Happiness comes in all forms and sizes.

What makes you happy may non do person else happy. The thought of felicity may non be the same for any two people. or possibly non for anyone you come across with. Happiness is an emotion causes by 1000s of things. It is an abstract thought that can non be to the full described. What makes you happy alterations as you get older. you do non like the same things your whole life so it is normal that your involvements start to alter.

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Like mentioned before non everyone has the same involvements and can non experience felicity from the same things.From firsthand experience I can state that I am the perfect illustration of happening different felicity. They have changed from my old ages in simple school. in-between school. and high school. Let’s start with simple school.

When I was in simple school what brought me felicity was holding clip to pass at my friend’s house after school. Because I lived far off from the school that I attended I didn’t truly know anyone in my vicinity. There were yearss though that my parents would allow me travel to a friend’s house and remain at that place for a few hours while they got out of work.I didn’t have to be at my grandma’s house bored so that made me truly happy. and I had a batch of merriment while I was at that place so that made it even better.

Another thing that made me experience felicity was being able to travel two yearss out of the hebdomad to band pattern. I liked being able to play my instrument and doing beautiful sound come out of something so small. Playing with the set was my thing I could non halt smile and experiencing all this joy inside as I played. When the manager put his weaponries up and signaled us to get down playing was so electrifying cognizing that we were approximately to do beautiful music all together.I think back and see how simple things made me truly happy as a kid.

Now let’s talk about in-between school. While I was in in-between school I was still in set and yes it still brought me felicity. The chief thing that brought me felicity while I was in in-between school was being a little more free from place and my parents. If I remember right it was 7th class that I went to my first dance.

you can conceive of my exhilaration.When I was at the dance my friends and I were holding a great clip. we were express joying and dancing the whole clip. Because it was my first dance it was a really fun clip. and it brought so much felicity to be able to portion that experience with my friends. When I was in high school all of my involvements changed and even now I have the same involvements. I found my passion for singing so I auditioned to fall in the school choir and I made it. Bing in choir category was the best thing that I did when I was in high school.

The felicity that I felt when I walked into that category every twenty-four hours I have no words to depict it.To exceed it all off when I started to sing and hear the chords we would all do together gave me the icinesss. There was non a individual twenty-four hours that passed where hearing myself and others around me sing was non charming. When I would hold a bad twenty-four hours I waited for 3rd period to speak into category grab my booklet from my cubic and get down to sing and merely bury about everything. Music was my flight from being upset. it was the manner for me to bury about what was traveling on in my life.

The felicity I felt was so great. even now I turn to music for aid and comfort.In decision. felicity is an abstract emotion that can non be easy defined. Not everyone feels felicity in the exact same manner or from the same things.

But no affair where our felicity comes from we all feel it. We feel it as childs. as adolescents. and as grownups. Even though what causes us felicity may alter the features of it do non. The smiling.

the giggle. and the butterflies in your tummy do non vanish. From firsthand experience I know that we all go through stages.

but non count how old we get. we are ever traveling to be happy.