Research Proposal: The Effects the Media has on Celebrities and on American Society Imagine if you will that you are a young, newly discovered actor or actress. Your first major blockbuster hit was released a few months ago, and now you are considered a mainstream entertainer. You wake up in the morning and turn on the television, only to discover a smug reporter giving an account of your every move of the night before. Frustrated, you turn off the television and get ready to start your day.

You grab your keys, open the door, and see a flash. You open the gate and push your way through the crowd. Cameras rolling and flashes stinging your eyes, reporters pressure you for the details of your exciting life.

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You feel invaded, angry, and wish you could crawl back into bed.My research paper will address this very issue. Entitled, The Effects the Media has on Celebrities and on American Society, its purpose will be to inform readers of the negative effects of the media both in the lives of celebrities and in those of the general public. I wish to persuade readers to share my personal view on the topic. Being that, the media influences our lives by broadcasting speculations and the details of the personal lives of celebrities.

I want readers to realize that celebrities suffer in that they have no personal space. It is unfortunate, and often even their children are not immune to the rumors and publicity regarding the parents’ lives. A celebrity’s every move is recorded and judged, and by buying into such gossip and the intrusion in to the lives of famous people, our society has become far to curious and judgmental of others.

My intended audience is the vast amount of Americans who support the invasion of the   privacy of celebrities by watching and reading tabloid television shows and tabloid magazines. I want to educate them and to prove that no good can come of intruding on the personal lives of celebrities. I hope that I will be able to persuade these people to change the channel when these shows come on the television, or to buy a different magazine from the check out aisle. I would also like to reach the producers who make these speculating tabloid shows and magazines.

I want to prove to them that their chosen profession is harmful and unfair to famous people, and at the same time harmful to American society.As an author, my position will be that of an educated informant. I will take the side of the celebrities who live with reporters and photographers on their heels day in and day out.

My research will consist of both real life examples and scientific facts. I hope to make readers sympathize with the celebrities who cannot even walk to the mailbox without being bombarded with cameras. This will be a challenge since most Americans do not feel sorry for celebrities who choose to live a public life.

I will ask readers to put themselves in the shoes of these famous people that we torment. I will do this by educating readers by supporting my analysis of the topic with scientific input regarding living a life so publically and subjected to constant judgment. Next, I will look at the effect of the media on the public as a whole and how if negatively influences us, to illustrate that tabloid shows and magazines have negative effects on society. I will play the role of an anti-tabloid advocate of sorts.My preliminary thesis is: By living a life so publically open to judgment, and by Americans supporting such an intrusion into the lives of others, celebrities and society alike suffer greatly.