Military Surge in Iraq“Army Tours have been increased to 15 Months for the supposedly fool proof plan of a military Surge in Iraq,” influenced my beliefs on the price of liberty and freedom.In the start, the current Administration’s initial case of war was created by convincing the people of America that it was the people of United States’ Freedom that was being threatened by the dictator Saddam Hussein and his scores of weapons of mass destruction and pursuit off Nuclear and biological weapons.After the weapons claims were found out to be false; neither Iraq nor even the once mighty Saddam stood up as a threat to the United States, now we must set free the people of Iraq and the war torn country to become a Free Democracy. In the meantime, the actual cost for a democratic system is that divorces among military personnel are going up and no. of suicides has sky-rocketed in the past three years to an unsurpassed record high. More than a few of my soldiers are going through difficult phases in their lives such as divorces, because of the high amount of deployments, lots of our associates have lost limbs.

Many of them losing arms or legs.I ask you is all this worth it? Is this worth the price for the War on Terrorism? I sometimes think, “Why we ought to be worried about the Iraq people accepting Democracy as a structure?” Ultimately, we need to recognize that independence does not work when it is forced upon other societies. For example, what may be liberty to our culture may be oppression to another people! Following all this, I have questioned as to whether the cause of the war has been justified with over 3,960 casualties of war and over 29,000 wounded. To accept a liberated democratic system a price will be paid, America learnt 227 years ago with the struggle for Freedom, the blood of our military.In conclusion, as I sit here in the haze of every day attacks and attacks on our armed forces and peacekeeping troops in Iraq, no doubt it’s easy to become disenchanted with this distant cause called “Freedom.

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” During these difficult years I have understood that it appears that the grounds on which the war was based on was not worth the price, we have to keep in mind how we started off 227 years ago. Our kids and grandkids will some day understand my comrades’ achievements in the History books, they will most definitely be our heroes.