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MBA Admissions Essay

It is said that education is the tool by which a man can carve out the path that he wishes to follow throughout his life. This is why I have always considered education to be an important fundamental part of my life. I have always strived to participate in activities that will enhance my brain skills and develop my mental abilities. By doing so, it is my personal belief that I will be able to succeed in anything that I choose to do in life. I have always done my best to excel in my educational undertakings because I realize that the chances I will have to advance in the business world relies heavily on my ability to stay abreast of current information and use that information to enhance my work image.

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Although it was a difficult mission that I had chosen to undertake while I was being educated in college for an Associate Degree of Arts in General Education, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Management, I knew that my sacrifices in the name of higher education would eventually pay off for me. It therefore did not come as a shock to the people who know me when I graduated as the class Magna Cum Laude with a grade point average of 3.71.

I have lofty ambitions in life that will best be served by achieving my goal of tucking a Master’s Degree under my belt in the coming years. To begin with, I would like to expose myself to the best professors and educators within the system who can further enhance the business theories and applications basics that I learned while in college. We all realize that because of the volatility of the business transactions these days, the formulas and policies governing business change directions like a blowing wind. Therefore, anybody interested in getting ahead in the business world must know how to read the signs of a changing economic tide and how to ride it out. The important principles are taught to us in college, but the actual application and discussion of current trends can only be done in a classroom full of your peers who are already familiar with these programs. Hence the need to complete an MBA program.

I do not plan to be an employee all of my life. I intend to start my career at one of the top accounting firms in the state and work my way up the management ladder there. After gaining enough insight into the business and creating a decent portfolio of clients, it is my intention to spin off into a tax and accounting firm of my own. Once I have laid out the foundation in preparation of owning my own accounting firm, it will be of the utmost importance for me to know how to make that business run smoothly and without losing money. Even though I already have the basic business management background, having an MBA will be even better.

This will be the culmination of all my lessons and classes and will result in my owning well managed firm that takes pride in being able to stay a step ahead of the competition because I had bothered to invest heavily in my education. That investment will help me in establishing my company as a leader in its field because people who are part of the MBA classes, either as students or professors, are most often the movers and shakers of industries who are more than willing to share variations of their trading secrets with others.  In other words, having an MBA will be a good way to create future business contacts who can help me advance my own business agendas in the future with their full support and confidence.