The thing’s that drives me in life is to fulfill my dreams and goals. Education is a means of learning new ideology and it empowers wealth because knowledge is been gained, it is a means of reaping what one sows or grow. I am motivated by seeing my hard work and struggles coming to a reality of accomplishments. I always procrastinate hoping to register for classes in the next semester but it took me 2 years before finally registering in a course. This is due to that fact that I have duties at work and have to take care of my family, but it took a little effort to get started.I got motivated by friends that had finished the program I had plan doing 2 years ago but not started yet. I always seek in learning as it is the basis for growth and knowledge is light.

I will want to be a volunteer for the Red Cross mission one day, to help the needy and those without shelter. My mission and goals are to be in the Public health career where I could diagnose symptoms for the sick and to prevent diseases from spreading to innocent victims and the poor.My strategy in accomplishing these goals is to enroll with the program and submit an application/ packet for the admission for a Physician Assistance (PAs) school next year at the University of Texas, Texas. I have three more classes towards finishing the pre-requisite classes required for enrolment with the medical school which is affiliated with University of Nebraska.

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My ultimate goal is to enroll for postgraduate class in Public health after the completion of the PAs program. Moreover, I will seek to understand, for understanding is the key to finding value, which ensures respect, decisions and fulfillments in life.