Media Player

Because of the technological advancement in the field of music and entertainment, many modern media players have been created which are capable of playing music in MP3 format. These players offer range of accessibility options, clear music, and user-friendly characteristics for the convenience of its users. One of the modern and most famous media players in the entertainment field is Winamp created by Nullsoft Inc. This entertainment program, particularly its latest version, is readily available through internet download as offered by its developers as a freeware. To download the Winamp Media Player, the following instructions are listed. It is recommended to use either the latest Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox for this process.

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Access the internet through typing the address of Winamp’s website ( in the internet browser’s address bar.
When the site is opened, an icon is noticeable in the top portion free download, click this orange icon to be directed to the download page.
In the download section, two options are presented (listed in the top right portion of the page) either to buy the professional version of the software or avail of its free version. To download the free version, click the middle icon among the three (the one saying GET BASIC) to initiate the download part.
After clicking the said icon, the browser will open the appreciation portion that is thanking the users of Winamp 5.35 (latest) for the download. A pop-up window will initially open in this part depending on the browser used asking whether to save the installation file. Click the SAVE FILE icon in the pop-up window and then direct its saving destination in the pop-up window that follows. After choosing the save location of the file or changing its name, click the save to initiate the download process.
If the first pop-up window prompting the option to save the file does not open, click the icon CLICK HERE, which is highlighted and underlined in red in the end of the thank you note. This will reinitiate the download request for the installation file.
After the download is completed, open the downloaded installation file in its chosen destination by double-clicking it to start the installation process. For IE users, the option to open the file after download can be used. For Firefox users, the file can be seen in the pop-up download box after the process is completed.
The first part of the installation setup is the license agreement, which the users must agree by clicking the I AGREE icon. Next is the choose components part wherein it is recommended to use the custom (the default or already chosen option). If the user prefer otherwise, click on the downward triangle beside the type of installation part to select other options then click the NEXT icon to proceed.
Next is the install option where the user can choose the other icons to install and the other medias to associate in the media player. It is advisable for novice users to follow the default options. Proceed further through clicking the NEXT icon.
This portion allows the user to choose where to install the media player, the most optimal location is in the primary drive (C:) which is also the default. To select other locations, click the browse icon. Afterwards, click again the NEXT icon.
Next is the setting portion, it is again advisable to choose the shared setting option (already selected by default). Click again the NEXT icon to proceed to the next, which is the language and internet connection setting. Choose the appropriate options then proceed through clicking the NEXT icon.
The final option is now presented which is the interface and skin selection. Read the details presented below each option and choose the most appropriate. Finally, click the INSTALL icon below to start the installation with the chosen options.
After the media player is installed, Winamp will automatically open for the first time. Answer the survey option presented at first whether to participate or not by clicking the appropriate icons. To test the media player, it is necessary to play or download an MP3 file to be played. For your convenience, an MP3 file to download is provided. (See “MP3 File” under “Attachments”).
Follow the download procedure similar to the previous download by following the pop-up window, choosing the destination of the file in the hard drive and clicking the icon to initiate the process.
To play the MP3 file after download, open its destination folder and double-click the file and the media player will automatically open while playing the chosen media file.