Define scope

Every medium borrows from others, at some point it takes on a momentum of its own. Print, film, video, and computers take somewhat different approaches to communicating meaning. Print relies upon the reader’s ability to interpret abstract symbols, while the video screen is more direct. Whatever the medium, however, thinking and learning are based on internal symbolic representations and the mental interpretation of those symbols.

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List of words

·         Media UK

·         Statistics

·         web and print media

·         influence

·         information,communication

·          Web design

·         Theories Redundancy/entropy/noise

List of related subject areas

·   Print media

·         Web media

·         TV + suttelite TV

Search engines, databases, catalogues

Internet search tools (general)

Alta Vista
FAST Search
Google Groups (search the news groups)
Ixquick Metasearch
Kvasir (Norwegian catalogue & search engine)
Teoma Search
Topica: Searchable Directory of e-Mail Discussion Groups
WebCrawler Searching
Yahoo People Search
Internet search tools (medical):

Alphabetical List of Specific Diseases/Disorders (MIC-KIBIC at the Karolinska Institute)
CHID Online (The Combined Health Information Database)
Clinical evidence
Cliniweb (Oregon Health Sciences University)
Cochrane Library – – – Abstracts – – – Database
Dermatology Online Atlas (University of Erlangen)
Full text journals and text books from EBSCO – Elsevier – MD Consult – Ovid
Hardin Meta Directory of Internet Health Sources
Harrison’s Online
HealthWeb (health science librarians of the CIC)
KIB databases (Sweden)
Medical Matrix
Medline Knowledge Finder (via
Medline Plus
NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (University of York)
NHS Direct Online
OMNI Clinical evidence
On-line Medical Dictionary
Pedinfo (A Pediatrics WebServer)
Research GP (search UK and Ireland GP department web pages)
TRIP Database
Webspirs BIBSYS (Biological Abstracts, PsycINFO m.m.)
Libraries, dictionaries:! Earth’s Biggest Bookstore
Atekst (Norwegian)
BIBLIOFIL-bibliotek (Norway)
Britannica Online
Databases at Bergen University Library
Nasjonalbibliotekets databasetjenester
Sk BIBSYS forskningsprosjekter eller forskningspublikasjoner
The Library of Congress
The World Factbook (CIA)
Others: (compare prices from online shops)
FAST MP3 Search
JUMBO (shareware, freeware)
Search this seClinical evidencerver
Stroud’s CWSApps (Internet Software)
SUNET (FTP archive)
Mystic’s Top Six Search Engines
Updated 7/24/98

Deja News
Provides access to what it claims as the world’s largest collection of Usenet news archives.
Multi-engine semi-parallel search interface. Searches logically through several search engines until 10 matches are found per engine. Allows use of boolean and proximity operators, we like it.
Hotbot claims to be the most complete Web index with 54 million documents. Lets you search for “all the words”, “any of the words”, “the phrase”, “the person” and “the RL”. Click the optional “Modify” button to further narrow your search to get more accurate results. Clicking “Expert” adds more than a dozen features for advanced queries. “Date” – constrains your search to a period of time, “Location” – limits your search to parts of the world or a cyberplace- “.gov” “.com” “.edu” and so on. You can return 10, 25, 50, or 100 results per page. Enter your URL and find pages that link to it. Powered by Inktomi – this one works, and works well!
Open Text
This is one of the best. Using “PowerSearch”, Open Text Index has no loose search problem, and descriptions are lifted from the page itself rather than chancing misinterpretation by a human reviewer. The user is able to choose “and, or, but not, near, followed by” for the search parameters, and tell the search engine where to look for the search words – “anywhere, title, summary, URL.”. This makes for a very flexible, and very precise, search engine. With such an exacting method of defining the search, if you can’t find it in Open Text, it probably isn’t there!
Yahoo matches your search-words to title (site name), and comment (description of the page). Only selects sites that contain all your search words, giving a very tight and useful result. When it doesn’t find a match in its own directory, Yahoo switches automatically to Alta Vista, and a looser search process – a nice idea. Yahoo has been around for a long time and probably is the most well-known internet search engine. But it appears the tremendous growth of the internet is leaving Yahoo to fall behind on keeping their directory up-to-date.
Web Crawler
WebCrawler returns pages containing any one or more of your search words. No explanation is given of what they search – it appears to be the whole page. Receive titles only or summaries, but the summaries seem to be random selections from the page and are most-times not very useful (an ad, for example, especially on shopping sites.) Titles Only results come very quickly and this is the best way to use WebCrawler. Even so, the results seem so random, their usefulness is questionable.



Search Engines
If its out there, AccuFind claims it will find it!
Alta Vista
A true search engine and searches every word in every document. They boast access to 30 million pages. They match some of your search words, not necessarily all, producing a few irrelevant results.
All Seeing EYE
Javascript all-in-one search engine from StreetEYE.
AOL.Com NetFind
Driven By Excite, one of the newer search utilities 7/98
Argus Music Searcher
Multisearch generator that uses artist names and/or album titles to return results from the web and usenet. Most major commercial search services are used.
BayNet’s Search Page

Beaucoup Search Engines
More than 350 search engines in categorized tables. Also in 6 languages, all-in-one searches, and forms.
Benjamin’s Net Navigation

Bigfoot UK

BigKid Internet Search

The Internet search page named for a cat.
Why search in one if you can search in all?
CID’s Search

Combines over 250 search engines. It will help you find any information on the Web–they guarantee it (visit the site for more details).
Control Panel

Cosmix Mother Load
Featuring “The Insane Search”.
A unified interface for several search engines that do resource discovery and in the Web.
WHAT CAN YOU DO AT CYBER 411? Search 15 of the top search engines with 1 query.
Dr. Webster’s Engines

The worlds search engines, categorized by country.
El Paso Infopage
One stop search engine.
Contains over one and a half million Web pages and two weeks of Usenet articles and classified ads.
A complete internet search tool for finding web/www documents, people, software, and usenet newsgroups with a cool interface. Search them all from one page!
An internet searching gateway designed to assist users in creating searches that retrieve a manageable list of useful results.

By W3COM division of Advance Enterprise Inc.


Go2net search


HelpnHand’s Page

Highway 61

HyperSearch Index
Find anything anywhere anytime! It’s a good site to bookmark because you’ll have tons of search services available to you in one convenient place.
I/spy News Search
Meta-search tool that allows you to search numerous news and public information databases on the Web simultaneously.

Index of Indices
Search the Net for web sites, email addresses, usenet articles, or software.
Search the most comprehensive collection of commercial information on the Internet!
Fast and accurate, InfoSeek checks every word in every web page. Use double quotations (” “) around words that must be searched together, eg.”business netiquette”. Capitalizing – eg.Search Engine Analysis – also makes InfoSeek search for the phrase, not the individual words. But InfoSeek does not search for page titles, they say, it looks at all the words in the document. Still, enter a page title and it often comes up first. Clear page descriptions are very helpful.
Infoseek Ultra
But Infoseek is looking to the future – you can now test drive the beta version of “Infoseek Ultra”, which is faster, more accurate and contains the full text of over 50 million webpages. According to the company, Ultra is the next generation of search technology, with speed, accuracy, currency and comprehensiveness unmatched by other search technologies. This means fast results even during periods of heavy traffic. (Supposedly, Ultra does 1,000 queries per second on a database of millions of pages.) They claim you can find any document on the WWW with only four search words. Spacing doesn’t matter, apparently- e.g., hard disk will match harddisk and vice-versa, and matches will be found regardless of inflection (e.g., mice will find mouse). Submit a new site and it will be added immediately, allowing you to search the internet as it is today- -not how it was two weeks ago. These are extraordinary claims – we’ll see if they prove true.

Internet Sleuth
Collection of over 1,500 searchable databases covering a wide variety of topics. Parallel searching allows the simultaneous search of up to 10 databases within categories.
IS Workgroup

iSearch UK
Search for anything from one easy-to-use form.
Features phone number, address, stock quotes, web sites, promotion opportunities and more.
Jack’s Search
Search all the biggies right from this page. Phone and stock symbol search, FTP search, Fed EX, UPS, Airborne tracking.
JavaScript Search Engine

Jayde Online Directory
Provides a concise index of the best local, national and international sites on the WWW.
giving Web users the most convenient way to locate, compare, and transact from millions of products across the Internet
L’ere Bete

LED Sign

Provides extensive access to many interesting and fun topics in this and many other catagories.
A new database search site that allows you to search for links
Link Star
Even though Yahoo! now searches tightly, LinkStar has an even tighter search process – It does no thinking for you – If you ask for the plural, you get plural not singular and vice versa “Businesses” does not pull up “Business”, for example. The search is done on page description, title, page owner’s name, city, state. A very accurate process that allows for no errors or omissions on your part. Linkstar is more a directory than a search engine.
LookSmart organizes the Web for you like no other directory. Actually, LookSmart is three powerful Internet tools in one: * Explore speeds you through familiar categories to help quickly pinpoint web destinations tailored to your interests. Whether you’re looking for the latest stock quotes, home repair tips, or the hottest downloads – if it’s out there we’ve got it. * LookSmart Search, based on the AltaVista search engine, packs the best searching technology on the planet. Type in your query and we’ll comb more than 30 million web sites and four million newsgroups for the answer.
Lycos Search lets you find a website, pictures and sounds, a road map, a city tour, stock quote, today’s headlines, or an on-line e’zine. We skip the simple search, and link to Custom Search, a powerful engine with options that turns a benign search engine into one of the best available. Custom Search lets you choose a loose match or strong match and points between. You can define Match all or Match any or Match any # of words (Match 2, Match 3, etc.), but even with Match any it usually delivers Match all first. Choose 10, 20, 30 or 40 results per page. Control the output with- summary results (titles only), standard results (a short description), or detailed results (long description). The option Edit Search, as usual, does NOT edit the results but starts a new search. Lycos continues to tell you the number of terms matched, but not which terms. For best results use Match any, a longer list than 10, a good, close or strong match, and detailed results. In a hurry? – choose summary results for faster response.
An online directory of reviewed and rated Internet sites. Thousands of new sites are reviewed and rated each month. Magellan’s search engine also contains yet to be reviewed sites (currently a million and a half). Magellan can be explored by topic, or by keyword search which has extensive and powerful options.
Mother of all search engines.
Matt’s Ultimate Search Page
Search any of the best WWW catalogs on the net. This page offers you a one stop link to finding all the info on the net you may be looking for.
MetaCrawler is a Parallel Web Search Service and differs from others in that it doesn’t maintain its own database – your query is sent to nine different services: Open Text, Lycos, WebCrawler, InfoSeek, Excite, Inktomi, Alta Vista, Yahoo, and Galaxy. Like HotBot, MetaCrawler tries to let you search a particluar country, and particular sites, but unlike HotBot, it doesn’t work.
Enter your search terms and choose advanced features like boolean operators just once — then search multiple engines without ever re-typing.
Mr. CyberGuide
A start point for a search to all your favorite Search Engines on The Web!

New Riders WWW Yellowpages
New Riders WWW Yellowpages has become rather inaccurate and slow – it acts quite dated in the face of powerful, recently introduced search engines. If no improvement is seen in the coming weeks we shall stop reporting on it. It appears to search site names, addresses, and the description, but the more keywords you supply, the more irrelevant the results seem to be. In fairness, though, as the name suggests, this is a directory of submitted material, not a web search. It works best looking in its database for site titles and URL addresses, or parts thereof.
North American WWW Information

Northern Light

Northwestern College SearchIT
Reference assistance, World Wide Web, Gopher, USENET, books, people, and FTP search tools.
Norway Search-engines
On this page you can access most search engines on the net from Norway.
Why search for it, when Point can Find it!
Robban’s SuperSearch
Search-utility written in JavaScript.
Savvy Search
Savvy Search is a search engine that queries many databases for you at once.
Search Central
A great place to start your search of the web.
Over 250 ways to search the Net. Online forms for most major and minor search engines. from c/net.
Provides a one stop search engine resource with over 150 search engines indexed by category.
Smart Bookmarks

File Search Engine
Start Page
From one form, search the top 10 internet search engines, news sources, businesses, dictionaries, movies and stocks. Also, submit your site to several search engines.
Starting Point

Sunday Paper
Search the Internet including the news groups via the major search engines from the convenience of one location.
Search several popular search engines with Java-powered service.
Thunderstone is an independent R;D company that has been providing state-of-the-art solutions to intelligent information retrieval and management problems for over 15 years.

Tribal Voice

UK Search Engines
(UK/Europe Edition) Descriptions, links and search entry forms for the major Internet search engines (UK/Europe).
The World Wide Web Wanderer Index
W3 Search Engines

Web 411
At the other end of the spectrum, is a small directory of 25,000-plus websites with an interesting search concept. Only the words in a site’s title and URL are stored. Thus, a search of one or two words is all that is needed to land a tight group of very relevant sites. Titles must surely be quite revealing – why call a site “elephant world” if it is about engineering? (Anyone who does, deserves not to be found!) Found sites on Web 411 are the really useful ones that get buried way down the list in others’ results. Search options are limited to “partial words” (‘medic’ gives you medical, medicine, medication, etc.) or “only whole” words. “Both page title and URL” is confusingly labelled, because it finds your search word in the title or the URL – (either or both – a true And is both only.) Search “Titles only” for best results. A very short list of websites usually results because of the extremely high relevancy factor. A great search engine if you want information fast and don’t want to browse the thousands of sites other engines dish up.
Web resource site, where users, both novices and experts alike, may find quality resources easily and quickly.
Feed your brain! free service designed for those that desire a fast, efficient, and pleasurable way to search and explore.
What’s New Too!

Worldwide Search Engines
Descriptions, links and search entry forms for the major Internet search engines.
World Wide Web Worm
Serving 3,000,000 URL’s to 2,000,000 folks/month, it provides keyword search from four types of databases:- citation hypertext links, citation URL addresses, HTML titles and HTML addresses.
Credit Information Resources
·         Equifax Credit Bureau

·         TransUnion credit bureau

·         Experian credit bureau (formerly TRW)

·         Credit Report Services From Yahoo

·         Veronica Gopher Search

·         Gopher Jewels (subject index)

People and Places
Top Five Listed First

·         AnyWho – People Finder

·         InfoSpace directory – People Finder

·         SwitchBoard – People Finder

·         WhoWhere? – People Finder

·         Yahoo People Search – People Finder

·         Acxiom Web site – Personal Info Directory

·         Bigfoot directory – Personal Info Directory

·         Deja News Power Search – Personal Info Directory

·         SmartPages directory – Personal Info Directory

·         Four11- Directory ServicesBest way to find someone on the internet.

Other Resources
·         Extensive List of Internet Searchable Resources

·         WAISes (WAIS search of databases sources)

·         The Clearinghouse for Subject-Oriented Internet Resource Guides