It has been known that there have been recalls in the toys that Mattel had produced.

The reason for the recall was the use of lead paint in toys. According to New York Times issue August 23, 2007, there have been problems regarding the supply of the paint. Mattel was unaware that the paint that was given to them by the supplier Mingdai, Zhongxin and Dongxin contains lead. As stated in the article the paint suppliers were using false certificates to operate. Another issue that has been raised is the design made by the product designers of Mattel. In an article from the website, Angry Chinese Blogger, it has been stated that the products sold by Mattel has a faulty design. It had been stated in the article that the Chinese manufacturers were not to be blamed for the recall. Design flaws shown in the article was the presence of magnets in the toys that are small enough to be ingested by the children and the lead paint that had been used.

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In order to be able to seek out the perfect design for the new toys, Mattel must consider the different flaws that were found in the designs from Mattel. As stated earlier, the presence of small magnets and the lead paint that had been applied. In order to avoid designs like this, the company can adopt the use of wood as an alternative design for their toys. According to reviews from the website, a certain toy brand Pastel Toys are using wood for their toys.

In order to assemble such toys the parts must be put into place and if there are wheels or arms or other attachments to the toy, it is attached firmly to the toy. This avoids the possibility of having a choking hazard item for the children. In addition to this, the company has been using milk paint as a substitute for a regular paint that may have a lead content that is higher than standard. If Mattel would adapt such a design, they would be able to avoid the two obstacles that have been giving them trouble in the recent toy recall issue.REFERENCESBarboza, D. (23 August 2007).

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