Registered nurses are probably one of the most important human resources in any health care facility. Turnover had been associated with job dissatisfaction, work environment problems, career shifts or misunderstanding with management. Hence, indirectly, turnover rates can be used as a predictor of an organization’s effectiveness. In the health care industry, the consistency, accurateness, warmth and care is largely dependent on its nurses and registered nurses are very difficult to hold on to.

Thus, hospitals desire to keep their turnover rates in its lowest possible value.To measure the effectiveness of Virtua, Our Lady of Lourdes and Genesis, the VHA report on turnover rates can be used. The RN vacancy rate for the 12 month period for Virtua is 9.15%, Our Lady of Lourdes is 5.2% and Genesis is 5.

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3%. This means that Virtua had more unfilled RN positions than the other two organizations. The turnover rates for RN in Virtua is 7.8%, Our Lady of Lourdes had 11.

5% while Genesis had 4.7% only. From this vantage point, it seemed that Our Lady of Lourdes had the highest turnover rate while the vacancy rate was the smallest. This would indicate that Our Lady of Lourdes had few open positions to be filled, but their RN’s leave them along the year in greater numbers.

Thus, comparing the three organizations, Virtua and Genesis have greater vacancy rates than turnover, they need more people for staffing and few of their nurses leave them. Hospitals also employ full time registered nurses as well as part timers. Full-time RN’s usually is employed only in one hospital, while part timers have more than one employer and works only in specific shifts. Of the total turnover rates for Virtua, full time RN turnover is 7.

9% while part time is 7.7%. In Our Lady of Lourdes, full time RN leave at 11.5% and part timers exit at 10.9% while Genesis had 6.

0% full time RN turnover rates and only 3.2% for part timers. The values show that in general, full time RN’s have higher turnover rates than part timers, but for Genesis, there is almost a difference of 50% in its turnover rates for full time and part time RN’s.Virtua, Our Lady of Lourdes and Genesis may actually have better compensation or attractive employment conditions for their part-time RN’s than their full-time RN’s which can account for the lesser turnover rates for part-timers.

In terms of effectiveness, Genesis probably will have a better ranking since it has the lowest turnover rate (4.7%) for registered nurses and that very few part-timers leave while full-time RN’s have greater turnover rates, it is still lower as compared to Virtua and Our Lady of Lourdes. ReferenceVHA East Coast Vacancy and Turnover Rates 2006