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The memo’s purpose is fairly obvious from the subject, “Charles Research Conference.” The reader is immediately aware that this will have something to do with the conference. The memo is direct to the point, and probably would not require a second reading. The memo has two purposes: to summarize the topics covered in the conference, and to give out the directive that the topic of SiALON as a substitute for Si3N4 should be pursued.;The tone is no-nonsense and straightforward, almost without room for any ambiguity. There is, however, a little irrelevant information in list items 2 and 3 on where the speakers came from.

List item 3 also starts with an unqualified “one of the most interesting topics was….”;Because of the number of topics tackled in the conference, the presentation of information in a list format is appropriate. However, there is room for improvement in the presentation of information. Most importantly, the list numbering should be changed.;The reader is being asked to pursue the topic of SiALON as a substitute for Si3N4. This directive is presented at the very last, upon which the memo immediately concludes.

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It may be better to present this directive at the beginning, and repeat it at the end for emphasis.;Diversified Chemicals, Inc.MemoDate: June 1, 2004To: R. MartinsFrom:Subject: Charles Research Conference (Summary and Follow-up);The subject of the Charles Research Conference was high-temperature dry corrosion of different materials, particularly metals and ceramics. A particular topic of importance is the potential of SiALON as an inexpensive substitute for Si3N4.;Some topics of note were:;1. Thin film formation and growth on metal surfaces.

The focus here was the study of oxidation and corrosion by spectroscopy.2. The use of microscopy to study the microstructure of thick film formation on metals and alloys.

3  Hot corrosion and erosion.4. Future research directions for high-temperature dry corrosion.

This was discussed from five viewpoints:a. university researchb. government researchc. industry researchd.

European industry researche. European government research5. Corrosion of ceramics, especially the oxidation of Si3N4.

One paper also dealt with the formation of SiALON, which could be an inexpensive substitute for Si3N4.;The possibility of using SiALON as a substitute for Si3N4 should be pursued.;