Medical College Admission.I have always wanted to study medicine because it has been my dream to serve the healthcare of the nation. I would like to make sure all of the people in the US obtain the best possible healthcare, while receiving the most advanced medicines and treatment. I want to serve the interests of mankind, therefore I have chosen a profession of a doctor.

I’m sure that my work as a doctor will save the lives of many, many people in future. I need to get the most advanced education in order to achieve my goal, and the medical school program is the best chance for me to obtain the skills which I need.I already imagine how much satisfaction I could get from working in the field of medicine, how much inspiration it could give me, and what outstanding results I could achieve when working there. Of course, before that there will be thousands of books read by me in the university library, nights spent when studying, difficult tests written, oral answers given, exams taken, and it will not be an easy path for success. However, I’m looking forward to going through that. I’m ready to face any trial when studying. I’ll meet every new difficulty with even more delight than the previous one because I will know that once I have achieved my goal, I will be able to work in the field which I have always dreamt of. I know that I will get my pot of gold in the end of the rainbow, and I’m ready to fight for it.

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My past experience makes me a perfect candidate for the admission, and the accomplishments which I have in my academic experience will both serve as a background for my future studies and help me provide the research which could be beneficial for work in medicine. I currently volunteer at my local hospital for ten hours a week, and this work gives great satisfaction to me.What can you expect from me as a student? What is so extraordinary about me that will make me a distinguished student except my great desire to study? Most importantly, the qualities I possess- good communication skills, high determination, great problem solving skills, broad mind, creativity. The list can go on and on.

I have a great ability to work in a team, good analytical skills, and lots of energy. Above all that, I have willingness and capability to achieve all the goals, ability to acquire new skills fast. I am very moral and religious. Since both of my parents are doctors, there is a strong family history of giving medical service.

Since childhood, my whole outlook has been built on the need of helping people. Therefore, only the best skills can be expected from me.All of my previous academic experiences have prepared me for my future career, and in many ways defined my final choice of becoming a getting involved into a medical school program. I’m sure the skills which I have acquired already will be very beneficial for the field of medicine, and I’m waiting impatiently to apply them.