For the centuries the history of mankind has been developing in such a way that the leading role in it was played by males. There even was a received opinion that a woman cannot and should not figure in the social life. Only with the modern times women received their lawful suffrage in making political decisions.

Since then woman’s role in society has surged forward. Nowadays women do not strive to play by the men’s rules. Instead, they created new rules.

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They demonstrated their own unique abilities to achieve great results and there are plenty of bright examples like Golda Meier, Margaret Thatcher Indirha Gandhi and many others. Each of these women had her individual features though it cannot be denied that all of them possessed common traits. Specifically, all of them believed strongly in themselves.

These national leaders knew they can accomplish anything they set their mind to. If the environment they were in was not letting them flourish, they knew it was time to move on to a more supportive environment. Now the other women who also are willing to achieve success have figured it out. They understand that “knowledge is only potential power”, and that “action is true power”.

(Johnson, 2003) I think that the resoluteness in making decision is exactly that thing that helped them to be successful. One cannot assert that they gained acknowledgment only in their carrier as not the carrier was their aim. Their aim was the solution of urgent social problems, and as it later turned out, only they could do it. If consider men and women generally, one may notice that women approach leadership positions in an entirely different manner than the men do. Some of the researches I’ve gone through indicate that women are very good at consensus building, but they tend not to be as prone to power plays. “They are good at bringing people together and helping bridge groups with divergent views to help them arrive at a consensus.” (Boulard, 1999) Women who have determined the leadership roles as their sole goal have to keep on concentrated and clear a path for success.

 The close observation of these women’s lives taught me that if you believe it, you can achieve it. The belief makes your strengths double in reaching the goal. If you are a true believer there will always be people who follow you.

Though it is important not to force your views upon others but try to make these views to be theirs. With enough desire and focused effort – the aim will be achieved. References:  Golda Meir Bio. 1898-1978 Colliers CD Ency. Retrieved Oct 18, 2006 from, Paul (2003) Margaret Thatcher Retrieved Oct 18, 2006 from, Garry (1999) Women as Leaders: Vive la Difference Retrieved Oct 18, 2006 from