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Taken directly from the text:

Spears, Marian and Gregoir, Mary (2003), Foodservice Organizations: a managerial and    systems approach.  Pearson Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey.

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Instructions:  Using this Word document, answer 20 of the 21 questions below, writing in your answers in the space below each question.  Email this word document to the instructor before the beginning of Unit 7.

Based on Material from Chapter 1:

1.      Residents have asked for there to be more display cooking done in the dining room. How would each component of the foodservice systems model be impacted by such a decision?

The implementation of such request would have to be aligned with the General Manager and the rest of the nine directors of the Marriott-Fairfax.  This would mainly impact the operations of the food and beverage department.  Additional costs would have to be considered.  The staff would have to be reorganized.  And the food preparation setup would definitely change.  Specifically under the food and beverage department, we have the impact to the production system that handles preparation, distribution and service of food to the community.  The way the food is prepared and served will have to be changed.  Production in the kitchen will have to be moved to the dining room.  The staff will be following a different set of rules for the pick-up and serving of food.

Based on Material from Chapter 2:

1.      Residents have voiced concerns about the quality of the bakery products served in the coffee shop.  Develop a fishbone diagram of possible causes. Describe how the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle might be implemented as part of a quality management program.

PLAN – identify the problem and the factors causing the problem, set the objectives for the action plan and list what measures need to be taken to improve the quality of bakery products being served in the coffee shop

DO – implement the measures

CHECK – monitor implementation and evaluate if objectives are being met given the measures that have been put into place

ACT – assess the action plan taken and if patrons of the coffee shops are still unsatisfied with the results, make the necessary adjustments and repeat the cycle

Based on Material from Chapter 3:

1.      The Fairfax Food and Beverage Manager desires to add a room service menu. What recommendations would you make for items on that menu and why?

For a room service menu, it would be best if the Food and Beverage Manager include breakfast and dinner items.  This is because residents are most likely to request for room service during the mornings and evenings.  Why?  First, residents are required to come in decent clothing when they are to eat at the main dining room and for this reason they choose to have breakfast in the casual coffee shop instead (which does not serve food all day).  With the addition of the room service menu, they would have the option to have breakfast in the comfort of their rooms any time of the day without the need to dress up so early in the morning.  Second, it is mentioned in the text that relatives and visitors usually visit around lunch time meaning the requests for room service during lunch time is least likely.  And finally, it is also mentioned that residents prefer to have a light evening meal in their apartment or cottage which is exactly what the additional room service menu is for.  The breakfast and dinner select menus are the same everyday so it will also be an advantage if these are used for the room service menu as well.

Based on material from Chapter 4:

1.      Describe the food product flow at the Fairfax.

From the inventory found at the storerooms, food products are brought into kitchen where the main production area is found, separated into two sections, the other one being the serving area.  From here, food is brought into the waitstaff pick-up station.  From the waitstaff pick-up station, food can either be brought into the main dining room or a private dining room.  There is also a waitstaff pick-up station for food that is brought to the dining room.  Food for the healthcare center is transported in heated and refrigerated carts to be brought into the assisted-living dining room and skilled-nursing dining room.  Food for employees is brought into the self-serve cafeteria right next to the kitchen.

2.      The Fairfax has conventional and ready-prepared production as part of its foodservice operation.  Describe what might be examples of products prepared in each.

Conventional food includes food that are not chilled or frozen before cooking such as chicken and pork dishes.  These dishes may be pan-fried, grilled or boiled in water.  Ready-prepared food includes lasagna, beef stew, frozen vegetables, pizza and salads.

Based on material from Chapter 5:

1.      Describe examples of procurement that could be used at the Fairfax to help control food costs.

Solicitations for quotations may be used at the Fairfax wherein statements of price are given and comparisons of the quotations are to be done to determine the lowest set of prices.  Small value purchases are for purchases not exceeding a set amount.  Request for proposals from suppliers may also be done.  Single source procurement may also be an advantage to lower costs.

2.      How might the purchasing manager incorporate resident’s opinions when making purchasing decisions?

The residents are the main clients of the foodservice system.  Their preference in the food that they would like to eat is the primary factor to consider in deciding the menus and food production.  This would in turn affect purchasing decisions.  What the purchasing manager could do is develop a statistics of the ordering behavior of the residents and incorporate it in the purchasing plans.

Based on material from Chapter 6:

1.      Describe examples of production controls that could be used at the Fairfax to help control food costs.

Production controls that could be used include those already being implemented at the Fairfax.  These are standardization of recipes, which allows for the accuracy in calculation of costs, purchase specification establishment, which allows you to order the closest to the exact demand and efficient management of receiving and storage to keep inventory levels at bay.

2.      Resident satisfaction is important to the foodservice manager at the Fairfax. Describe how you might involve residents in product evaluation.

Management at the Fairfax may issue surveys to the residents regarding overall food service quality every specific period of the year.  They may also have feedback forms at the food stations or tables for immediate response from their patrons.  If possible, they may include a select handful of residents to be included in their Taste Panel board or at least establish groups of taste panelists to test new sets of menus every so often.

Based on material from Chapter 7

1.      Describe the types of service used at the Fairfax.

Different types of restaurant service are used at the Fairfax.  The Coffee Shop is where the atmosphere is informal and food is quick.  American service which is similar to the coffee shop wherein the food is already prepared in the kitchen, placed in plates and then brought to the resident who has the option to eat at the formal dining room, private dining room or the terrace.  The self-serve cafeteria service wherein the menu is fixed and meals are served a la carte or as complete sets with salad, entrée, vegetable, dessert and beverage.  Tray service is available for residents requiring service in their rooms.  Catering service is also available for special events.

Based on material from Chapter 8

1.      Develop policies related to food safety for the Fairfax.

Sanitation policies are already in place as well as policies with regards to storage of supplies in the inventory.  Handling, storage and disposal of all food served at the Fairfax are the primary concerns that relate to food safety.  Included in the policies should be those relating to staff personal hygiene.

2.      Describe sanitation procedures that should be followed at the Fairfax.

The Clean As You Go Program is being implemented at the Fairfax.  Mandatory sanitation and personal hygiene classes are also being held during work hours for all associates.

Based on material from Chapter 9
1.      Describe how the Fairfax food and beverage director might perform each of Mintzberg’s roles.

The management and direction of the food service systems at the Fairfax falls into the hands of the food and beverage director.  It is important that he is able to perform effectively his interpersonal, information processing and decision roles.  As figurehead, he is responsible for overseeing operations making sure that policies and guidelines are being followed more so at the Fairfax wherein several components make up the food services system.  As information processor, he manages the network of stakeholders (includes the directors, staff, suppliers among others) and keeps everyone up-to-date with developments and the latest happenings within and outside the department.  He is able to integrate external views with current internal operations and use it to leverage existing operations.  As decision-maker, his subordinates turn to him for judgment regarding changes and strategies that are to be implemented in the system.  These three roles should work hand-in-hand to be able to service and meet all the needs of the large number of residents of the facility.

2.      Residents at the Fairfax have voiced concern that the menu items being served are not the types of foods they would like. How might the food and beverage director apply Katz’s skills to work on this problem?

Technical, human and conceptual skills are all needed to address this problem.  First off, the food and beverage director should fully understand how the food service system currently works.  Given this knowledge, he would be able to work with the residents and gather specific information as to what changes the residents want.  He would be able to communicate to them if the requested changes are possible or not based on the knowledge that he has.  Having collected relevant data, he would now be able to formulate ideas on how he would go about addressing this concern.

Based on material from Chapter 11:

1.      Describe how the decision making process might be used by the food and beverage director to reduce the amount of food left over after the evening meals.

One decision making model that the f&b director might look at is the buyer decision processes.  For every time a resident avails of the food service, different patterns of behavior may exist.  The resident may either like or dislike the food he opted for.  If it is the latter case then the chances of having leftover food are higher.  Repeat the process for every resident and you will notice varying food preferences for every resident.  Of course there are other factors that will have to be considered such as hunger scales or time constraints.  But these information would suffice to develop action plans with regards to reducing leftovers after evening meals.

Based on material from Chapter 12
1.      You are assisting the food and beverage director with the hiring of a new chef.  Describe the processes you would go through in making that hiring decision.

The hiring decision would be a combination of objective and subjective reasoning.  First and foremost, the qualifications of the applicant chef would be considered.  Only short-listed applicants will be allowed to proceed in the hiring process.  This ensures that applicants are initially screened given a specific set of quality guidelines.  The interview process will allow the food and beverage director to further assess the applicants.  Informal interviews in the form of conversational questioning will also allow for the assessment of the applicant.  The applicant’s familiarity, experience and disposition towards the job are some of the decision-making factors to consider.

2.      You have observed on the waitstaff members being rude to residents. Role-play your meeting with the employee to discuss the concern.

A daily meeting is called between you and the waitstaff members.  You begin by stating that you have observed first-hand how the waitstaff have been interfacing with the residents and this is very inappropriate.  You ask for their reaction on why such event is happening.  You discuss the situation and declare the actions that need to be taken.  You reiterate policies and guidelines for proper service rendering, discuss expectations and set a period of observation for waitstaff service evaluation.  Disciplinary action should be made a positive experience for the waitstaff and this is made possible through coaching and counseling methods.

Based on material from Chapter 13
1.      Describe financial data you would want to examine and what indicators you would use to determine the operational success of the Fairfax.

Financial data that would need to be reviewed include payables and receivables, sales, gross profit, operating expenses and net income.  Indicators will include expenses exceeding the revenue.  If this happens to be the case, the business plan will have to be reviewed and redefined.

2.      Describe financial controls you would recommend to the Food and Beverage director to help control food and labor costs.

Financial controls that are to be used are the balance sheet, profit and loss statement and the cash flow statement.  The balance sheet will show the assets versus the liabilities at a specific point in time.  The most useful for the f&b director will be the profit and loss statement which details the revenues less operating expenses and cost of goods sold.  The cash flow statement details incoming and outgoing cash for each month of the year.  By having these financial reports, you would be able to assess the financial position of the department at any given point in time and change financial plans as necessary.

Based on material from Chapter 14

1.      Describe the primary competitors for the Fairfax

Primary competitors for the Fairfax include other health care centers within the vicinity.  Although services may be closely the same for all, residents are still looking for the best overall experience they can get.  This overall experience includes health care services, food services that involve good nutrition and amenities among others.

Based on material from Chapter 15

1.      Describe what techniques you would use to evaluate resident satisfaction.

Resident satisfaction may be gauged using the usual forms of evaluation.  The most common is through the use of questionnaires or surveys that the resident answers after a service is rendered.  It may also be through follow-up correspondence sent to the resident every particular period of time.  Another form would be through direct interviews or the creation of focus groups with the residents.  It is highly recommended that third-party evaluators conduct this form of satisfaction evaluation to ensure that the residents will not be reluctant to completely share their experience and satisfaction levels.