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Marlow’s Realization

Marlow observed that Kurtz became lost in his exploration and curiosity that he lost himself. This became even pronounced when the Russian told them that Kurtz ordered the attack so that he would not be taken, tried to fake his death and then escape them by going through the forest.  At the end, Kurtz was brought back to the ship by Marlow and taken away from the jungle he considered home. Along the way, Kurtz fell very ill and he and Marlow talked of so many things. This perhaps made Marlow pity Kurtz since he was a man with a tortured mind with the many killings he had made along the command of terminating all savages, which at the end he came to understand. Kurtz died on the ship and left Marlow the photos, documents and letters that documented his journeys. He also left with the memory of Kurtz dying with horror on his mind.

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Marlow’s Character

Marlow was a good man who became burdened with the unnatural things going around him during the course of his work, like the colonization of his countrymen. He observed so many things that made him introspective and in search of enlightenment. What the Russian man said about going farther and going too far until he does not know how to get back is what happened to Kurtz and what Marlow also avoided. He returned to the ship with Kurtz and returned to his home ground where he began to face his future and saying that the past was too dark to tell. Here was a complex man who find no joy in sunshine but made an effort to preserve the love of Kurtz Intended by answering her question with a lie that her name was the final word on Kurtz’ mouth.  Marlow’s characterizes a man who became learned through his experiences and exploration, with skepticism and dark perception because he came to know more of what the others does not.