On January 14. 2012. Amy Bourgon. exclusive owner of Bake Me A Cake ( BMAC ) . set out to do some determinations sing the company’s hereafter scheme. BMAC had grown and Bourgon was sing a move because she was unsure of how much more growing the current infinite could suit and wondered whether it was clip to take the concern to the following degree. Bourgon needed to make up one’s mind whether to restitute her family’s place or to rent a commercial location for the concern.

Besides. because Bourgon wanted to better BMAC’s profitableness. she was sing increasing cupcake monetary values ; and she besides wondered how BMAC should outdo advertise for financial 2012. Bourgon decided she would foremost analyse the company’s three-year fiscal public presentation and so project fiscal public presentation for financial 2012. depending on her determinations. She hoped to implement all alterations before April 2012. when the following busy nuptials season would get down.

You are a undergraduate accounting pupil who has offered to assist Amy execute the necessary analysis. Use the followers as a usher to help in finishing the assignment.

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1. What are BMAC’s strengths and failings?

2. Identify menaces and chances in the industry.
3. Analyze the company’s statement of hard currency flows for the twelvemonth ended December 31. 2011. 4. Analyze the relevant fiscal ratios for BMAC.
5. Sketch the pros and cons of restituting the household place versus renting a location. Complete a differential analysis for these two options.

6. What are the advantages and disadvantages to increasing cupcake monetary values? Calculate the direct cost per cupcake. What would the part from cupcake gross revenues be for the suggested monetary value points?

7. Make an advertisement scheme for the following financial twelvemonth that meets Amy’s demands.

8. Recommend the
alterations that Amy should do. based on your analyses.

9. Fix a jutting statement of net incomes and balance sheet for the twelvemonth ended December 31. 2012.

This study is to be written as a long concern study ( see D2L for assorted paperss ) . It requires a cover page. executive sum-up. tabular array of contents. debut. organic structure. decision. and appendices. Students will hold a upper limit of 10 ( 10 ) pages. plus an extra five ( 5 ) pages of appendices available to show their analysis. The screen page. executive sum-up. and tabular array of contents do non number toward the overall page count for the study.