Migration cultureI choose to narrate about the Africa Drift picture.

To me it portrays poor Africans from different parts such as Southern Sudan, Angola and Zaire running from their Native countries in search of better lives. Some are not getting the better lives as they most likely end up in refugee camps which are so congested and the spread of diseases is high as a result of the congestion.In most cases people migrate from one place to another in search of peace, others may migrate due to natural calamities such as draught or heavy down pour. There are places that are fully occupied with war and as a result of this then people of such a nation will inevitably fall short of supplies because there lacked peace and therefore people failed to go on with their daily activities. People were not sure of what tomorrow has for them. This mostly results to people neglecting all they have and ran for their safety. A close look at a country like Sudan from the website it will be noticed that hunger, poverty, corruption and despotism have been employed for many years.

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Young people are denied the opportunity to study and in this case if the parents can afford to relocate they do it and go with their families. The picture of the man from southern evidently shows that this man is hungry and unkempt. Sometimes when the refuges are on their way to exile or for better pastures they encounter all manner of bad things. Families separate, some elderly people get sick and die along the way. Look at the picture of the woman who gave birth while on the way. It is pathetic.

Some children go about their lives without proper care, they lack the necessary vacations and as a result of this any time an illness occurs it attacks such children they will most likely succumb to that illness. When people from such nations get to another nation they will do anything to make sure that they live there as much as possible and therefore may end up doing all sort of jobs and will not speak out even in cases of mistreatment and discrimination. The refugees for example at Kakuma camp in Kenya were once said to be abused sexually in favor of food and such like things. The pictures of Rwanda the time of genocide are a nightmare. The refugees went to over populated camps as we see four children on one bed.

The children look so thin and unhealthy. The mutilated bodies of Rwandese tell that so many of them must have died as a result of breeding. The bodies are badly mutilated. The next picture of mass burial of those who died of illnesses like cholera which is widely spread by bad sanitation and lack of clean drinking water. If the bodies are let to go unburied, the spread of the same disease will reach a stage that it will not be manageable.

 In Angola the land mines that were buried many years ago still affect those who are living in those places as we see a boy been nursed as his leg was blown up by a land mine. It becomes very scaring and unpredictable such that any one may lose a leg any time they are walking on these grounds. This lack of safety may lead people to migrating to places they think are safe thus leaving their own countries undeveloped.