Last updated: June 15, 2019
Topic: Health
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To the dean:

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Good day. I am (state name here). I am currently a student of (state major here) in the university. Currently, my course load consists of three courses. However, I would like to request for this to be reduced to only two.

This request is due to my recently discovered medical issues that are affecting my academics. In late February of this year, I experienced an extreme pain in my lower back. I went to Christiana Hospital to have it checked and I was advised to undergo a spinal tap procedure. This procedure was needed to diagnose if I was having meningitis. One week after this procedure, the pain in my back flared-up again. This time, the back pain came with a headache and I was not able to move my neck. I experienced these symptoms for two weeks.

To make matters worse, I also developed hemorrhoids. I became worried and feared that these symptoms were indications of a serious medical problem so I traveled to Texas to see my regular doctor. My father was also worried for my health and advised that I return to Texas immediately. When I had my blood tested by my doctor, I was informed that the results were not normal. My doctor related that I have developed deficiency anemia and that I was in the early stages of it.

This health problem and the other symptoms I experienced placed a great pressure on me and affected my performance academically. I was hoping that you would consider decreasing my course load due to this factor.