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Mega-cities is usually defined as a metropolitan area with a total population excess of 10 million people. Mega cities can be distinguished from global cities by their rapid growth, new form of spatial population density, and both formal and informal economies, as well as poverty, crime, and high levels of social fragmentation.

Since 2001, there are 18 megacities such as Tokyo, New York City,Shanghai, Mexico City, Mumbai, Seoul and others that had population in excess of 10 million of population.Although the emergence of megacities increase the economic growth and social lifestyles there are, still have the advantages and disadvantages for living in megacities. The disadvantages of living in the megacities is that quality of life can be lower than smaller cities in terms of living spaces, higher cost of living, lower quality of public services and infrastructures. All of these are causes by the lack of mentality on certain people about pros and cons to live in the megacities. To them, livings in the megacities are all about the luxury without thinking the side effect towards them.Next, they tend to have a large gap between the rich and the poor. The reason for these, the rich people are always conquering the lower class society for their own benefits.

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Furthermore, not all megacities offer the safety surroundings due to the high population of citizens that make some of them unemployed which leads them to commit crimes such as robbing, kidnapped the rich people, killing and social problems keep increasing. In addition, the climate quality also getting lower which cause the citizens to suffer from many type of unidentified diseases.For example, the spread of Swine Flu H1N1 which is started to spread from the Mexico City. Firstly,if you live in mega-cities,you must to face such as air pollution in mega-cities, the term ‘air pollution’ normally implies a short-term increase in ambient pollution which is greater than would be normally expected as part of day-to-day variation. In their most extreme form, air pollution episodes are accompanied by physical discomfort, disruption of day-to-day living, widespread public fear, illness and even death.They, therefore, belong to the family of environmental disasters which includes floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, heat waves and large-scale chemical or ionizing radiation escapes.

At the other end of the scale, episodes may be no more than short periods during which pollution exceeds the usual range, unaccompanied by noticeable effects. The pollution is usually the direct or indirect consequence of burning fuel for transport, industry or domestic use, but may also come from other sources such as forest fires or volcanic eruptions.Episodes of pollution from the burning of fuel tend to occur not because of an increase in emissions, but because of stagnant weather conditions that impair their dispersal. Certain areas or towns may be prone to the air pollution episodes because of their particular topography or climate.

Secondly,you must to face such as traffic jams in rush hour, Traffic congestion reduces the productivity of urban agglomerations everywhere, but the consequences in developing-country megacities are greater.Not only is the level of congestion higher in developing-country megacities, but many of these same megacities create a major part of their national gross domestic products. Therefore, reducing urban congestion is a central element of economic growth in these settings.

Moreover, reducing congestion will also reduce automobile emissions and thus urban air pollution, which is currently a major health problem in most megacities.I think financial measures for demand management, which include increased fees for parking in congested areas, congestion pricing, and higher taxes on fuels, can greatly influence demand for private motorized transportation. Environmental Measures. Air quality requires serious attention in all megacities.

Eliminating leaded gasoline and requiting catalytic converters are the most cost-effective approaches to reducing automobile emissions. Additional controls on widely used two-stroke engines, such as timed fuel injection and catalytic exhaust aftertreatment, can significantly reduce emissions from these vehicles.On the other hand, the advantages for the people who lives in megacities is that they offer far more options in terms of culture, nightlife, restaurants, recreation, entertainment and jobs opportunity than the smaller cities do. Besides that, the modern technology makes the lifestyle of the people more comfortable and safer. Moreover, for the entrepreneur or businessperson, they can invest and find customers in the area and have no need to use multiple locations to find it. People, moving to a megacity is like giving them an opportunity to achieve their dream such as at Los Angeles (Hollywood).Mostly, the megacities are the place for the people to find the fame.

For example, the American Idol, the Apprentice for the business and popularity. Because of this thing, many people start to move to megacities for supporting their life. Moreover, if you live in mega-cities,you will have a good life and convenience such as houses in the mega-cities are generally provided with modern conveniences such as electricity, running water, telephones and all sorts of labour-saving devices. There are plenty of means of communication: buses, taxi-cabs, etc.

City dwellers have more means of improving their minds than countrymen: day schools and night courses, public and private libraries, lectures and exhibitions. There are many places in the mega-cities where you can get a bite or a drink: restaurants, coffee-houses, tea-rooms, bars and refreshment rooms, etc. Last but not least, the mega-cities provides its inhabitants with various sorts of entertainments, playgrounds and sports fields, public gardens, museums, movie-theaters, concerts.

In my opinion, living in the mega-cities can be a very exciting place to live and work. Because, city life has many things too offer from entertainment, convenience, and the people that life here. Many people grew up in the city and others are stuck in the city for financial reasons. I on the other hand got to see my little town grow up to become a major city. That is why I love the city so much, because I have lived in both worlds. There is nothing like living in the city, because to me if life was too quiet.In a conclusion, the words of “megacities” sounds fascinating and sophisticated that make people want to experience to live in it. However, it not really, as what we imagine it really are.

The megacities can provide anything we want but it depend on us how to control it. The reason is if we too fascinated with the life of becoming a megacities citizen it can cause us to stumble onto ourselves. That is why many people that move to megacities have to find their own way to keep surviving in the metropolitan area.