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IntroductionMattel was founded in 1945 bearing the name of its founders Ruth, Elliott and Harold Matson (Mattel is  a combination of Elliott and Mat) Initially the company manufactured wood products and later a foray into toy market which brought a recognition to the company.  Barbie which accounts to 80 per cent of the company’s turnover was introduced in 1959 which was massively successful in toys market around the world, and even today Barbie doll sales along with its accessories have a great market size among children toys market. The company’s popularity grew by Barbie doll which has  contributed to a large extent by its sales.  Other products of company include Hot wheels, Fisher price toys and American Girls Dolls. Others popular toys viz., Polly Pockets, Matchbox cars,  UNO Games and Power Wheels.Mattel is a public incorporated company listed in NYSE with symbol MAT.   The company is located in California recording Annual Net Income of $592.

9 million  in the financial year 2006.Barbie which was introduced in Toy Fair in New York in the year 1959, had the advantage of perfect marketing through the medium of television and especially on children television shows which increased the sales and popularity of Barbie dolls. Although ‘Barbie’ doll was heading towards success, Mattel company faced a several financial crunch and was almost on the verge of bankruptcy until an improved make of ‘Barbie’ doll was introduced into the market and the company never looked back.The popular quote of Barbie doll is “In every second of every day, two Barbie dolls are sold somewhere in the world”.  The company targets children as major audience for its products around the world. Children enjoy all the toys of Mattel company especially the Barbie doll which is acclaimed as a global doll for its perfect design and its accessories.

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Most of the girls of all age groups around the world would wish to be an owner of a Barbie doll as a matter of prestige and also to understand the characteristics of a perfect girl in dressing. Such was an impact that Mattel company made on children with its brand ‘Barbie’ which is certainly a great hard work giving goodwill and reputation for the company.The false interpretations or representations of Mattel company’s products such as that is now being implemented in UAE  are only for a short while and in the long run Barbie doll sales would continue to boost with the fact that, such a globally acclaimed product can never be against the interest of public which includes especially children.  The strengths and opportunities for the company still continue to be great in the product line of toys and dolls as Mattel is a six decade long-standing company in the toy market.The General Distributor of Mattel toys in UAE  is AL SHULA GENERAL TRADING who entered into an agreement with senior official of ministry of UAE to withdraw sales and marketing of Mattel toys due to the reason that toys and dolls of Mattel company carry a hazardous chemical causing health concerns for children whereas the specific reasons are not reported.ConclusionMattel company toys continue to be a selected choice for children which are neatly designed near to the liking of children. Toys of Mattel company are very attractive and carry a brand name of American Girls, which would continue to add company’s reputation in expansion of the company.

 The threats or false rumors seldom affect the  sales of the company, although business rumors have to be checked for all good purpose. .References Mattel – A Company Profile Accessed 9 September 2007 Mattel, Inc. – Company Profile SnapshotAccessed 9 September 2007  UAE orders withdrawal of Mattel toys Accessed 9 September 2007