Norway bans several forms of sales promotion trading stamps, contests, and premiums, as being inappropriate or unfair ways of promoting product. Thailand requires food processor selling national brands to market low price brands also. So that low-income consumers can find economy brands on the shelves. Understanding the public policy implications of a particular marketing activity is not a simple matter. The cultural environment is made up of institutions and other forces that affect a society’s basic values, perceptions, preferences, and behaviors. People grow up in a particular society that shapes their basic beliefs and values. They absorb a worldview that defines their relationship with others. The following cultural characteristics can affect marketing decision-making. Persistence of cultural values shifts in the secondary cultural values, people’s views of themselves, people’s view of others, people’s view of organizations and people’s view of society.


Voxiva has been serving the community very carefully. Voxiva like companies can sell their products by market segmentation, target marketing and market positioning. Voxiva has changed society’s basic values, perceptions, preferences and behaviors. People in a given society hold many beliefs and values. Voxiva may use different plans to serve different income level persons. Air pollution chokes many of the world large cities. And Voxiva is trying its best to curb the pollution. The second environmental trend is increased pollution. . Technological environment is perhaps the most dramatic force now shaping our future. Legislation affecting business around the world has increased steadily over the years. Voxiva has the ability to lead the world with its power.


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