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Having over run generations, media is now almost omnipresent. Once the media has emerged and its becomes a part of our daily life. Media has given the impression of honesty and integrity towards the public, as a mirror to the world. To What extend do the media reflects the real state of the world? Nonetheless, some critics think the function of the mirror is blurred with all the new technologies and the new culture of the journalism turning the world of journalism its a head.

Does the famous quote of the former CBS news anchor Walter Cronkite – “ Our job is only to hold up the mirror – to tell and show the public what has happened” still stand nowadays? There are several aspects to ascertain. On the position of an anchor, which has possessed a solid platform that to tell and show the public what has happen. Reporting the news with rigour and integrity is prerequisite responsibility of an anchor. How reporters hold up the mirror which is showing the truth, reflecting the real status of the world to the public.

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Therefore, the mirror here is typify as justice and integrity. In this circumstance, this statement is mostly stand no matter its applied on either contemporary or prior generations of anchor. On the other hand, with all the new technologies merged with massive media groups. Instantaneity and direct reportage have transformed to the business of journalistic inquiry, and the profit-making oriented has much drawdown the media ethics. The question and the statement that I have mentioned previously is now more relevant than ever. From my point of view, the statement is no longer persistence.

In the following parts, I will ascertain the motive behind. Broadcasting journalism, which owns the widest and high exposed coverage in the globe, is definitely not just simply to tell and report the news to publics anymore. Journalists has to take the responsibility to educate publics also to make good use the power from itself to influence and arouse public awareness. It is extremely essential for journalists to understand that they are granted with the power to be surveillant for the society. The influences of what they might bring toward the society which is ways beyond their imagination.

With my aforesaid, this is not enough just to tell and show the publics what has happened, also required massive follow-up reportage. Those Follow-up reportage such as Friday reports unveil the ‘ugly truth’ of the Hong Kong society and making in-depth analysis. However, there are controversial opinions towards these follow-up TV reports are lack of ethnics and making things become more paradoxical. From the statement, mirror which implied the function of reflecting the truth. In facts, news is not ‘found’ and ‘gather’. It is ‘selected’ and ‘gather’ by the press and media.

For example, since the episodes about ‘the Hong Kong girls’ and “the Hong Kong boys” has launched. It has already became the endless quarrel battling between all the girls and boys of Hong Kong, which brings the dramatically impact towards the society. Some critics may criticize this show are over-framed ‘the issue’ and reporting the news unethically. From what we seen from this case, which journalist made the selecting and targeting interviewees intelligently. For example, they pick the right persons to represent the typical image of “Hong Kong boys ( Peter ) and Hong Kong girls ( carole, Lai Kit Ying ) ”.

Furthermore, the editorialist of the show invited the famous columnist Tao Kit who is a public figure and possess high social status to give provocative comment. Also, during the two episodes of Friday reports, journalist also randomly selecting some ‘on-street’ interviewee to give their opinion about the typically Hong Kong girls and Hong Kong boys. Most of them just giving out the impression of Hong Kong girls and Hong Kong boys without a second though. However, journalist attempted to use those self-opinion to stereotyping all the Hong Kong girls and boys in Hong Kong.

From the case, we can see how journalist to report and show the story what is about. Doing further analysis, at the same time, journalist used all the interviewees, voice tagging of the show to frame the news. The massage is being framed in certain angle, making the truth become more paradoxical. Finally, what a massive conversation blow up on the air against both sex. Obviously, the relation between media and society as we seen here is inter-reactive. Journalists know that they own the credibility from the general publics, therefore they all intends not just to tell and show the reality.

Sometime they would rather to create images that can triggers publics emotion and gives direction to general publics how to think. Without hesitation, of all the people who works behind the word owns the god given power to hinder or benefit the society by how they were reporting and manipulating the news. Furthermore, from the whole journalism aspects to consider, the statement of Walter Cronkite mentioned is not going to come into existence. Since the new technologies have brought a proliferation of the media. You may ask ‘What are the consequences of this? Well, the main outcome has been discovered that news is a commodity, whose sale and distribution can generate large profits. In former times the value of news moved within different parameters, in particular the search for truth. The market driven is simply distorted a certain degree of the function of mirror that represent justice. The function of the mirror is shaped and converted just to reflect a part of the truth hinder by the lure of money and market rules. Today all this has changed. The price of a piece of news depends on demand. What counts is sales.

A news item will be deemed of no value if it will not interest a large section of the public. It might have caused the professional crisis of being a journalist. Nowadays, the function of mirror have been scale-down, especially, when technology merged with media. News become infotainning such as NextMedia (apply Tv) and all the gossip magazine with the paparazzi culture are flocked in Hong Kong. The possibilities of story and news is being framed is higher than ever. It lead to the unethical news reporting issued towards the whole media industry.

Nevertheless, Why journalist has to retain a high level of professional and ethnic just to report the news to the world? Mainly, journalist is carrying the trust of the people. They are responsibility is not just to tell and show the world what has happened. They are also the mind constructor of the general publics. Therefore, reporting the news accurately and objectively is a must. Also they are having the invisible power that can bring justice for the society. Using and holding the mirror correctly is part of the truth value of being a journalist. Let us return to our initial question: do the media reflect the real world in which we live?

They do, but unfortunately in ways that are only superficial and fragmentary. We live in a paradoxical world. On one hand we are told that the developing means of communication have connected all parts of the planet into a global village; on the other, there is less and less space for international issues in the media. They are overshadowed by local news, sensational headlines, gossip, personalities and the whole gamut of news-as-commodity. To be fair, Most of the time these journalists work in conditions of self-denial and they do it with enthusiasm and a spirit of sacrifice.

They shun easy answers and a life of comfort, even to the extent of putting their personal safety at risk. They do this with the sole aim of bearing witness to the state of the world in which we live and the multitude of dangers and hopes that it contains. That’s why what we are always believes in journalists. Because they are not just telling us what has happened in the world. They provide the alternatives of the people of understanding the matter. Giving analysis and education to the general publics what is the value of the core of true news.