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Middle-class society  The term middle-class pertains to a social class composed of individuals who are financially stable yet are not in an influential position in society.  The individuals belonging to this social class generally rely on their professional training to support themselves hence middle-class individuals are typified by lawyers, doctors, engineers and professors.  This social position originated from the social classes of Europe, which was initially composed of the nobility or those that owned large properties of land, and the peasants, who were known to toil the countryside.  The subsequent emergence of a new class, known as the bourgeoisie or town-dwellers, was then composed of merchants that moved into the town.  It was during that time that these merchant dwellers settled down in the town and were known to be very wealthy due to the nature of their work.  The term middle-class was then applied during the Industrial Revolution to pertain to professionals and businessmen in the United Kingdom to serve as a clear-cut designation for these individuals and to distinguish them from nobility and the peasants.I agree with the description of the middle-class society because this social group is mainly based on the total income of a family which in turn is based on the educational attainment of the parents.  It has been estimated that 12% of the population of the United States is situated below the poverty line, which is the minimum income necessary to provide a family with the basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter.

  One major cause of poverty is illegal immigration because it results in competition for blue-collar jobs (Adams and Strother-Adams, 2001).  It has been observed that first-generation immigrants, especially those without any high level of educational attainment, strive in poverty.  Poverty also results in single-parent families which are led by the mothers who are subject to work stoppages due to childbirth.  As for the other cases of poverty, it has been suggested that the work ethics of an individual also influences poverty.

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ReferenceAdams JQ and Strother-Adams P (2001):  Dealing with diversity. Chicago, IL: Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company.