Last updated: April 12, 2019
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This memo is an elucidation of me where I state my experiences and objectives. It includes all the required information for the reader so that they can judge my skills and experience. A job offering based on this memo would truly be wonderful. Thank you so much for viewing my memo and I sincerely look forward to your comments.








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I’d like to be a proficient communicator. In other words, I’d like to expand my writing skills to a high business level where I can deal with major clients of my company in the most professional manner.
Finding colleagues who share the same interest as I do would help me take my goals further by discussing the resources available at hand.
I’d like to join a major corporation where my skills would be appropriately used and would like to have a competitive environment.
On an educational front, I’d like to have my MBA degree specializing in hotel management.


I am a certified computer professional by the CISCO organization. I am aware of Java and C++ computer applications. I excel in the Microsoft Office program and am currently learning advanced HTML programs for website usage. I make power-point presentations, EXCEL sheets as well as databases using the SQL language (Microsoft Access). I am studying graphic designing as well. I have been working on computers for nearly eight years now and have been updating myself regularly about the software and hardware market in the computer industry. I am also working on networking programs that would help in facilitating the connectivity of the internet.




I have my own personal laptop (located at home) and a desktop PC (at home, school and work); each with a 2 GB RAM and 100 GB hard disk space. I use Windows Vista and my processor is IntelDuoCore. I use Internet Explorer 7.0 as well as Opera browser. I have a cable network at home along with the wireless network. My internet download speed is 3MB/minute. In case either of them is unavailable, internet access via dial-up and cell phone have also been set up for any urgency that I may come across.




After finishing my high-school, I worked at a super market as an assistant manager by reference. Later, I worked a year for a restaurant where I was responsible for looking after the restaurant and taking orders from my customers. Apart from this, I plan to do my internship after my graduation that would help me with my work experience.




I wrote for my high school magazine, mainly on students and teachers in my campus. I had written four articles, as a part of my training for a magazine publication, part-time. I can write reports, essays, fiction stories as well as business articles.




I took an e-course from BSY group (UK) in freelance journalism. I was given an A-grade for good writing skills. I am confident regarding my writing skills but I am not a professional. In the field of writing, I’d like to improve my Business English and letter writing skills as they would prove to be a big asset in my career as a hotel manager wherein I would be dealing with my clients.


** It would be a pleasure to work with any organization that would offer a place for my skills. Thank you so much for going through my memo and I look forward to hear from you**