Last updated: May 15, 2019
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My goal in seeking a Master of Entertainment Technology degree is to create works of art in both traditional and contemporary media and technologies. There are many approaches to this but I have decided to carve a niche based on a personal theme. I foresee a strong focus on game graphic studies in the future; I think is an ideal field for me given my background in illustration. I am eager to apply what I have learnt during my undergraduate years and at the game academy and to explore potential new disciplines within gaming. This is the reason I have chosen this institution as the plausible avenue to get discover the benefits of these disciplines. For example, with a strong interest in and familiarity with both traditional and digital modes, I hope to explore creating a new hybrid media work, something unique in comparison to the modes prevalent today. Through integrating concept and method, I believe this “new” media work can improve audience interaction in unlimited ways. There is no doubt in my heart that this prestigious Entertainment Technology Centre would be a useful ground to further appreciate old media techniques, with a view to improving its apparently deficient aspects. This is not an attempt but an indwelling resolution to contribute to the volume of knowledge and innovations, while saluting the beauty of forerunners in the same pursuit for excellent entertainment productions.  I would be willing to learn a lot, poised to face challenges and stand for diligence at all times.




Having studied the applied arts relevant to the entertainment industry for the past seven years, I have long been familiar with the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), which was first introduced to me by a former instructor at the Game Academy in Korea. In my research of the program, I was particularly impressed with the ETC’s emphasis on classroom learning and also entertainment technology projects with other students. I think that working in the entertainment industry does demand not only individual work, but also cooperation work from many parts. The project courses, making real things that work and solving problems with others, would be a great chance to learn essential lesson and practical skill. I believe that working with other students would be a very effective way of sharing knowledge and experiences and applying classroom concepts with input from different creative perspectives, which would be essential to becoming a successful game artist. I am also attracted to the fact that the ETC maintains campuses all over the world, including U.S.A. Australia, Japan, and Singapore. Studying in different countries with various students would be an exceptional opportunity to share cultural backgrounds and experiences. I believe that cross-cultural experiences will foster even more creative entertainment work. I strongly believe that these studies and experience would be a great foundation to work as a game artist after graduate the ETC.