Me and a Guy Named Elvis  In the book, “A Guy Named Elvis”, (Schilling, 2007) written by author Jerry Schilling we are given an up-close and personal look at the life of Elvis Presley from the writer’s  own memories.  He shares much of his own heart with his readers in this book, and it is extremely interesting since this information is from a personal and close friend to Elvis Presley.  During many highlights of his life we are given a detailed and intimate look at Elvis’ days as a superstar from a friend.The author tells us that he was at a very young age of twelve when he first met Elvis Presley. He wasn’t aware at that time that Elvis would go on to become one of America’s most favorite singers and also one of his most beloved friends.

  Elvis was seven years older than Jerry Schilling at the time Elvis was playing quarterback in this game and also had already began his destiny since he had already had a song released that was currently playing in Elvis’ hometown of Memphis. The year was 1954 while Jerry Schilling, unknowingly was in for the ride of his life as he first began to witness the many glorious days of one of his nearest and dearest friends.Jerry Schilling shares with us generously about how Elvis wanted him close to him and he even insisted that he work for Elvis and he eventually moved in with his friend and had his own private room in Elvis‘ mansion at Graceland. Schilling shared many wonderful memories from his days of knowing Elvis and since he was even there when Lisa Marie Presley was born, it is quite evident that Schilling was probably Elvis’ best friend and one that he trusted more than anyone else.Colonel Tom Parker, we learn from the author was a man that didn’t trust anyone around Elvis Presley. It is quite evident that this man wanted to be in full control of Presley’s career and money and that even went as far as to get rid of Elvis’ first musical band; “The Memphis Mafia“.

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We are given the idea that Colonel Parker wasn’t a good friend to Elvis and tried to take and keep as much of Presley’s earning for his own.  Parker reminded Elvis of his career, continually while Schilling shares with his readers that Elvis enjoyed a more personal existence where he wasn’t the rich superstar but a normal person who loved to be around his close friends. Colonel Tom Parker was a businessman with money constantly on his mind which frustrated Elvis and made him very unhappy since money wasn‘t Elvis‘ first love in his life.Presley thought it was very important that he meet President Richard Nixon we can gather from the information that Schilling gives us, since he was extremely patriotic. Elvis finally met with the president at the White House in Washington D.C. where he offered his a handgun, which shows an example of Presley’s generosity as well as his enthusiasm at meeting with President Nixon.

Elvis wasn’t happy with the “hippie movement”  which was important for him to voice and he also desired souvenirs, we learn, including badges such as the “Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs” badge.Jerry Schilling explains that Elvis Presley meant so much to him throughout his life. He showed him how to have confidence in himself and how to become not only a man who knew and loved Elvis Presley but a man who would go on to do so much more than what he ever expected because of his association with the superstar and friend; Elvis Presley.  Reference PageSchilling, Jerry; Crisafulli, Chuck. 2007. Me and a Guy Named Elvis.

Viking Adult.