Our society judges too much on physical appearances.

A society such as todays, I think judges everyone too much on how the look. Such as how tall a person is, skin colour, hair colour, and body size. From my experience as a teenage girl, there is a lot of pressure in society and surrounding community to be thin and have a certain look.

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Such as have straight hair, white straight teeth, to have no acne on your face, and to wear the clothes that are in fashion.When shopping you often notice that all the mannequins are very tall and thin looking. But when you see a plus sized mannequin something must click in our minds and say, “that does not look right” or “those clothes do not look good”. It really is not that plus sized mannequins are bad thing. It might be that people this time in age are brain washed to think that skinny tall should be only for mannequins and models that can only show off clothing in stores.To some girls, if they did not have some of these features or if they are not skinny with long legs just like a model.

Somehow they are considered to be ugly. Well that is a false statement, to me everyone is unique and beautiful in their own ways. For me I was always self-conscious about my weight, I was never the skinny girl. But I realized, who cares if I am not thin as a post; I have my other features I can show off.

To other people, it just takes the right person to show you how many beautiful features you do have.