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Selling Tools At Work Essay, Research Paper

Juice Stop: Selling Tools at Work

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The Juice Stop is a little local franchise of a big national web of shops. Juice Stop specializes in 20 four ounce, usage made frozen smoothies, fresh juices and healthy bites. Juice Stop customizes their blends precisely to the clients & # 8217 ; gustatory sensations. The Juice Stop is a quality goaded topographic point. The quality of the merchandise is what makes the Juice Stop experience memorable. The non-fat yoghurts and sherbets are made particularly for the Juice Stop from the trade name leader in frozen sweet & # 8217 ; s Edy & # 8217 ; s Ice Cream. juice halt has besides refined their juice preparations by continually run intoing with their agriculturists to guarantee merely the most lush fruits are picked to guarantee a natural high quality merchandise.

The Juice Stop employed four chief countries of selling to assist increase gross revenues. They were: advertisement, publicities, philanthropic gift, and promotion. In autumn of 1998 the Juice Stop was a concern that was losing money. The brake even point was around five 100s and 30 dollars a twenty-four hours to reimburse operating costs. Unfortunately the Juice Stop was merely doing about four hundred and 25 dollars a twenty-four hours, and hence losing money. December of 1998 saw a direction alteration and with it a alteration in the manner selling was handled. What resulted was seven hundred and ten dollar mean gross revenues per twenty-four hours. A simple alteration in scheme resulted in a extremely profitable concern. The most of import thing to see is the mark market of our merchandises. The market for the Juice Stop is reasonably broad. The location of the corner of 13th street and University Drive across from the University of Florida make it ideal to aim foot traffic from the university, including both module and pupils. Other marks are the athletic and wellness witting, every bit good as the local non-student population around Gainesville. The local non-student market is of import because in the summer the sum of pupils goes down by 75 per centum. Those doing the local population of import for summer net incomes.

Ad dollars for a little concern are limited and so taking where and when to publicize are of import strategic determinations. One of the first and most of import topographic points to publicize in Gainesville is the Alligator. The Alligator is the most read newspaper in Gainesville, and at that place aim audience is about entirely the University of Florida pupil organic structure, which is the same mark audience as the Juice Stop, therefore it is a extremely effectual advertisement tool. The Juice Stop chose to run a little two inch by two inch ad three times a hebdomad in the Alligator for 10 hebdomads at the beginning of the spring semester. Even though the ad was little, because of the big readership concern seemed to pick up as a consequence. ( See ocular assistance figure 1 ) .

The Juice Stop besides chose to publicize in a local life style magazine called Moon. Moon reaches the same mark audience but is more focussed on alternate life styles i.e. vegetarians and vegans ( people who don & # 8217 ; t eat any carnal merchandises such as milk or eggs in add-on to meat ) . Which makes the Juice Stop a great topographic point for them to travel. The ads in Moon were big half page ads and besides included a voucher in the ad. The response we got from the ad


was measured in portion by how many vouchers we received back. The figure was rather big, once more turn outing the ad and scheme behind it was a success. ( See ocular assistance figure 3 ) .

A 3rd advanced advertisement effort was made on the cutting border of the universe broad web. The Juice Stop bought a streamer on a web page called This web page was designed for college pupils, with chat suites, station boards and even personals specific to each college. Harmonizing to surveies the mean college pupil spends 3.2 hours on-line each twenty-four hours, to compose studies or look into electronic mail or even merely to surf the Internet. The inexpensive cost of the streamer was another ground for taking this site. The site charged by how many hits that page got. as a consequence you are merely paying for people who see the site and the ad. The web page besides printed five 100 tee shirts with our logo on the dorsum and distributed them on campus for free.

The 4th and concluding advertisement effort by the Juice Stop was a half page ad in the plan of a drama that ran from January 15th to the 31st. The half page ad cost merely 50 dollars and was distributed in the plan for two shows every night at the Student Center. The drama had six sold out shows and all in all the entire attending was estimated at over 19 100 people, all for merely 50 dollars.

Promotions besides play a big function in the Juice Stop & # 8217 ; s selling run to increase gross revenues. These publicities would be defined as interactive between the Juice Stop and their clients, non merely advertisement. Juice stops & # 8217 ; publicity & # 8217 ; s include the Student Advantage card, Gator Greenbacks, Juice Stop Dollars, Juice cards, and sponsorships.

The first publicity was the Student Advantage card, which is a card that is sold to the local pupil population for a fit fee of 20 dollars and provides them with price reductions at over 30 local concern & # 8217 ; for the remainder of the twelvemonth. The plan is free to take part in for the concern except of class for the price reduction. The price reduction offered by the Juice Stop was purchase one smoothy acquire the 2nd half away. This publicity increased gross revenues and did non impact net income because the pupils who came in had originally merely intended to purchase one smoothy, when they saw the Student advantage it persuaded them to purchase two acquiring the 2nd half off. While the net income border was non that of the first one it was still rather generous, and made the client feel like he had gotten a trade.

The 2nd promot

ion tally was a ad/coupon in the Gator Greenbacks. The Gator Greenbacks is a calendered good designed voucher book with over one-hundred and 50 pages that is given out free on the University of Florida campus. The ad cost two-hundred and 69 dollars to run and included one 50 cents off voucher which could be used up to five times. the Gator Greenbacks book guaranteed a minimal 25 1000 transcripts to be distributed during the summer term and a minimal 42 1000 transcripts in the autumn of 1999. ( See ocular assistance figure 3 ) .

The 3rd publicity tally was a combination one designed to aim the local market for the up coming summer off season. In concurrence with a Civitan contribution they agreed to give out Juice Stop dollars, which looked and were shaped like existent dollar measures to be used like regular money at the Juice Stop. ( See ocular assistance figure 4 ) . The 2nd portion of this publicity was the Juice Card which was a price reduction card which resembled a recognition card that was given out to local clients who came in repeatedly. Each clip a individual came in they received 10 per centum off their whole order merely by demoing the card. the card was given out merely to local concern people and module from the university, it was non given out to the pupil population. This was done to


aim the people who live in Gainesville to do them life long clients for many old ages to come. ( See ocular assistance figure 5 ) .

The Forth publicity used by the Juice Stop was puting up booths as patrons at two local featuring events. Which included a local karate tourney that had two hundred and 50 rival & # 8217 ; s. Juice Stop had a half page ad in the tournament plan and put up a booth at the existent tourney for four hours where they did one 100 and 50 dollars worth of concern. The 2nd local event was the NPC Central Florida Body constructing Championship. At this event we were allowed to put up a booth which did over two hundred and 50 dollars worth of gross revenues. We besides were given a full page ad in the plan for a one hundred and 50 dollar sponsorship. ( See attached ad. ) Both these publicities were successful and more significantly they were directed at our specific market section the wellness witting and the jock. The gross revenues entirely at each of these events covered our costs plus some, and so add on the exposure we got to our specific market, the publicity was a immense success.

Philanthropy was another of import tool to market the company. The Juice Stop believes giving back to the community non merely improves gross revenues it helps others at the same clip, doing philanthropy one of the best tools of selling. The centre of the Juice Stop & # 8217 ; s philanthropic gift is the Civitan Regional Blood Center. Juice Stop is an Ultimate Sponsor for which they donate 12s hundred dollars a twelvemonth to the centre. This contribution is revenue enhancement deductible because Civitan is recognized under sec 501.c of the IRS as a non-for-profit, charitable organisation. And, in return the Juice Stop gets many benefits. Civitan has about eight to ten blood thrusts a hebdomad. The Juice Stop & # 8217 ; s logo is on every jersey given out on the U.F. campus. ( Approx. seven thousand a twelvemonth ) . There streamer is displayed outside the Civitan coach. A Juice Stop Smoothie Lineup Board is displayed on the coach during the blood thrusts. A voucher is given to every giver on campus. And the Juice Stop is mentioned in all media publicities on and around campus, including ads & # 8217 ; on WYKS-FM/Kiss 105.3.

The Juice Stop & # 8217 ; s other philanthropic gift enterprises include the Shower-a-thon, Greek Week & # 8216 ; 99, and the Alpha Chi Omega & # 8220 ; Fun Run & # 8221 ; . The shower-a-thon was a local roller hockey tourney put on by the brothers of Alpha Epislon Phi fraternity. All returns from the tourney benefited Stop Children & # 8217 ; s Cancer, a division of the American Cancer Society. It took topographic point on March 21, 1999, and the Juice Stop logo was placed on the event jerseies for a simple contribution of 10 free smoothies. Greek Week & # 8216 ; 99 was a hebdomad long group of activities for Greek organisations which included three community service undertakings and the Greek Games which was an athletic competition. The Juice Stop Donated five gallons of fruit clout and received placing of their logo on the Grecian hebdomad jerseies. The Alpha Chi Omega & # 8220 ; Fun Run & # 8221 ; was a two stat mi run about Lake Alice that included the engagement of five 100 smugglers. The Juice Stop offered a sponsorship of one hundred and fifty dollars which went towards the tally & # 8217 ; s charity the sexual and Physical Abuse Resource Center house located in Gainesville. This contribution was besides revenue enhancement deductible. The Juice Stop besides volunteered to assist the College of Architecture by leting two group & # 8217 ; s of pupils to come in and analyze the infinite and analyse client and staff circulation lighting, colour, and design quality. The analysis was so reported back in a study to their professor.

Another sort of selling is promotion. The Juice Stop has received merely one case of promotion in the last twelvemonth. It was the picture of the wall painting on the edifice & # 8217 ; s 13th Street


side wall. The wall was bear since the gap of the Juice Stop, until the coordinator for the Girls Club of Alachua County Inc, started a mural competition. The competition & # 8217 ; s subject was & # 8221 ; Colorss of the World & # 8221 ; . local creative person Patrick Boner & # 8217 ; s entry won, and he painted the wall painting in August and September of 1998. The Alligator newspaper ran a half page narrative on the wall painting in a Monday issue. ( See attached transcript ) .

That concludes my analysis of the Juice Stop & # 8217 ; s selling scheme over the last six months. By advertisement in high circulation mercantile establishments and by aiming a specific market section the Juice halt was able to retrieve from a bad gross revenues tendency and rose to go a really profitable concern.