, Research PaperWithout Martin Luther, the Protestant reformation would hold still occurred because it was largely a consequence of societal and economic issues of the times. Martin Luther did hold a really of import function in the reformation, as his thoughts unified a group of people who all had the same types of beliefs, but needful way. When Luther, disgusted with corruptness in the church, published his 95 thesis he gave those who were uneasy with the church a common yarn which stated their beliefs, and gave them assurance to publically province their ain sentiments and organize their ain ideologyLuther didn & # 8217 ; t invent reformer thoughts ; he was merely the lone one bold plenty to state people what they already knew.

Without Luther, the reformation may non hold gotten turn overing the manner it did, but some alterations would hold doubtless occurred. Peoples still would hold been uncomfortable with corruptness in the church, and they still would hold done something about it. Without a leader like Luther, the church may hold been able to somewhat command the thoughts of reformers, but reformation is a portion of human nature, and there is no manner it can be avoided. Although Luther & # 8217 ; s motives were religious in nature, much of the rise of Protestantism was non. Common people did non like the tithe imposed on them by the church which took ten per centum of their annual income, and swayers didn & # 8217 ; t like the sum of influence the church had on their districts. Since the church normally owned every bit much as one tierce of the land belonging to a metropolis, they had an tremendous wealth that they paid no revenue enhancements on. This deficiency of revenue enhancement kept a good trade of income from the swayers of an country, and caused revenue enhancements on common people to be raised in order to counterbalance.

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Because of this, the church was in kernel non merely taking a tithe from its members, but it was besides doing their revenue enhancements to be raised. When swayers saw the chance to interrupt with the church and do their functionary religion Lutheran, they did so non ever because they deeply believed in the Lutheran philosophy, but so they could claim the church & # 8217 ; s monolithic land retentions for the province and do tremendous net incomes by selling or leasing the land to taxpaying citizens. By interrupting with the church, swayers besides eliminated any outside influence on them by the Catholic Pope such as holding the full district excommunicated in order to coerce the swayer into making what the Catholic Pope wanted. Besides, in state of affairss like the instance of Henry VIII, swayers broke with the church because they saw the chance to make what they wanted without apostolic blessing. Besides fiscal grounds, the sophistication and corruptness of church functionaries besides offended people. Members of the clergy often did non take as good religious lives as those to whom they preached. In add-on to the fact that reverends were missing in ethical motives, many were besides missing in instruction.

Peoples began to go fed up with priests who could non read or compose every bit good as the paritioners. In the yesteryear, priests had ever been extremely educated, but bit by bit the church began to take down their criterions for those who led ceremonials on a twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours footing. Peoples did non appreciate the fact that the church didn’t seem to care about its members every bit much as it did about itself. All these factors led to a societal misgiving and bitterness of the church which caused people to name for alteration.This alteration, irrespective of whether it was the consequence of Martin Luther & # 8217 ; s thoughts or society & # 8217 ; s, could non hold occurred without the most of import innovation for the reformation, the printing imperativeness.

The lone ground Luther was able to unite so many and derive so much support for his motion was that his texts were mass-produced and widely distributed. This increased public cognition of a subject that the church would hold preferred to maintain quiet, every bit good as increasing the intelligence of ordinary people. Had there been no publishing imperativeness, cipher would hold of all time heard of Martin Luther, he merely would hold been dismissed as another misbeliever.

Regardless of Luther and other great reformers, the chief ground for the reformation can be traced to one beginning, the Catholic Church. Because the church went so far overboard in seeking to coerce their beliefs and ways upon people, they created a great animus among the general populace. Besides, members of the clergy were so worldly and concerned with money that they did about anything to acquire it, including doing visible radiation of serious spiritual dogmas such as the sacrament of rapprochement, by selling indulgences. Had members of the church practiced what they preached and lived lives of asceticism and spiritualty, possibly the reformation could hold been put off for a few hundred old ages, but it ne’er could hold been stopped. Whether it had been Martin Luther or Jim Nobody, person would hold gone out on a limb and published their thoughts, get downing a reformation of the church. With a leader like Luther, who unified trusters in a common cause, the reformation hit the church like a ton of bricks. Missing any type of leader, reformers would hold been Rebels without a cause, and the reformation might non hold hit the church like a ton of bricks, but like a ton of plumes.