Last updated: April 21, 2019
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My name is 000, I am 24 years old, and my interest in the Master of Business Administration program at this university is based largely upon the reputation of this institution as one that delivers a quality education with smaller class sizes and a strong student focus. I have always been interested in business as a career path, but my decision to pursue an MBA has lately been strengthened by my activities since completing my undergraduate degree. I currently work for the pharmaceutical company Wyeth, which is a large-scale developer and distributor of medication. My job is in the Human Resource Department where I work as a record specialist. Because this involves the handling the information of 27,000 employees, this has caused me to develop in my attention to detail, as well as in my understanding of the importance of confidentiality and integrity.

In addition to those qualities, I am also a very driven and ambitious person, who handles well the pressures and rigors of the positions or situations in which I find myself.By applying to the Smeal College of Business, I hope to enhance my chances of achieving the goals I have set for myself. I plan, in the next few years, to work very hard moving up the ladder in my current company. I am very interested in becoming a manager in one of the departments, as I have been exposed to the demands of such a position and find them both intriguing and challenging. I believe that an education at this university will provide me with the tools necessary to understand better the intricacies of business administration. I also realize that though my youth grants me less experience, it also means that I have time on my side.

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I have time to learn, to the best of my ability, the things necessary for me to succeed, and also to gain for myself the best education in the field of business. I know that I can be an asset to this school and to the business world, and I also know that this school can be a great help in enhancing my business and managerial skills. I am looking forward to a mutually rewarding relationship.