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It all began on December the first of 1955 , when a black woman , Rosa Parks, refused to let her bus seat to a white man, even so she was in the “Colored zone” of the bus , but still was given a penalty for it. Martin Luther King, a young black pastor , started a campaign and encourage the boycott of Montgomery’s buses, that lasted 381 days, this was the decisive point of the beginning of Civil Rights Movement. This movement has succeeded because of the Civil Disobedience, the Non-violent actions, and how the Constitution was written. Historically ” The Civil Rights Movements ” refers to the effort that African-American have put to abolish discrimination. However, since then, we saw all kinds of other movement, that have supported Human rights. Karl Marx said that “History of all society up to now is the history of class struggles” (translated quote) . The Civil Rights Movement in the US changed the world in a good way because it used Civil disobedience and non violent as ways to bring justice to all american.

The term, Segregation, is the process of putting apart people from different sexes, religion and races, in this paper we are interested by the last one. lets go back in the 1950’s where the racial tension began to exploded, a lot of black people started to move in bigger city because of the large amount of job opportunities in the industrial section. Thus, in the 20 century, it was common for white people to think that the presence of black people in the neighborhood was going to bring down the property and life values. It was pretty ordinary to have a such opinion because even tho the fourteen amendment said that all american citizen where equal , Jim Crow law of 1876, announced that segregation in publics facilities was mandatory. It means that people where “separate but equal” , however, education, housing, bank systems and jobs opportunities for colored people was not as performant than for white people, by example, financial school support was not even and for most of it , it was the white who usually benefit from it. Colored people had not the same rights for property, education, health, transportation, opportunities and vote.There was difference areas, restaurants, parks for each races. In many public places there was separation , like in the bus where the white people sit in the front and the others in the back . It was common to see sign where it was written “White
Only”, for job opportunities, hair salon, restaurants, drinking fountains … Howeverhe it would have never changed without the help of the Constitution.

In fact, the justice system has two sorts of laws. The first one, which are moral laws , such as perpetrating a murder is unmoral and forbidden by law, and it would never change. And secondary, neutral laws , such as economics laws which are constantly progressing over the years . The colored people used the content of the Constitution too fight for their rights. According to the Constitution ” All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction therefor, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”. That mean that “all men are born equal” and they have the right of Life, Liberty and Property within the Law. The activist used the fourteen amendment and Civil Disobedience to arrive at there end.

Civil disobedience, is the fact to refuse to obey to a law or to follow a policy that you believed to be unjust or unmoral. Civil disobedience activist proceed in a moral and usually in a non violent way. This process had been proved across history, in fact, through non violent act you can drag much more attention toward your cause, by organizing event such as marches, building occupying, strikes and more. The best case to show the success of civil disobedience would be the Montgomery bus boycott which last 381. After Rosa Parks had been told off, for refusing to let her seat bus to a white man. Matin Luther King a young pastor called for a boycott, the back people of Montgomery didn’t use the bus for 13 months. This action had a great affect on the civil rights, indeed the bus company had to do something because their income had decreased, and they had no choice but desegregated the buses, anywise their were going straight to failure . Since that boycott , Martin Luther King became one of the leader of the African-American Civil Movement. However, he was not the only figure of that movement, Daisy Baiths, the leader of of student movement was and will stay one of the most respectfull women , who fighted for the right of education for all teenagers, even though she hadn’t the opportunity to do studies.

Education is a really important period, that most of student has the chance to go through . But before its was legal for every student regardless of their race or sexe , people fighted and died for this right. Daisy Baiths, a worldwide heroines was not born to be, however she fighter for the right for colored students to have access to higher education . The little nine, they were nine student who joined daisy baiths, and on their first day of school in a white university, although all the campus was against their came, they walk i with they head held high. This event was one of those who had mark the spirit of the Nation.

We can testify that the non violent was a beneficial way to obtain are dues, and that it had a much higher affect than it would have done with violent movement (Malcom X) . the Washinton march in 1963 where the famous ‘I have a dream ‘ speech from Luther King was prononced, was a great success, 250 000 manifestant and a quarter of white people, had walked together hand in hand. However, even after a great success, how to change people mind who had always thought that black or African-american was a inferior race?

Thus, the world wouldn’t be what it is, without the African-American Civils Rights Movement, this cause had influence a lot of minorities in history such as the Chicano Movement and the Women Movement in the 1960’s and in our days the Homosexual movement who is getting more and more attention getter. Who would have thought that in 2008 an ‘African-American’, Barack Obama , Would have been chosen to ruled one of the biggest and powerful country on earth? However Racial inegalities are still hapening every day . Can you imagine how things would have been hapening if the White race had be the inferior race ?