Last updated: March 25, 2019
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Marketing Strategies for Healthcare Organizations

In my community, there are a variety of healthcare organizations along with a variety of strategies for marketing these community healthcare organizations and services.

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One of the strategies used in marketing healthcare in my area are free seminars which are advertised in local papers and through mailings. These seminars usually include, at the very least, free beverages and snacks or even a lunch. Local individuals will sign in and receive free information packets and have time to chat with others in their community who attend. This is a successful strategy because the potential users are already congregated in an intimate setting, socializing in a positive atmosphere while interacting and getting questions answered on the spot. In doing this, I feel that the potential audience is already 2/3 in the door by the time they leave the seminar. This would be an example of a successful community healthcare marketing strategy.

Another marketing strategy which I feel is successful is when healthcare organizations cooperate or work alongside another healthcare group so they are already visible to another audience. The staff at this facility is capable of giving information and making referrals to the other healthcare organization so the audience already feels that this other group must be competent since they are being recommended by someone they already trust and is currently serving other healthcare needs they have.

There are billboards along the busier roads I travel in my area with pictures of the staff of healthcare organizations. I don’t feel this is a successful strategy because it has a long way to go from the billboard to one’s personal life to gain a potential user’s trust.

I agree with Howard Gershon in his article “Market Management” in the Journal of Healthcare Management where he writes of his “divide and prepare for conquer technique” which finds and addresses the needs of a population before the healthcare marketing for that particular population even begins (Gershon, 2003).

I feel it is necessary to start with a more intimate setting in marketing healthcare needs because healthcare in and of itself is an intimate service that is being provided.



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