One of Mark Twain’s most popular quotes in literature is,  “We Like people who say straight out what they think — provided they think the same as us.”  I came to realize how true these words were while I was working at Blockbuster Video almost eight years ago. Working then as a CS Representative, my job required me to provide cashier and restocking services to the customers. As a restocker, I had constant interaction with the clients. Usually, the clients who ended up renting the video I recommend to them say they do so because they were thinking exactly the same thing.  Such experiences has led me to the realization that the real reason a business will either succeed or fail depends upon whether the services or products offered is something that the company can convince the client that they need or want. Usually, these people already have a preconceived notion of products and services, the sales talk is what actually closes the deals.

Such a quote can either get you hired or fired in the business world. It is true that modern companies consider their employees family and enjoy hearing feedback and working collectively on employee suggestions. From my experience as an intern at Capital growth planning, I learned that it is important for one to be able to give his clients an honest opinion regarding business ventures. As part of the investment banking department, I learned that the clients rely upon the investment bankers honest opinion and advice pertaining to their investments and undertakings. These are highly busy people who do not have time to beat around the bush and require people who work for them to simply come out straight and tell them what needs to be done and how.

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I live by the Mark Twain quote. But I need to gain  additional knowledge about the business world in order for me to live by my chosen personal quote. I am convinced that upon learning everything I can about business, plus the quote that has become my work ethic, I will become a big name in business.