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Michael Jackson’s attitude towards life was always an inspiration on those who looked up to him the most. He always put others before himself, which has created an image of generosity and compassion that a lot of people do not know about. Most should and some do understand how special Michael was and still is to this world and why he is missed so much regardless of the horrific rumors and situations he went through. Michael went through many rough times with stories about him that may or may not have been true, diseases that changed his life, and surgeries that altered his appearance.None of it seemed to bother him; it was more about the difference he made on the day’s society.

According to TMZ’s website, rumors about Jackson and his children’s former nanny escalated to the fullest. Media claimed that Michael and the nanny, Rwaramba, were involved with each other in a three year secret relationship and that the kids even called her “mom”. It was even said that they were more like a married couple and she considered the kids as her own. Michael and Rwaramba then a few weeks later made a public speech confirming that most of the rumor was false; the only truth about it is that she considered the children like hers.

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One of the worst things that happened to be said about Jackson has to do with his adoring care for his children and others. It was said on Channel Six News, that he attempted to murder his son by holding him over the railing on his balcony. This was never proven and later forgotten by most. Then as soon as all of the commotion seems to have died down another story arose. Apparently, M. J. has now molesting children.

According to his attorney and the words of the King of Pop himself, he would never touch a child inappropriately.His music videos and “Neverland” park provoked people to suspect the worst and never consider the truth. Michael wanted “to do the world good” he states and that is what he did. The park was free for anyone and was for children to play in and to simply have a great time; his videos just portrayed it with more words like the song, “Hold My Hand” featuring Akon.

(Sony Music Entertainment: Michael Jackson BIO) Michael Jackson underwent many operations including skin treatment and surgeries. Of course, everything has to construed to look like more than it is.Gossip on websites, the social networks, and television media all appeared to come up with the same idea, “Michael Jackson wanted to be white so he bleached his skin. ” It just so happens that the truth comes out once he was deceased. In PEOPLE magazine, written by Charlotte Triggs, doctors try to prove to the public that Michael had a skin condition and disease called Vitilgo but no one listened. Vitiligo in an inheritable, lifelong disease that causes discoloring or whitish skin patches with dark edges.

In order to treat this, the patient has to dye the skin. Knowing this information, Jackson’s doctors told him about Chromelin, a waterproof skin dye, which turns the skin white. When they performed an autopsy, it revealed that Michael indeed had the disease. Unfortunately, his thirteen year-old son is also showing signs of Vitiligo as well. (Charlotte Triggs, Inside Story: Michael Jackson) Many of Jackson’s surgeries were questioned.

He had six nose jobs. He wanted more but his doctor told him that any more would be crucial to his nose tissue.He had two cheek implants done, which is completely evident especially when he smiled.

A cleft chin was implanted over his own chin two years before he attempted to widen his eyes. He asked the doctor to lift his eyelids to make him appear more awake. All of the operations Michael had were discussed with multiple surgeons and they all agreed to not continue for the sake of his bone structure. (Flood Gates: Michael Jackson) When Jackson produced the song, “We Are the World”, with multiple artists singing along side him, it created a dramatic change to the world’s views toward him.According to Daily News, the song brought everyone together and stated that “we are the ones who make a brighter day, so let’s start giving” and everyone began to look at the goodness of him rather than the worse. “Thriller”, earlier in Michael’s career, held the spot of the largest selling album worldwide in the history of the recording industry with over seventy million units sold. Singles from this album sold more than one-hundred million copies worldwide, another all time record. (Music News: Thriller) On March 25th, 1983, during his “Billie Jean” video, Michael made “The Moonwalk” his signature move, although he did not create it.

Then on February of 1988, his book, The Moonwalk: Michael Jackson’s One and Only Autobiography, was published. In the chapters of this autobiography, Michael speaks of and shares his life which also includes his life with his most public friends like Diana Ross, Berry Gordy, Quincy Jones, Paul McCartney, Fred Astaire, Marlon Brando, and Katherine Hepburn. (Sony Music Entertainment: Michael Jackson BIO) Jackson’s kindness went further than anyone could ever imagine. He won the Guiness World Record for supporting the most charities, which happens to be thirty-nine.

According to the Lipstick Alley website, on January 27, 1984, Jackson suffered second degree burns on his scalp while filming a Pepsi commercial at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. The accident set his hair on fire in front of the auditorium full of fans that were there for a concert. Jackson sued PepsiCo and settled for $1. 5 million. He then donated that money to the Brotman Medical Center in Culver City, California, where Jackson received treatment for his burns.

Using the money donated by Jackson, Brotman Medical Center was able to get the best available technology for treating burn victims.The burn ward at the hospital was later named the “Michael Jackson Burn Center” to honor Jackson and his generous contribution. Along with this center, Jackson opened and helped other organizations. (Music News: Non-Musical Achievements) Although Michael Jackson had many problems throughout his life and career, his life definitely impacted others in a positive manner. Because he left such an impact on everyone he came in contact with, whether it was by phone, music, public speeches, or personally, he will surely be missed and remembered as The King of Pop, with his last words, “This is it. ”