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Measuring the Effectiveness of Websites to Promote Goods and Services

The first step that a firm needs to be clear on before making a website to promote its products is whether it needs one or not? According to Barb Mosher, it is compulsory for any business in today’s day and age to have a website in order to stay competitive. Hence, websites are needed for effective marketing and also for increasing a business’s market coverage.

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According to Jack Cooper, a Bristol-Myers manager, management of the company implementing the internet strategy needs to be very careful. They need to go through every phase of this implementation with proper planning. Firstly, they need to motivate their staff to build a successful internet strategy. A firm can use multiple techniques to do so. For instance, they can offer monetary and/or non-monetary incentives, implement job enrichment and/or job enlargement techniques to show their staff that using the internet will help make their jobs more interesting and better paying (Client’s book name).


When a firm has finally motivated its workforce and they have been encouraged enough to develop a website to market their goods and services, it has to ensure that its internet strategy is successful. This strategy will only be successful if the company gets more business out of it. There are many ways of ensuring that a website is effective enough to attract customers. Some of them are given below:

The website should be available 24/7 and should use the minimum time possible to get downloaded. The measures for this feature can be percentage of time the site is running, percentage of time the site is overloaded, the number of dead links on the site etc.(Dennis List).
The usability of the site should be high, that is, it should enable the use to perform his required activities easily. This feature can be measured via success rate, time taken, user satisfaction etc. (Dennis List).
The site should be such that it promotes the organization to which it belongs. It should effectively develop a positive image of that organization in the minds of the site visitors. This feature can be measured by surveying target audience, asking visitors to leave comments etc. (Dennis List).
The site should provide what it promises its visitor. This feature will help win the trust of those who visit the site and will help gain business if the site is such that it sells products other than just promoting them. This feature can be measured through mystery shopping and surveying target audience (Dennis List).
The site should be cost effective not just to develop but also to maintain and retain. This will ensure that it continues in the long run because the company will only keep running its website until the cost of running the website is less than the revenues from it. The cost of making a website includes software, hardware costs and the cost of maintaining a website includes hosting, software licenses etc. (Dennis List).
Lastly, the content of the site should be designed in such a way that it shows up early on search engines. This can be done by using key phrases or search terms in heading tags, main page text, filenames, strong, underline or italics tags etc. (Measuring Up).
Using the above explained techniques a company can ensure that its website is effective enough to attract and retain the target audience and run profitably because if website effectiveness cannot be measured then problems will arise during its maintenance as the owner firm will never know whether its have resulted in success or not.


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