Memoirs of a Geisha is a brilliant movie depicting the life of a Geisha with all the hardships and joys in living that lifestyle. The central character, Chiyo, is a young girl who starts out in a fishing village, but is later transformed into what is known as a Geisha. The movie shows a wide variety of astonishing scenes showing each stage of what Chiyo goes through to become a Geisha. In each setting, the movie shows what is an awesome array of trees, buildings and people that were thought to be prominent in that time period. The settings in this movie are one of the things that stand out the most. For example, the teahouses were done in such a way to make it believable for that particular time period. Another wonderful thing about this movie was the way they showed the struggle of a Geisha and the learning process one had to go through to become a Geisha.

The learning process of a Geisha was shown in this movie in great detail, especially with the customs for the Geisha. Each custom was shown specifically for which level or standing the particular Geisha was at. The customs was one of the main focal point of the movie that struck attention. The kimonos were beautiful in themselves and the material was just wonderful to see on the characters. In making the customs as they did, allowed others to be able to see what a Geisha might have to wear or endure to wear for this particular trade. The customs could also, be seen when they would have to perform tea ceremonies in the movie and showed how at times it was difficult to move with them. The struggle to a learning Geisha was shown in somewhat more detail in certain areas of the movie than others.

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The struggle to learn how to be a Geisha was one of the main themes of the movie and one the movie showed magnificently. Chiyo was shown as a confused, yet very strong woman character of the film. The hardships she endured to end up in the Geisha lifestyle were many, such as dealing with other woman who was jealous of the new found attention she had received. In dealing with all these new things, Chiyo was shown as a character that was dealing with things the best she could at the time and managed to make it out of it with experience of life. The Memoirs of a Geisha movie was by far not only a wonderful film, but one that could be watched over and over again.