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Master Harold And The Boys Essay, Research Paper

Master Harold and his Father

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Master Harold is really similar to his male parent. Although Harold likely doesn & # 8217 ; t want to go like his male parent, or think like him, he will turn up to be merely like his male parent. When Harold gets involved into statements, merely so does his male parents inherent aptitudes kick in. Although Harolds male parent is ne’er in the drama, we can larn a batch about him merely by Harold and a individual phone call. Harold inherited his male parents need for power and control, his racism, hatred, and negative attitude.

Harold likes to be in control. In Harolds household state of affairs, his male parents dominates his female parent. For case when Harolds father made up his head that he wanted to go forth the infirmary, and that? s merely what he did. Even though Harolds mother tried to speak him out of it, she made no difference in the concluding determination. This could intend that Harolds male parent is ever the 1 who? s in control, and his married woman merely looks after him and has no say in anything. In a matrimony at that place shouldn? T be domination. Harolds state of affairs is a batch like his male parents. Harold dominates Willie, and Sam. If you? re a retainer, of class your maestro is the 1 in control. But in this state of affairs Willie and Sam are more to Harold than merely retainers, they? re good friends, and in a friendly relationship at that place should non be domination. Harold does take advantage of the fact that he is Sam and Willies maestro. for illustration, if there is an statement, so Harold threatens to fire Sam and Willie and ever reminds them that he is the 1 in control. He is merely utilizing that as an alibi to win the statement and to turn out that he? s ever right. Now between Harold and his male parent, his male parent dominates him easy. Because of this Harold may desire to experience like he? s someway in control of something, and that? s why he treats Willie and Sam the manner he does. I think Harold loves Willie and Sam, like Harolds male parent loves his married woman, but because Harolds male parent is in control, Harold wants to experience someway in control excessively.

Harold is prejudice against black people. Though he may non cognize it, or might non desire to acknowledge it, Harold is racist. This is besides another manner Harold argues with Willie and Sam. He argues that because Sam is black he doesn? T know every bit much as Harold or can? t learn anything to complex. He besides argues that he is far excessively civilised and good mannered to be hanging out with black people who are nil more than retainers. Then once more this merely might be anoth

Er alibi for Harold to win an statement. For case, Harold intentionally told Sam what he thought was a amusing racialist gag merely to ache Sams feelings. Now this is a gag that Harold shared with his male parent, and this is how they spend their clip together, doing bias gags about black people. Harold became racist because of his male parent. Their racialist gags are the lone thing that brings them together. They make gags about people who are less so them so they can experience more dominate in society. It? s the lone thing Harold knows of to do his male parent happy. This besides means that Harold and his male parent Don? Ts have a close relationship and merely cognize each other through racialist gags.

Harold ever has a negative attitude towards things. There are few scenes in the drama where Harold has a positive and happy attitude. Though Harolds male parent is ne’er seen in the drama, you can state that he? s non a happy individual. Harolds father doesn? T truly function as a male parent should, this may hold affected Harold. He should pass more clip with Harold and seek to convey the household closer. If he even attempted this maybe Harold could alter his rancid attitude about everything. Harold International Relations and Security Network? T happy because he was ne’er truly close to anyone except Sam, and he feels apathetic about it because Sam is black. Harold would be better off if he was under the influence of Sam alternatively of his male parent because Sam is more of a male parent to Harold than his existent male parent. Even when Harold got mad at his male parent, Sam looked at the bright side and tried to assist Harold forgive his male parent alternatively of doing affairs worse.

The bottom line is that Harold should seek to go less like his male parent or he might stop up like him. Harold needs to avoid his hungriness for control because non everybody is in control of things. There are other ways of feeling better about yourself. For case fring an statement, you might larn something. Harold is racist because of his male parents influence. Like male parent like boy. Harold should seek to bask the last of his yearss with his male parent, because he might acquire to cognize him better. This will convey them closer together and do Harold happier. Harold doesn? T know or want to acknowledge it, but he is really much like his male parent. If he stays under the influence of Sam, so I think he will take on a much favourable life. Harold should besides get away the control of his male parent, stand up for himself. This might assist Harold avoid being to much like his male parent.