Last updated: February 15, 2019
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Microsoft Zune – Customer ProfileIntroductionLike the Xbox in the gamin industry before Zune is positioned by Microsoft to compete against the Apple’s much iPod in the music industry. Microsoft is planning not only to compete with iPod not only in the hardware sales but also dent into apple’s domination of online music sales through iTunes. Zune Target MarketTwo of the fastest selling gadgets on the planet are mobile phones and iPod.

Zune is targeting to dent into both the markets. Both these markets are driven by sales to people between the age of 12 and 30. Even though Apple has transcend the age barrier but it is still perceived to be a hip gadget used only college going students.Zune client will be a middle class college going student or people at their first job and have a keen in interest in socializing.

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The photo sharing and song sharing features are aimed at this aspect only. Secondly it will also try to target the Xbox present customers who have successful experience with Microsoft products and can integrate their gaming aspect with the Zune.Most gamers are usually early adopter and Zune will appeal to them with its DJ feature which will enable them to create their own music. The users can infact go one stage further and use zune to promote their own music. This product is completely made by keeping the recent concept of Web 2.

0 in mind which stressed in peer to peer sharing rather than imposing stuff from hierarchy. BibliographyNina Shapiro (2006) Coming Zune, Seatle Weekly. Retrieved on 11 Feb from Ina Fried   (2006)Microsoft’s Zune aims to be social butterfly. Retrieved on 11 Feb from http://news.;Gizmondo (2006) Zune Details. Retrieved on 11 Feb from