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Microscopic Life at the South Pole



(NSF, 2000) The article, “NSF-Funded Researchers Discover Evidence of Microscopic Life at the South Pole”, we learn that scientist are searching for ways to extend the limits of life on Earth.

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There is evidence that microbes are light sensitive and may not be able to survive the extreme doses of cold and dark which are found at the South Pole.

A population of active bacteria, which has a close DNA sequence to the species in the genus, Deinococcus  can be found at the South Pole in the austral summer. There were similar species found in Antarctica but when microbes were found at the South Pole, they leaned that the bacteria had learned to survive, or adapted to the extreme conditions that are found on the South Pole.

It is highly possible that these microbes can survive, since they hold similar characteristics to another species which was able to live through testing that demonstrated extreme dryness which would be present at the South Pole.

Edward J. Carpenter, who heads the research team says that (Carpenter, 2000) “While we expected to find some bacteria in the South Pole snow, we were surprised that they were metabolically active and synthesizing DNA and local protein at local ambient temperatures of -12 to -17 Celsius.”

The team wanted to be certain that their tests were accurate before making this discovery public information.



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