Midterm Essay Questions 1) Araby comes to a climax when the main character is at the market and becomes aware that he had the wrong ideas about love and about the church.  This moment is the climax because he sets aside his childish idealism and moves into a more realistic and cynical adult point of view.

 2) When something is defamiliarized a something is made to appear different than we have been conditioned to expect it to be.  When a commercial shows time moving backward, as in the floods, fires, and accidents in an insurance company, those events are being defamiliarized.  The cookies riding in the car in the Chip Ahoy commercial are also being defamiliarized.  Cookies are ordinary, but these are extraordinary cookies, with faces and limbs, so the familiar thing is being defamiliarized to make the product appealing 3) Characters in a story with magical realism accept a supernatural element without questioning its presence in the real world, as Goodman Brown does when confronted by the devil.  Stories with magical realism are usually open-ended, lacking a definite conclusion even though the story comes to an end. 4) The lyric poem and the sonnet are both short poems, compared to a ballad or a narrative poem. Because they are short, both forms of poem address single thoughts or emotions, rather than tell a lengthy story.  Both poems have a definite narrator, which may or may not be the writer.

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 5) Repetition of a sound word or a sound is often used to set a rhythm or a tone for the poem.  Setting a refrain, an entire repeated stanza, makes the form of the poem resemble that of a song.  The length and the emphasis on the syllables of the poem’s words affect its rhythm and its musicality. 6) When O’Brien puts Kiowa’s moccasins in the river where Kiowa’s rucksack was found, he is able to find some closure.  He is able to contrast the reality of the present peace with the memory that he has carried with him for decades and is able to put the past in its place. 7) Anti-war fiction shows the negative effects that war has on the country that it’s fought in and on the lives of its citizens.  It also shows the dehumanizing aspects of war, focusing on several individuals who experience personal successes, failures, and losses rather than idealizing the experience of ‘doing one’s duty.’ 8) When a thought flows from line to line over a pair of couplets or a stanza, that is enjambment.

  “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” contains examples of enjambment, such as “And the afternoon, the evening, sleeps so peacefully! / Smoothed by long fingers, / Asleep . . . tired . .

. or it malingers, / Stretched on the floor, here beside you and me” (Eliot, lines 75-78). 9) The term “prosody” refers to the mechanics of the poem, such as meter and verse.  A line that is end-stopped is one that ends with the appropriate punctuation such as a period.  Doggerel is poetry that has rhyme and may be formed in some kind of stanza, but doesn’t follow the “rules” of poetry because the writer has little knowledge of poetry.  A “trochee” is a metrical foot with a loud sound paired with a soft sound.  Exposition refers to a thought that is clearly stated, free of symbolism. ReferencePlace the correct reference for the text “Prufrock” has been taken from here.