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I.         Overview

I write to you concerning the feedback on the use of direct mail as a promotion method in our company. In addition, this letter aims to provide information on the effectiveness of using direct mail so that we can assess and define future strategy concerning the appropriate promotional methods in order to reach the targeted sales volume.

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At first, I want to remind that what we do in promotion team is a form of marketing initiatives. To be specific, according to Laura Schneider, marketing is everything that we do to reach and persuade prospects. Marketing consists of the measures we use to reach and persuade our prospects including promotion. In this situation, we witness that all of promotion initiatives will cost our company that in turn will influence the retail price of our product.

For this reason, I want to remind you that we need to effectively employ a promotion method so that we would not waste our company’s resources and increase the effectiveness of targeting our prospective customers. In this situation, we should provide careful consideration to a number of different factors such as location, demographic detail, and existing competition of the prospective market place. This is done so to conduct marketing campaign effectively, which is a combination of advertising, personal sales, public relations, and sales promotions in a creative and cost-effective way to increase gross sales.


II.        Direct Mail Effectiveness

One of the greatest marketing tools is direct mail, also known as database marketing. This kind of promotion is so effective since a company deliver information/offering directly to customers or prospects although it has one obvious drawback: high cost.

According to one report, direct mail has a high “cost-per-thousand,” meaning it costs more to send message to a thousand people through direct mail than it does through television. However, this high cost-per-thousand can be offset by a much higher return rate.

Therefore, we should understand the major drawbacks the Direct Mail method poses so that we can define new ways of conducting Direct Mail initiatives more effectively in the future:


II.1      Drawback

There are some major drawbacks associated with the use of direct mail as a promotional method:

The promotion does not achieve targeted market since people we send the mail might not be interested to what we offer
The cost of conducting direct mail as defined at previous section might be getting higher since it takes more time to reach targeted customers and more time to find out whether the targeted customers intend to buy or product
II.2      Dealing with the Drawbacks

The following strategy will be used to minimise identified drawbacks

I, as a marketing manager, will gather all resources to ensure the success of direct mail at selected location
I also will set a budgeting plan so that the direct mail initiatives we employ in our company does not exceed our budgets
III.      Suggestion on Conducting Direct Mail Initiatives

In order to meet the requirements of conducting an effective direct mail initiative and to increase the effectiveness of direct mail, I suggest following steps:


III.1    Offering

In these steps we should consider following elements:

Use appropriate words in our direct mail so that it effectively introduce and promote our products
Carefully select targeted markets or customers and find out what things motivate them to visit out stores and buy our products.
III.2    Creative

Creative presentation is becoming one factor that makes direct mail become successful. This is due to people hate to be bombarded with he of promotional materials. Actually customer does not care about our offer, they just want to know what the offer will affect their life. Under such circumstances we should introduce our products that emphasize the benefit in a very creative way.


III.3    List

Take time to create list of people we intend to send mail and ensure that we separate current customers from prospects in order to trace what we have done to each type of customer. Such database, in turn, will allow us to create custom and personalized letters and labels that will enhance the probability of the customers to buy our products.


In the end, I would like to thanks to al your effort in conducting direct mail initiatives. Hope that in the future, the new suggested initiatives on direct mail will increase the effectiveness of the initiatives that in turn will provide our company with greater revenue.







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